L.A. Police Commission, Chief Moore hear from outraged residents

During a marathon police commission meeting Tuesday, scores of residents directed anger and concern at LAPD Chief Michel Moore.

6/3/2020 2:09:00 AM

During a marathon police commission meeting Tuesday, scores of residents directed anger and concern at LAPD Chief Michel Moore.

During a marathon police commission meeting Tuesday, scores of residents directed anger and concern at LAPD Chief Michel Moore.

Many people were initially shut out of an L.A. Police Commission meeting because the Zoom meeting had been limited to 500 participants.After the settings were adjusted to allow more to attend, many speakers called on Police Chief Michel Moore to resign because of his remark that looters were as responsible for George Floyd’s death as the Minneapolis police officers were.

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Moore later walked back the remark and apologized for it.AdvertisementJocelyn Tucker said she appreciated the apology, but his words were telling.“If that was your knee-jerk reaction, you’re not in the right job,” she said.State Sen. Holly Mitchell also responded to his comments.

“I want you to know that we have every right to be outraged and that our voices deserve to be heard and not hijacked by outside agitators nor by a police chief who infers that our actions can be compared to the murders we have witnessed and experienced,” she wrote in a statement. “These type of distractions want to turn this discussion away from the main point — which is ending structural racism.”

AdvertisementMany speakers also said they had witnessed LAPD officers shooting rubber bullets at protesters and blamed the officers for escalating the tensions.“I’m terrified of the LAPD. You have shown your true colors,” David Spencer said.After about 80 people spoke, hundreds still were still in line for a turn to address the commission.

Moore told the police commission that when he saw the video of police killing George Floyd, he and others at the LAPD “were greatly disturbed by it and troubled by the images and we sought to community clearly — those images we witnessed along with the rest of America, they were horrible. It was disgusting and without justification.”

AdvertisementMoore said the LAPD originally hoped to work with peaceful protesters. But while many demonstrators were peaceful, looting began Saturday night and changed the dynamics.“When violence escalates, including assaults on officers, arson, widespread looting in Fairfax area Saturday, and we see officers sustain injuries, the loss of property, the department needs to resort to a stronger message,” he said. “We increased our deployment. We began blocking protesters, communicating with protests. We began to convey to them the need for peace. ... But we could not allow the safety of our officers or the public to be jeopardized.”

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A far more accurate headline would read, 'L.A. Residents Call for Police Chief Michel Moore to Resign' Most satisfying Zoom call of all time Wow Disarm the police, defund the police, demilitarize the police, hire only good cops,fire cops on the slightest suspicion of criminal conducts, prosecute them vehemently,reparations for 300 years of slavery, reform the criminal justice system that has it knee on black peoples neck.

The police think that they are a God-created rogue sovereign institution that doesn’t answer to no one. They act as if they are supreme. They are frustrated when questioned or confronted. The whole logic of having a police force to serve and protect is lost. The drag of the century A of them need to be carted off to jail, they're terrible horrible, disgusting monsters. They're not human. They're pure evil.

You left out one of the best responses. I expect better journalism from my city newspaper. Too bad we can’t even read this article unless we give up our cc information 🙄 All police car logos, badges uniforms should be replaced with Peace Officer instead of police Officer Where were the 2 cowar....., I mean the honorable Governor and Mayor?

They didn’t hear a goddamn thing. The only way the police will ever stop murdering is if they are defunded and their unions are dismantled Talk to the community that you represent Was there on Saturday, countless firsthand video evidence show almost none of police brutality was response to looting. It's was against peaceful protestors. Listening and commenting in the commission meeting, there was OVERWHELMING calls for resignation of Garcetti and Moore

LAPDChiefMoore absolutely roasted. Yeah and he got roasted Whatever happened to stay at home Let LAPD Police Chief Michael Moore know how you feel about his blaming protestors for George Floyd’s death: Office of the LA Police Chief 100 West First Street Suite 1072 Los Angeles, CA 90012 213-486-0150 And the Chief Moore said GeorgeFloyd death was on the hands of looters.

A joy to watch. RESPECT to all callers. chiefmooremustgo What they were really saying... Will Moore be out by the end of the week? The LAPD has been acting with impunity for yearssssss. Our problems are great but the heart of America is greater. And Guess what? The heart of America is neither White nor Black

Minneapolis police chief on firing officers: 'In my mind this was a violation of humanity''I am absolutely, devastatingly sorry for their loss. If I could do anything to bring Mr. Floyd back, I would do that. I would move heaven and Earth to do that.' Minneapolis Police Chief Medaria Arradondo addresses the family of George Floyd live on CNN. You should have let Jane Fonda finish. She was making a good point and then you switched to less developed report cnnbrk but donlemon is doing a great job! Every time he addressed the Floyd family he took his hat off. He said all officers involved are complicit. Why isn't the head of the police union standing next to the chief saying the same thing?

‘Inhumane’: Houston police chief reacts to George Floyd videoHouston police chief Art Acevedo on George Floyds death: “It was inhumane. It was criminal … My heart goes out to everyone, who sees in what happened to him … their own family member.”

L.A. Police Chief Walks Back Controversial Looter Comments'Let me be clear — there are four police officers and four alone responsible for the death of George Floyd,' Michael Moore tweeted on Monday. Not enough 🖕🖕🖕🖕 okay Mr Gates Already showed us what he really is. No walking that back fascist.

Minneapolis police chief says all four officers involved in George Floyd's death bear responsibilityIn an emotional response to George Floyd's family, the Minneapolis police chief says in his mind, all four officers involved in the black man's killing bear the same responsibility Yup! He has the power to arrest those other officers. Put actions behind those words. Media trying to put this on extreme right is laughable. The black outfit are antifa and the young black BLM guys are looting as opportunities exist

Louisville police chief fired in wake of Monday shooting that left one dead during demonstrationsBody cameras worn by the officers reportedly had been deactivated, leaving no footage of the incident, said Louisville Mayor Gary Fischer on Monday. Murderers. State sponsored murderers. They know what they were doing. They know why they were doing it. JusticeForGeorgeFloyd BlackLivesMatter

Louisville police chief fired after officer bodycams found to be off during fatal shootingLouisville Metro Police Chief Steve Conrad has been fired after it was revealed that the officers involved in a shooting that killed a local business owner early Monday did not activate their body cameras. Cal Perry reports. No pension and no unemployment checks if fired. That’s the law. Why didn't you carry Joe Biden today? Why didn't you follow him yesterday when he was with protesters in the street?