Klobuchar: It’s ‘on me’ to build diverse coalition

The Minnesota senator has been slow to attract essential support among 2020 minority voters.


After having a magnifying glass thrust on her record and her campaign’s viability, Sen. Amy Klobuchar said building a diverse coalition is “going to be on me'

The Minnesota senator has been slow to attract essential support among 2020 minority voters.

After having a magnifying glass thrust on her prosecutorial record and her campaign’s viability, Sen. Amy Klobuchar said Sunday that building a diverse coalition is “going to be on me.”Within the next two weeks, the South Carolina primary and the Nevada caucuses will spotlight which 2020 hopefuls are top contenders for the Democratic presidential nomination — a nomination that cannot be won without the support of people of color. She spent Sunday morning making her case that her record as both a prosecutor and a Minnesota senator has not been unkind to minorities.

AdvertisementDespite Klobuchar's surprisingly strong performance in the New Hampshire primary, the latest national poll from Quinnipiac University has her at zero percent among black voters. A Monmouth University poll has her at 1 percent among black, Hispanic and Asian voters.

On ABC’s “This Week,” the Minnesota senator said she needs more people to “get to know her,” adding that she has gotten “high scores in all of my elections with the Hispanic and African American communities in my state — that is a start.”Klobuchar contrasted herself with 2020 rival Mike Bloomberg, who by late January

had spent $248 millionon political advertising. The latest Quinnipiac poll found black support for Bloomberg surging to 22 percent.“My name identification in states outside of the early few states was not that high simply because I didn’t have the money, like Bloomberg, to run more ads during your show than I am on being interviewed on your show. I get that,” Klobuchar said.

She continued, “Now, we’re finally able — finally — to run ads in Nevada, to run ads in South Carolina and beyond. That is a big difference.”On NBC’s “Meet the Press,” Chuck Todd posed the question point blank.“You have to win someplace. And it can't just be in Minnesota. We know that will be an opportunity for you. Where are you going to win by Super Tuesday?”

“There are so many states out there, I'm not going to list them all for you,” Klobuchar answered. “I don't know which state I'll win, but I'll do better than anyone imagined.”Klobuchar’s campaign has set up teams in every Super Tuesday state and, in just over a week since the New Hampshire debate, raised $12 million online. That’s more than the $11.4 million Klobuchar

of 2019 — her strongest fundraising quarter.And, she received the endorsement from the Las Vegas Sun. ANevada pollhad Klobuchar with double digit support, tied at fifth with former South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg at 10 percent.The senator said Sunday she wants to emphasize her record on equal opportunity, on voting rights bills and against gerrymandering. But in recent days, she has had to answer for her record as a prosecutor in Minnesota.

Klobuchar served as Hennepin County's top attorney from 1999 until she entered the U.S. Senate in 2007. One of her cases involved Myon Burrell, who was 16 when he was arrested for the death of a black girl who was killed by a bullet while doing homework at her kitchen table. He was convicted and sentenced to life in prison; Klobuchar has cited the case as an example of how she helped crime victims find justice.

Butan Associated Press investigationrevealed no gun, fingerprints or DNA were recovered and there were questionable police tactics used in the case.“When anything new comes in that puts into doubt any conviction, no matter when it is, must be reviewed,” Klobuchar said on ABC. “My response to this case is this, it must be reviewed immediately and brought forward.”

Todd asked the senator on NBC: “Do you look back at your career and think, boy, there are some things, if I knew then what I know now maybe I'd be a different prosecutor, maybe I wouldn't have put so much trust always in law enforcement and what they say on the witness stand versus what somebody else says? Do you at all acknowledge that maybe your record deserves a different look?”

“Well, of course what we know now was not the same as what we knew then. And I have always been an advocate for criminal justice reform. That was a tough job,” Klobuchar said.“But we know there is systematic racism in the criminal justice system,” she added. The senator pointed to her work pushing for videotaped interrogations, limiting racial bias in the eyewitness identification process and lowering African-American incarceration rates by 12 percent as an attorney.

Klobuchar is also under scrutiny for her immigration record as she heads into the Nevada caucuses next week, with roughly 19 percent of the population there having been born outside the U.S.In an interview with Telemundo's Guadalupe Venegas on Thursday, Klobuchar wasn't able to name the president of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador.

Here's the end:GV: just one final question. How do you plan to win the support of the Hispanic vote in NV and the whole southwest if you can't tell me who the president of Mexico is?.....

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She will fade fast now and we’re proud of her as Democrats.Hope she finds a solid position in the next administration. She who can't even name the president of Mexico.... amyklobuchar strategy is to beat out ewarren as the woman candidate, automatically empowered to CAP male delegates, as well as white delegates in the convention, plus superdelegates hand-picked for her. It's going to be ugly.

Maybe her 1st lesson could be to learn who world leaders are. Especially Mexico. My God. WHAT? A politician who believes it's UP TO HER? Yah! She's a WOMAN, remember?Jay Sekulow and Alan Dershowitz, Cipplione,&Mothballs Starr's absurd arguments DIE under scrutiny of a woman: Go AMY! Go ELizabeth! GoKamala! Go AOC!

Amy's Awesome Ascension ! Klobmentum Not sure how diversity fits into a political system 100% built on yes and no votes. Like the comb she used as a fork. A moderate diverse coalition? How does that work? Warren? Where's Warren's coverage? Hmmmm? She could do it

Amy Klobuchar's mission in Nevada: 'I have to get people to know me'Amy Klobuchar's success has come so suddenly that her campaign appears to be somewhat unprepared for the Nevada caucuses. I liked her for about a day. I still can’t believe she ate salad with a dirty fork then beat her intern Sounds like she was expecting to lose and never planned on being relevant.

Amy pete and mike all want do overs We already have one. Wake me up when she’s done talking Amy sounds like a reformed racist Lol

How Will The Democratic Primary Change Now That It’s Moving To More Diverse States?Many observers of the 2020 Democratic primary expect that the race will be much different as it moves to states with more diverse electorates. In particular, th… FiveThirtyEight The Democrat party is dead. It is now radical socialism...which wants us destroyed...sick FiveThirtyEight There is NOT one Democrat who is not for the destruction of this country, including Bloomberg OPEN BORDERS IS THE END OF AMERICA FiveThirtyEight So I thought America was diverse? Since when did Candidates cater to whites first and move to “diverse” states? lol USA is trash and it’s politics. Give my people their land back. You’ve destroyed it enough.

Watch Amy Klobuchar, Tom Steyer Get Stumped on Name of Mexico's PresidentWatch Amy Klobuchar, Tom Steyer get stumped on name of Mexico’s president Y Bad advance work prepping the candidates Like Gary Johnson & Allepo. Unacceptable.

Klobuchar, Steyer are stumped on Mexican president’s nameAmy Klobuchar and Tom Steyer were unable to name Mexico’s president during a Nevada candidate forum HMMM, I think I recall the people and places our 45* could not recall, or more to the point, never knew. Bloomberg is rising because he's doing what we've all been begging Dems to do and they've not done it. Dem candidates should focus on being as good at attacking Trump as Bloomberg is, rather than attacking Bloomberg. He doesn't attack Dems. He doesn't want to damage any of them. Neither can I. Despite the fact that I was born in Boyle Heights... which gives me no advantage in knowing Mexican Presidents, as ELA is in America. I've traveled extensively, not only through Mexico, but much of Latin America. I know only the names of failed leaders.

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