Kellyanne Conway: Bloomberg’s sexist comments ‘far worse’ than Trump’s

She was responding to a Washington Post report on Bloomberg.


White House counselor Kellyanne Conway said sexist remarks Michael Bloomberg reportedly made to women who worked for him were “far worse” than President Donald Trump's infamous “Access Hollywood“ tapes

She was responding to a Washington Post report on Bloomberg.

White House counselor Kellyanne Conway on Sunday slammed sexist remarks Mike Bloomberg reportedly made to women who worked for him, saying they are “far worse” than what President Donald Trump said on the infamous “Access Hollywood“ tape. The Washington Post reported on Saturday that a booklet was given to the Democratic presidential candidate in 1990 that contained a collection of sexist remarks he made during his time at the company he founded. The Post article discussed his history of problematic remarks and behavior to women. Advertisement Conway told host Chris Wallace on “Fox News Sunday” that Bloomberg’s comments are “fair game,” even though Trump has faced similar allegations of misogynistic remarks. “That was fully litigated,” Conway said about profane remarks Trump admitted to making about women in a 2005 “Access Hollywood“ tape that was leaked shortly before the 2016 election. “We want to know the person behind the half a billion dollars worth of ads.” Bloomberg, having experienced a rise in national polls, is now facing heightened scrutiny over his political and personal history. He has denied many of the allegations made against him, but Conway predicted they would become a greater issue for the three-term New York mayor. “The way Michael Bloomberg treated female employees … to have created that kind of culture, that unsafe workplace, to feel that you're being harassed because of your gender, that is problematic,” Conway said. “I think you're going to hear more of it.” Filed Under: Read more: POLITICO

F you. Sewer rat Kellyanne is no different than tRump, if she opens her mouth she is lying. Great strategy there Kelly Anne, it’s a battle to see who has treated women worse over the course of their lives, it’s like a game show. Or maybe we could just vote for Elizabeth, or Amy? Do us a favor tho .... can you please diappear FOREVER, Kellyanne!

Bull💩!!!!! True She says a lot of things, not that I believe many of them. Dumb blonde! VoteBlueToEndThisNightmare Oh for Christ's sake KellyAnne. JHC. Is she a Victim of Trump ? Was she silenced with a Job ?

HuffPost is now a part of Verizon MediaWHO CARES? Stop giving them attention! Not sure I understand the realDonaldTrump strategy. “Far worse”? Compare them side by side and let the people decide

Release Mike’s tapes! She's either extremely naive or just plain stupid. What a puppet! People shouldn't even interview her because everything that comes out of her mouth is garbage! What about rape Any thing Bloomberg has said is mild compare to what you are putting up with from Donald Trump. Address your own back year.

She is dillusional KellyannePolls it’s interesting how you never actually defend the president, only attack others. How many times has the president been accused of assault, harassment? I’ve lost count. 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣 You are full of **it Kellyanne. Go home and thank George for being the voice of reason in your relationship. Btw, Bloomberg bashing won't exonerate Trump's sexist & crude remarks. Shining DT's shoes for him must be rough on the knees for you. Stop doing it.

Lol. Oh Conway still the comedian.

When America’s Oddest Political Couple Fight, Those Sparks Are RealThe public struggles of White House adviser Kellyanne Conway and her husband, George T. Conway III, are not shtick, friends say, and they are not having fun. And then they look at their bank accounts. Staying together for the kids is not a good idea with this much venom between them. She's a horrible person period

BS Who is she kidding ? Prove it! It is hard to believe the idiots trump employs What else is Kelly Anne Conway going to say about Trump's sexual predator history toward women? Trump's wife won't share a bed w a morbidly obese slob who uses women as sexual objects. Trump has nothing to offer the US but hate & corruption. Strategy: blame game. Anti-MAG.

She will always be delusional Lol out of all the things trump has done over the years. No one has done worst than trump Not sure I can agree w that. MikeBloomberg does not have tapes.Until I hear it myself, just an allegation.The President was on a hot mic and was buried until “someone” made it public. At the very least it shows Mini Mike is much smarter,which I think has been widely accepted

She's just a liar. She needs to sit this one out

Happy V-Day: Friends Confirm the Conways Truly Hate Each Other’s GutsYour Valentine's Day was probably better than Kellyanne and George Conway's.

Just stop-even his supporters know there is absolutely no way Bloomberg said anything as grotesque about women as Trump. Plus with trump, it’s endless Hahaha Bullshit She needs to get her head screwed on ! They are both awful and they can both go to hell. I have some information for KellyAnnConnway, a sin is a sin. No one is better or worse in the eyes of God for all the good Christians out there. Your self righteous praising of an admitted criminal while both of you claiming to be this religious duo is sickening!

Go home and get your life together Trump seems a bit worried! Good, he should be. She lives in an alternative world They're the same.

Michael Bloomberg's employees created a book purportedly full of his offensive quotes. Here it is. - Insider'The Portable Bloomberg: The Wit and Wisdom of Michael Bloomberg,' is purportedly a booklet of Michael Bloomberg's crude, sexist and off-color remarks heard by his employees. “Business” Insider What a dude says to his friends and associates is his own business. Freedom of speech.

No way, Kellyanne! Wow! She could spin WWII, into a Girl Scout Cookie Sale! I can see why Trump hired her! Wait... what exactly is it you do again? And, nothing happed to trump. So, just drop the whole thing. insignificateconway I’m sorry...can someone inform Kellyanne that the women’s rights movement doesn’t need her help? Idiot

there is no way! It not a game show contest. They are both unacceptable. 😂 trump is scared As the Predator in Chief was taking Tic Tacs in anticipation of another sexual assault? So much plastic surgery and so many lies

Fox News anchor confronts Kellyanne Conway over Trump's position on Andrew McCabe case: 'Please answer my question''Does the president think the McCabe case should be reopened and he should be prosecuted?' Chris Wallace asked. How can she answer your question when she doesn't know where she's at? Trump thinking someone should be in prison becuz they lie is crazy. But it will escape the base. 😳🤪🤪 KellyannePolls your dear forever impeached leader who will not be reelected will be remembered, if he is in any way, for his lies and how and his family stuffed their pockets and bank accounts with taxpayers money MissAlternativeFacts swampcreatures ImpeachedTrump

She is right. 👍 Since when are words worst than actions. Trump bragged about physically assaulting women. KellyannePolls You underestimate your man Kellyanne: Trump grabs women by the pussy, inspects Teen Pagaent in dressing room, denies extramarital sexual dalliances then admits to same, consorts with Epstein, pays for 6+ abortions. Trump gets Weinstein Lifetime Achievement Award.

So she crawled out of her hole. Comment reportedly made. Trump’s comments are on tape, you can hear them firsthand. I would talk Bloomberg over Trump in a hot minute. And she’s raising kids? True I don’t think anyone can say one is worse than the other. Both are bad and if Bloomberg really said something both are reprehensible. Conway is also reprehensible.

Listening to KA spin makes me realize Bloomberg must be surging in the polls. Trumps nervous You all especially you and the rest of the sycophants have absolutely no place NONE no credibility no room to call other people SEXIST gotta hand it to you K. A.C you like di niro says you you got balls you all have lost any credibility by everyone except the sycophants

George Conway says anticipating 'narcissistic whims' of Trump is 'key to survival' in his administrationThe co-founder of an anti-Trump group wrote in a Washington Post op-ed that there was no one better than Attorney General William Barr at predicting the president's whims. George Conway is not the king of the Psychic Network. Miss Cleo is dead, good luck with your crystal ball. Screw You! George needs gym

How does she sleep at night? Oh yeah, no conscience. The which has spoken:) She’s a COMPLETE JOKE! Doesn’t matter now does it? trump can say those things that he begrudgingly had to apologize for only because it was on tape, and still got elected. So can Bloomberg! Now you can get back under the desk! Oh my, was that a sexist remark?

Pure BS it didn’t stop obnoxious tRump from getting elected! Prove it. Where’s the recordings you can’t produce. AmericanMOM01 : What KellyannePolls says is not news. It’s alternative gossip served up with lies. Do better. How about some news about ewarren, for example, who is running for President, instead of this White House cadaver puppet?

Don’t you get tired of lying? Consider this a warning Democrats: we nominate Bloomberg and these attacks will demoralize the base enough for another EC win for Trump. Not by a long shot!

This woman is ugly. The old, '(fill in the blank) was worse' defense. Pathetic. No. No they are not. RT. KellyannePolls This is an SNL skit .... right? Happy President's Day inspite of the rat rodent infested mess going on inside the White House. FireBillBarr! ANYBODYBUTDONALDJTRUMP DumpTrumpDayNov3rd

BS BUT get it right.Obama is NOT endorsingBloomberg. His ads areDeceitful. Bloomberg,to most Dems,is just another Billionaire trying to BUY the candidacy when he,to most Dems,is only wanting to protect his$$. No BILLIONAIRES, Dems!And Bloomberg is really a Repub!He IS”Stop&Frisk” Bullshit!!! More science fiction from the “president’s” “counselor” a/k/a Tokio Rose 2.0. Why does Politico actively support this “administration’s” propaganda? Is is competing with RT America?

Yes, sexual comments were horrible and glad he's apologized. No excuses. However, there's a difference between sexual comments and sexual misconduct. She so easily overlooks the claims those 25 women have made. Trump even questioned if that was his voice on the tape.

Nyet! Try again kellyanne. Since Trump is all about surrounding himself with beautiful women he can fondle & kiss, WTF is she doing near him? He's scared of George, that's what. She looks a lot more 'healthy' with the bronzer and drawn in eyebrows... Maybe she kicked. .who knows Kellyanne, you must be moisturizing more. Your skin doesn’t look as dry as in this old picture of you.

if the republicans lose....there is nothing more than them wanting Bloomberg to win the oval office....Bloomberg is a republican at heart Guess again Kelly. Nothing anyone says is as bad as your sugar daddy’s remarks. She continues to defend the indefensible! Girl stop. Tell us what they were so we can judge for ourselves, thank you.

And she gets to judge why? A broken clock is right twice a day. Who believes Kellyann about anything whatsoever? Hahaha!!! She is a traitor to her sex Keep fooling yourself, nothing and no one is worse than 3rd What she’s arisen from the dead her silence has been deafening but welcome Out from under the desk again is she ?

MikeBloomberg - you need to do an ad about POTUS ‘s sexual assaults 🤣🤣🤣🤣 Says the Mistress of Alternative Facts, 🤥🤥🤥

She will be relegated to random appearances overnite on weekends on State Run Fox News when the Orangutang is no longer POTUS Trump is accused of around 2 dozen sexual attacks. And gop all ignore it 😂😂 She’s a Women’s worts enemy. She would be wrong. ProjectLincoln KellyannePolls Maybe her hubby can clear her lies.

She's out of her mind. Trump is 1,000 times worse. She's just spinning a web of lies & distortions. Ahhh.... Kellyanne, trust me when I say that no one will take away Trump’s crown for being the most disgusting, vulgar and uncouth misogynist on earth. Oh KellyannePolls You have no credibility. We already know Mike Bloomberg the REAL self made billionaire and philanthropist. God willing this Trump he’ll will be over soon. Write your book. Just know the majority of Americans know Trump is a pathological liar

Meh To be fair, they actually are. She eats crack and cigarettes for breakfast Take it from SmellyCan LOL!!! SmellyCan Wrongway Wrong The crypt called and want their skeleton back. Oh I cannot handle her being on CNN or MSNBC, she talks so fast and won't shit up. So frustrating. I change channel, wish both of then wouldn't have her on, which she isn't much anymore. Kelly Ann listen to your wise husband.

Idiot. I feel sorry for her children.

Sounds to me she will say anything to keep her job Don't like Trump but it is true. If he told someone to abort, that's really bad kells go back into the woodwork . I was so not missing your ''alternative facts'' and black board nails voice. More alternative facts Liar Omg KellyannePolls is such a I don’t want to be banned from twitter again

She’s just as crazy as he is. Corner of Brick. Side of head. Repeat as needed Stop giving this vile woman coverage.... she is demented 🤦‍♀️

He is the worst misogynist I’ve ever heard. Talking in private w/another guy abt women letting them do things is commonplace (groupies). Telling women to kill it, or telling them, if they were smart, they would go to library not Bloomingdale’s is disgusting. ....WHAT A LIAR !!!! WELL ..TO BE WORKING FOR ‘THIS WHITE HOUSE’ YOU M U S T B E A L I A R .... FACT : TRUMP WAS CAUGHT ON TAPE !!!!

Trump said it was ok to sexually assault or rape women, because he was a celebrity. He made a point of going in the dressing rooms of beaury pageant contestants, some of which were underage kids, because he owned the pageant & therefore had the right. Sure he's a real choir boy Let’s hear them both sides again so we can compare

And at this point who really cares? America has already opened Pandora's Box. The presidency of the United States will never be the same again. Who gives a _____ if the next President of the United States has said worse things than DJT. I think anything that involves the word pussy is immediately disqualifying. Not sure about the Bloomberg quotes bit this is the first time I’m giving a win to Trump.


So Kellyanne You Think it is Ok to Say: 'So You Can do Anything You Want to Them, You Can Grab Their P...Y's'? NEVER! It is a Disrespectful, Demeaning, and Improper to Say or Think Anytime. It Cannot be Justified for Any Reason and Totally Out of Line with Christian Teachings... 😆😆😆😆💩💩💩💩 Can she provide documentation? MikeBloomberg

She talks of other women. If it didn’t happen to her and she isn’t a direct victim, shut the f up! KellyannePolls Does George agree ?! And here we go. Why do you continue to print what Kellyanne states,, It is nothing but lies!!! Kellyanne I totally agree, you did a fabulous job on Fox News today ❤️ KellyannePolls here you go again w/ those alternativefacts!😏🤬

Your a liar too, no women respect you. Love Mike

Bullshit She will always find a spin . She is women worst enemy. Apologist . Terrible person commenting on a terrible person's sexist remarks saying it's not as bad as another terrible person's sexist remarks. Of course politico doesn't want to frame it this way despite it being true cuz they suck as a media org.

Here’s comes the Russian conspiracy trolls. Just like 2016! Worse than paying off a Porn Star and Playmate he cheated on his wives with Uh-huh. Whatever. Kellyanne grow up only speak when spoken to Two wrongs never make a right! Some defense, he I did it too! Where are these “sexist” comments?

Bald head lie!..... and she knows it too, how would she like to have her pu**y grabed by by a sex freak? CONROYS DAUGHTER ANOTHER TRUMP MISTAKE HUD RETAIL FRAUD I HOPE NOT It would have to be really awful to top Trump’s Access Hollywood comments. Stop with the innuendos and give us some solid information.

Too bad she’s unbelievable Could she be more awful? . That's interesting. But, who the FKKK are YOU to tell anyone anything? Pseudo SadoPopulism Obstruction TREASON Commander_In_Thief realDonaldTrump FKKKingMORON KGBBOT Work4Trump Go2Jail GITMO mike_pence KellyannePolls stephenmillerdc PressSec

Oh please How about his rapes? Ok boomer. She is on drugs

Someone please maker her stop talking. Is it worse than rape? KellyannePolls Oh please.... trump has broken any and all bars regarding morality, family values and sexist behavior. Sorry. You can’t play that card after the way your boy trump has behaved. Nice try though. It’s not a which one’s worst KellyannePolls it’s that both are reprehensible. The fact you are trying to compare them to the benefit of your boss is disgusting. gtconway3d your silence on this makes you complicit in her ignorant mindset.

And she comes from the planer Ork, I feel sorry for you George. I guess she suffers from selective hearing disorder let’s see, word of a know serial liar vs. Bloomberg. Nope Is that even possible?!? You couldn’t find the words to smear him, could you? Stop giving this lying troll coverage.

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh did Blomberg RAPE 13 WOMEN? CHEAT ON 3 WIVES WITH PORN STARS? Kellyanne is the queen of alternative facts, and anything she says should be filtered in the light of that. Why is anything she says treated like it might be credible? No, Kellyanne, they aren't 'worse'. They may be as bad but they are not worse. That's another one of your famous alternative facts. Now please be quiet as you have nothing of any importance to say.

calling 🐮💩 She is telling a Dam lie Twit! Your supreme leader raped a woman at a Bergdorf Goodman fitting room. Have a seat. KellyannePolls That is sad, KellyannePolls. Nice try. But no

Ha ha; hilarious again! Conway you don’t have an honest bone in your body! Kelly Concave is an idiot, brought and paid for by trump. So it's no surprise that she is still carrying around trumps crap filled chamber pot with its foul and undeniable stench! 🙄 Shes kidding right. Shes heard her boss right! We believe she cares about women rights! Grab me by the P....! Its ok then but now she stands on her moral ground! Go away Conwad!

I THOUGHT KELLYANN HAD QUIT Did anyone put forward the idea* that - much like the *Access Hollywood* tape - Bloomberg's comments are 'locker-room talk' and therefore acceptable...? *This is obviously false equivalency, but it's been established that *45 and co. do not care *one whit* about such things.

Poor kelkycon, still searching for truth PLEASE STOP reporting about this woman. Her words are pure meaningless gibberish.

Why does anyone repeat what she says? Why give her airtime or for that matter, the time of day. kellyanneconway I even heard girls talking smack about guys. In the bathroom onetime I heard them talking about a guy named Eddie and I found out that guy was really not named Eddie just a name he used to cheat with but got caught in his own game Smack talk is different then workplace. I agree

You only wish. We heard his words and watched Billy and trumper laugh and joke about it. Cannot be erased from my eyes and ears!!! Oh goody, Kelly Anne. Let's compare sexist remarks. Last person 'I know I am but what are you' worked for was Peewee Herman. Everyone knows Trump was talking smack in the locker room as every guy has done at one time or another. He did not mean any of that but that different then in the workplace. Smack the guys try to one up each other but really most of them never even had that much action.

I really don't understand what George is doing with this( KellyannePolls ) KellyannePolls is an idiot gtconway3d, please give a public tweet specifically to respond to this egregious and malicious disinformation. So KellyannePolls says that as long as Trump is marginally better than another abuser, his actions are acceptable?

I call bullshit. Idk how someone with such stupdidity is even able to get out of bed in the morning the mental stress that alone must take is likely whu she cant make sense the rest of the time.

Does anyone outside the Republican media bubble think KellyAnne (altfacts Queen) CONArtist isn’t a liar, spewing disinformation? Propaganda? If you think the constitution is the root of conservatism you can’t support LoserDonald Two peas in a pod. How does she feel about Trump suplying models allegedly to Epstein, and Trump’s multiple accusations of rape? Would that be worse than Bloomberg’s “sexist comments”? 🙄

She need to take a piss test How does her Husband stand her? As a woman perhaps you should condemn both men’s egregious behavior; NOT defend your immoral boss!!! I’ll tell you what’s worse, having to go home to your husband every day and asking “ how’s your day today honey” 😎👌🏼👈🏽 All depends on who is your boss👺👺👺

Does Bloomberg know how funny he looked juxtaposed next to Daytona 500 in his commercial? realDonaldTrump dbongino LouDobbs MikeBloomberg DNC nytimes FoxNews MorningsMaria Varneyco seanhannity TuckerCarlson thehill BreitbartNews WSJ GOP WhiteHouse GOPChairwoman Who the hell does she think she's kidding!!!

How would she know?! There is no such thing as far worse. Neither is appropriate. I call BULLSHIT Trump’s comments were a joke to a friend in PRIVATE!! All his female employees had wonderful things to say and he promoted women to the top! Kelly Ann liar is a piece if 💩 Really? Here is a refresher course for you.

Let’s hear them and we’ll be the judge.

She’s got no credibility👎🏼 Who's keeping score? I would put my money on trump being the worst. Trump has sexual harassment CLAIMS against him. How does she ignore that? None against Bloomberg nor any hush payments to Playboy playmates or adult film stars. Spare us the BS KellyannePolls ! Shut up until you stop working for a misogynist! mutekellyanne

Reminder Give me a break! One's not worst than the other. Both are wrong. The difference Bloomberg apologized. How about getting your guy to issue a public apology. God forgives if you ask. Your guy should start now asking for forgiveness because he have a lot to confess. This is Trump's lies & disinformation. Don't believe a word. Bloomberg is starting to surge in the Trump and his election campaign is after him

Just say’n

Did he also 'reportedly' pay to have sex with a porn star while his pregnant wife was at home? I’d like to see proof because I think trump has hit the jackpot with this subject! Not so!! Kellyann is paid to jock Trump!!! Kellyanne. Do you have sisters or daughters? Fine you can betray yourself but really you can coverup to others 45? Shame on you and I do pray for females in your family. Maybe it’s all about a book you want to write. SAD money and being in press more important than loved ones

KA, you’ve got to be kidding us. Impeached Trump is the absolute worst when it comes to mistreating women. Groping, raping, cheating on wives, grabbing them, walking in on teenage contestants while they’re dressing, attacking them, not to mention mocking them when they gain a lb. Yes we have great respect for Kelly Anne., not really she's a liar just like Trump

And trump isn’t a Pedophile Forget mere comments. 🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨 What about the sexual assaults 20 women charge Trump with

Bull shit how would you like to be grabbed by your p&&&y Who the fuck is Politico, and why is their opinion even considered? STFUPolitico Ha ha ha Really desperate to take down Bloomberg....hmmm, wonder why 😂😂😂😂 Oh, it's the old, 'so's your ol' man' defense. If someone grabs my pus.., they will be experiencing groin pain. I don't care who they are.

Prove it. Omg

Vying for top of the BarkingCarnivalClown’s enabler list - KellyannePolls So I guess the only question left is, has Bloomberg been accused of sexual assault? That was the place mueller and congress should have consumed their time because money trails always gets the crooks but trump owns the irs and justice department that controls the FBI so the republicans you’re guilty for your dropping the ball not assisting democrats in trial

Unles Bloomberg said them to Kelley Ann, she’s NOT worth listening to Get some smarts, Kellyanne—read your husband’s tweets. Oh, Kellyanne! Bloomberg was only participating in 'locker room talk'. Ha! Did KellyannePolls mention the other realDonaldTrump 'issues'? Nope..not even close. When does she go away?

KellyannePolls is delusional and her statement is ridiculous

🤣🤣🤣guess she approves of p***y grabbing! Far worse or just as bad? Two sides of the same coin. Wow 🧠dead totally brainwashed Kellyanne is an idiot Delusional woman sit down 🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️🔥🔥😑 Nice try SmellyAnne It's still a cult. Oooo my God we have pictures of trump foundling his daughter ? Kelly is a pos and she knows roger stone put them on the internet along with trumps wife naked ... they're deplorable all of them

How the hell did we get to this low point in our history?

Let’s hear them. Let us decide. KellyannePolls Really, Oh Please! Stop alternate facts. You have no conscience or morals. Stop gaslighting Americans everywhere. Ugh That witch is crazy why do you even give her air time Sure. Oh KellyannePolls KellyAnn Must Be Dreaming!!! Trump Administration Corrupted Big Time!!

The key word is “tapes.” There’s evidence of Trump’s comments. If I said that Kellyanne Conway called me up to tell me what she was wearing for two years, does that mean it happened? Really!!! HAHAHAHA HAHAHAHA HAHAHAHA HAHAHAHA HAHAHAHA HAHAHAHA She is still around?

KellyannePolls is a far worse human being than most. Seriously, does she think that makes it ok for Trump then? This reasoning is so childish KellyannePolls it is something our parents said to us, 'Two wrongs dont make a right...' Bet she couldn't name one remark. The only thing she's good at is making stuff up.

I just can't see Bloomberg EVER Really KellyannePolls How creepy is this guy I don’t see any women coming forward. Unlike CarnivalBarkingClown where’s there’s not only women that came forward, there are tapes and he was bff with Epstein. Sorry for her husband.

Now it's a d*ck measuring contest. Seriously SMH. The absurdity. Well she seems drunk half the time. Trump GOP smear machine targeting Mike this week. She has caught the orange fever. Feel free to ignore Ms alternate facts. Great Yeah neither should be president. BULLSHIT

More from the disinformation team BS 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 cult45 How dare Kellyanne Conway to talk when she has ethics violations against her. She obeys her master the jackass and isn't going anywhere. Trump has been accused of rape, twice. The truth is that the WH is more scared of Bloomberg now because Bloomberg will fight back and has information on Trump and they know it. So they will spread conspiracies, liars, and rumors because the jackass wants to remain in power.

The dumb is really strong in her know what is even worse than you describe about MikeBloomberg. It's the paying off porn stars for trumps campaign. It's also the allegations of rape, inappropriate kissing and hugs and touching. You want me to go on because I can? Yeah right!! She’s insane period stop!!!

Of course you would say that , you're a White House counselor.

Nice try. KellyannePolls you are losing your edge. Trump doesn't look any better. You ARE deflecting, a tactic you have worn out, but he is just as disgraceful a p*s*y grabber. Sad. And still impeached. More alternative facts, I'm sure. Scared MikeBloomberg will be facing off with the Vulgarian-In-chief, Pissie face? You should be KellyannePolls !!

So trump’s sexist remarks are okay because someone said something worse. Got it. Also said she would 'take a leave of absence' to talk about it for days.KellyannePolls wants her own TV Show so bad she can taste it. She'll have her own opinion/talk show on the Trump Network, probably be the lead-in to 'Syble The Sooth Sayer'

didn't realize this was a conpetition One grave I'll piss on From Continue/ CNN said 'South korea Parasites' SAG Grand Prize, Achievements in History' 2020. 01. 20 news / 자신들이 ( 미국, CNN, 기타 등 ) 저지르고 있는 직권남용의 국가보안법에 범죄에 동참을 하며 악한 범행을 명령대로 따라서 .... Nope. Not!!

She would know, Trumpland assaulter her? Beyond silly. Nope. THIS chick is a scream. BLOOMBERG BLOOMBERG BLOOMBERG BLOOMBERG BLOOMBERG She might be right about that, but at this point, no one believes anything she says. Ladies and gentlemen, the stand-up comic, Kellyanne Conway! She out? To lunch. What about the 20 + women claiming sexual harassment?

I hate her but I mean, Bloomberg asked an employee to finish her pregnancy to keep her job. At the very least thats just as bad as anything Trump has ever said

Conway... Trailer Trash How about not comparing and saying they are BOTH inappropriate, KellyannePolls. There is no way!!!!🤬she's a disgrace to women everywhere!!!! Why does anyone cover this bimbo? Poor George. Hope is law practice isn’t falling due to an out-of-control parter who knows alternative facts.. KellyannePolls

Can she just disappear! waste You can stop covering what she says at any time . She is FoxNews material only. Pleeeeeeeeease!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🙏

🙄. It’s all bad, sweetie. How does she know? Bloomberg should have run as a Republican! That would have really irritated Trump! Not close because Trump has already followed through! He Will be voted out of office in November! Who still listens to this idiot? Trump’s advisers do not want to go toe to toe with Bloomberg and this is why they’re discrediting him.

Kellyanne is just an ' Evertrumper' trying to make her Nazi hero look good! Go have another drink and a smoke girl, because that will give you all the courage you need to say shit like Trump does! How come your husband doesn't agree with any of your 'Evertrumpism'? Who believes LyingKellyAnnConway No one

Lmao Porn stars, grabbing privates, hangin with his bud Epstein, talking with Howard Stern on his radio program, doing his part during Vietnam by avoiding STDs. Oh give me a break. No comparison. KelleyAnne conveniently forgot to mention the law suits against Trump for rape & sexual assault. Far worse than anything Bloomberg ever said!

Kellyann is one of Trump's mouthpiece. She does not speak for value and decency. 😂 A new shit storm begins Alternatively, Kellyanne is drunk on her own lies. Apparently😬 Well it certainly negates the argument from the pound me too crowd! Aaaaaaaaaahhh! And here we go the moral ethical slope we will inevitably go down if we elect Bloomberg. My bad guy is better than your bad guy.

gtconway3d said that 2020is all about telling the truth KellyannePolls he wants us all to join the ProjectLincoln telling the truth starts at home assholes. Nothing is as bad as trump. Ha! No way!

Ok Kellyanne, queen of alternative facts. I’m sorry. She is right on some level but the fact that she is making that argument when her boss is Donald Trump is laughable. Please tell us that Kellyanne can't be that stupid, can she? Oh please. Oligarch Bloomberg and Oligarch Trump are literally two of a kind.

Prove it. Where are the tapes. Ugh!!!!! Kellyanne also believes in “alternative facts” which Chuck TODD reminds us a that they are lies. She’s a nutcase. Saw her on TV today unkept and disheveled looking. Trump should send someone else who appeares better on TV. How about the underage kids drumpf abused and paid settlements to? KellyannePolls

Clearly her salary is paying for some plastic surgery!

Please .. So, Kellyanne is admitting trumps remarks were sexist? She crazy Democrats would nominate Hitler if he reappeared today, and if they thought he could defeat Trump. It says all one needs to know about the desperate Left. That’s nice, now prove it. Please don’t give her press. Shes admiting Trumps comments are at least second worse insult.

LMAO a republican billionaire buying off the democrat nomination. It doesn't get much worse but wait...the Democrats are going to screw Bernie again 😂🤣😂🤣😏😏🤯🤯 Then trump and his cabal, and all the Republicans, should be praising and supporting Bloomberg, since they like that talk and don’t think there is anything wrong with it.

Why do y’all give her a 🎤 the less y’all talk to her the better of we are listening to what she have to say🙄

How does she say stuff like this with a straight face? She's despicable. KellyannePolls is just as stupid as realDonaldTrump She would wouldn’t she. This woman is an utter disgrace. I believe Bloomberg was sexist, I believe he chased women when he was a single New York bachelor. But in last few years he waged war on the NRA, and worked for women's health laws. While Trump and GOP attacked women's health care and caved in to the NRA

lolololol sure. What a joke 🤣🤣 No Kellyanne, they are not even close. Though both were wrong. Ha ha ha! How the hell would AlternativeFacts Annie know? WOW! She is out of her mind 🤦🏻‍♀️

How about all those sexist remarks Trump has made other than the Access Hollywood tape, (which was horrible all by itself?) It's *all* bad, Kellyanne, whether from Trump or Bloomberg, or anyone else who is making sexist remarks. She should know Show me Where is the proof? Did you compare both? Don’t just throw it out there as a tru statement😡

😂😂😂 Another “Alternative fact”? Nope. They weren’t. Not even close. They were 30 years ago and he was joking. Try again KellyannePolls . Bloomberg apparently scares you🇺🇸 A race to the bottom...great

And she’s a fool.... So you’d prefer some man grabbing your crouch, to sexist words? Then again...never mind. Really, Mouth? For you being grabbed in your p...y, is not that offensive? Nothing to be proud of Jelly Anne Conway is going to send trump supporters to Bloomberg talking like this. I watch no show that puts Kellyanne on the air. She lies and smirks. What has she ever said that is true?

Oh good, the better of 2 evils! At least 1 has empathy! Oh please. None of the candidates is perfect but at least they are pro-American. They’re not Russian assets intent on destroying our democracy like Trump so 🤐 Sure. Trump is a Serial Sexist and probably worse.

Lol!! She's not well.. Fwd: The bar has officially lowered to record depths Kellyanne proving once again she doesn’t know her butt from a dumpster fire. See below. Ah, the typical Trump supporter fall back of “well what about?” Getting old... Ha

Why do we need to hear what liars have to say? Whatevs, Kellyanne. Whatevs. Alternative facts I would avoid comparisons if I were them. I was a far nicer murderer than he was said the murderer. Again she lies Seriously Politico what a waste of typing. No one on either side believes nor cares to hear what alternative reality kellyanne has to say

kellyanne wishes donald would talk like that about her Why is that newsworthy ? Her opinion is not news. And no it’s not worse ! Why does anyone listen to this ... person?

They are both pigs but Bloomberg is a cleaner pig than orange carnival barker Trump. The drugs handed out in the WH must be pretty damn good. The hallucinations are amazing. KellyannePolls realDonaldTrump Ehhh they're both bad.. nobody listens to this bitch KellyannePolls Finally! A real debate over which old white racist sexist billionaire is older, whiter, more racist, and more sexist. bloombergisaracist neverbloomberg bloombergistrump

Of course she said that. Same interview she said Andrew McCabe will always be a serial liar and leaker. When you’re comparing your misogyny...things aren’t going great. If I decide to watch a news clip of Conway, I need to do it in the garage. My wife doesn't want me puking in the house.

'reportedly' con woman is a perfect example why trump needs to go It is all dirty politics rarely anything good governing An aside: Is there year long election campaign anything more than a reason not to do anything for the country for a year 😂😂😂😂😂😂. No they're not, Kellyanne. Hahahaha. Sorry Kellyanne, but you’re not credible.

Interestingly she acknowledges the existence of the Access Hollywood tapes. Normally she ignores inconvenient facts. generalstrike of all fed gov deep staters now. All roads lead to Putin and they are paved with laundered money from Russian Oligarchs back to Atlantic City via Deutsche Bank and FBME. Follow the money and Trump will be caught and autocracy defeated...

Kelleyanne, you are still drinking the koolaid. How did Conway marry her? He must have been in a drunken stupor Bloomberg catching it from the far Left and the far Right. Maybe not a bad thing?

Trump has “alternative” far worse sexist remarks. And then there’s this Her whole career is pathetic. They clearly see Bloomberg as a threat. KellyannePolls is a political hack ..... no common sense just a rant for her boss P.T. BarnumTrump Kellyanne Conway looks like she’s being ravaged by a speed diet. WTF

Well like i said so many times MikeBloomberg has a Republican voting and campaign donation record it only makes sense that you would get realDonaldTrump like behavior fom him because... Doomberg is just Donald Trump Lite... What's the metric we're going by to determine this? Other than that a counsellor to the POTUS has stated the fact that Trump is 'slightly less disgusting' is a good argument for why he deserves to remain in power.

Guess she'll be working for Bloomberg next. Kellyanne opens her mouth and “STUPID” falls out !

Any sexists remarks made by either would be equally bad! If women stick together with that opinion we can make change. Sexism is wrong period! F U Nice to know that there is a scale of sexist remarks. More lies. She would say that. Alternative facts

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Adam Schlesinger, Fountains of Wayne singer, dead at 52 from Covid-19 Trojan Introduces New Anti-Anxiety Weighted Condoms Coronavirus live updates: More than 200,000 cases in US; Grand Canyon closes US freezes shipments of protective gear overseas Fountains of Wayne's Adam Schlesinger Dead at 52 From Coronavirus Careless Imprisoned Migrants Showing Zero Respect For Social-Distancing Rules Troye Sivan's 'Take Yourself Home' Is a Gloom-Pop Bop Engineer tried to crash train into USNS Mercy in Los Angeles: Feds U.S. Census Announces Those People Will Be Majority By 2043 Georgia governor announces state-wide shelter-in-place to go into effect Friday ABC News @ABC Pence Says Trump Is Just Being 'Optimistic' About Coronavirus