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Killing of Americans sucks Mexican president into Trump election vortex

The massacre of nine American citizens has dealt a new blow to the Mexican presi...


The massacre of nine American citizens has dealt a new blow to the Mexican president as he aims to free his country of foreign interference, enveloping him in a growing security crisis just as President Trump seeks re-election

The massacre of nine American citizens has dealt a new blow to the Mexican presi...

Mexico's President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador looks on during his daily news conference at National Palace in Mexico City, Mexico November 6, 2019. REUTERS/Luis Cortes

A history buff who makes frequent references to past U.S. and French invasions of Mexico, Lopez Obrador is pursuing a nationalist economic vision, and is staunchly committed to a policy of non-intervention in other countries’ affairs.

Lopez Obrador duly obliged with a deployment of security forces the U.S. president credits for a sharp drop in apprehensions of illegal immigrants at the U.S. border.

The massacre of the women and children, who belonged to families from breakaway Mormon communities established decades ago in the northern states of Sonora and Chihuahua, was the latest in a spate of mass killings to roil Mexico.

A shocking series of slayings has increased concern at home and abroad over the president’s strategy, which has been built on addressing the root causes of poverty and crime, and the creation of a new militarized police force, or National Guard.

The morning after the killings, Trump on Twitter urged Lopez Obrador to call him so the two could jointly pursue those responsible for the killings in Sonora.

But he quickly called Trump and thanked him for his offer of help - while repeating his mantra that the problem of violence in Mexico could not be met with more violence.

“Mexico’s president hasn’t taken the threat seriously and innocent American lives have been lost. The Mexican government must partner with U.S. intelligence and law enforcement agencies to wage a full-scale offensive against these butchers,” Sasse said.

But the Mexican president has sought to encourage U.S. lawmakers to ratify a new Trump-brokered North American free trade deal that has already passed in Mexico, which depends on U.S. buyers for around 80% of its exports.

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Fun fact - Mormons are drug dealers. A big wall would be handy. 'Hugs Not Bullets' He should be more concerned with the drug cartels running Mexico. Why were they living inside Mexico? At this point it seems there could be no better spokesman for cartels in Mexico than AMLO himself. But, having a drug gang shoot up a town to get their leader out of jail was no biggie-right?

Maybe he should get ahold of the narco state he is overseeing. Foreign interference? Seriously? Babies were shot and burned alive 70 miles from our southern border, if he won't interfere we should.

At least 3 American women and 5 children killed by Mexican cartel; 12 more kidnappedThree mothers and several children, including a baby, have been shot and killed by members of a Chihuahua cartel, say the women's family members. I don’t like when we send our military to foreign lands to fight for oil wells. However sending our us_navyseals and/or Army Rangers into Mexico to dispose of these cartels seems more like what militaries are set up for; defense! Go and kill every last cartel member! They murder us we SHOULD kill them, Trump should order some black ops to handle this. You kill women, you kill children I have no pity for you and add on top it was American and Christians as well, please go after them Trump or Congress....whoever!!! America could so easily wipe out every Mexican cartel if we wanted to. The Chihuahua cartel should be one that they put their stamp on.

Nine Americans killed in Mexican ambush, Trump urges joint war on drug cartelsTrump offers aid to Mexico to battle drug cartels after nine members of a Mexican-American family were killed there Without customers there is no drug cartel. Do it! when americans stop their demand for illicit drugs, a lot of this crime will go away. hypocrisy in folks decrying violent crime from the cartel wars and meanwhile snort, smoke and shoot up whenever they can. kill the beast from within first.

Mexico deploys forces after reports of deadly ambush of AmericansMexican authorities said military and police were responding to reports that at least five Americans were shot and killed in the state of Sonora. KBeds schultzohio The wall just got 50 feet taller Faith based group slaughtered. 4 children! F’n animals.

Trump vows to 'wage war' on Mexican drug cartels after 9 U.S. citizens killed on border: 'You sometimes need an army to defeat an army'Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador rejected Trump's call for conflict with the cartels after the violent attack near the U.S. border. Best President Yes! realDonaldTrump !!!! Good Build the wall!!!!

Trump dismisses polls favoring his impeachmentAs Democrats move to a new phase of the impeachment inquiry, a new Fox News poll shows that 49% of the country supports impeaching the president and removing him from office. Washington Post Political Reporter Eugene Scott joins Stephanie Ruhle and Ali Velshi to discuss these new numbers and the way the president is dismissing them. Silly, liberals! Polls are used to influence opinion, NOT reflect it. The extent of Trump's corruption is mind numbing. The extent to which he's going to protect himself and cover up in current court cases alone is unbelievable. His belief that he is unaccountable to anyone is totally unacceptable. IMPEACH AND Remove. 😂🤣😂 Let’s see what the real polls show next November, 2020.

State Elections: Why Democrat Wins In Kentucky And Virginia Spell Trouble For Trump In 2020Democrats scored key victories in elections in traditionally red states in a signal that President Donald Trump could face a tough re-election campaign in 2020. How many bullshit journalists have to writte in order to get their job safe The blue wave is coming trump is nervous now Kentucky had nothing to do with Trump. It was about local issues: pension and a toll bridge. And a stupid governor who was very unlikable. The rest of the Republican ticket won and many won big.

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