Kerry Washington urges voting in local elections: 'Change happens on many levels'

'We need to remember that change happens on many levels.'

8/1/2020 7:02:00 AM

'We need to remember that change happens on many levels.'

Actress Kerry Washington emphasizes the importance of voting for local community elections and urges voters to remember that in the voting booth on 'The View.'

"We tend to get really excited around presidential elections and this is undoubtedly a really, really important election. The most important election of any of our lifetimes, I would argue," Washington said."We need to remember that change happens on many levels."

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Kerry Washington joins "The View" on Friday, July 31, 2020 to discuss her recent Emmy wins, why local elections matter as much as national ones and her documentary "The Fight."Kerry Washington joins"The View" on Friday, July 31, 2020 to discuss her recent Emmy wins, why local elections matter as much as national ones and her documentary"The Fight."

ABC NewsShe said there are decisions made on a local level about the issues people"care about" and pointed out there will be candidates for local positions on voters' ballots as well. Read more: ABC News »

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Very smart and beautiful woman! You're right. Let's get the leftist loons out of power. They are destroying our beautiful cities RT Not gonna watch the video but I just loved watching Scandal on ABC :D I'd vote for Fitz!! I’ve been saying this for years it does NOT! Matter who the President is if all the same people are in the house and below!!! Change starts from the bottom to the top in politics. Vote Brandie Sorensen for President and vote the house out 🕊.

An actress speaking as if she can relate to the struggles of the everyday working person. So beautiful this woman is!!😉💖💗💗 That was the conservatives playbook starting in the late 80s. First school boards, then county clerks, voting boards and onto the state legislatures. Slowly incrementally you build success by success. She is correct .

I'm voting for the first time this year... Hollywood: speaks about voting, mentions nothing about human trafficking and the pedophilia circulating at their feet. typical HollywoodExposed Local elections do matter. WalkAway MAGA2020 TRUMP 2020 Lilberals hate the church, family, unborn kids, military, small businesses...they just want big government to give them free checks....don't vote blue...look at the carnage in Blue held cities...they hate america...Biden2020.

I was about to toss my local ballot in the trash but thanks to Kerry Washington (whatever that is) I won't now! Fuck that! Burn the system down. 🚩🏴 Like local ones.

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