Tech, Trump Says He Will Ban Tiktok - Cnn

Tech, Trump Says He Will Ban Tiktok - Cnn

Trump says he will ban TikTok

President Trump says he will ban the popular short-form video app TikTok from operating in the United States

8/1/2020 6:44:00 AM

President Trump says he will ban the popular short-form video app TikTok from operating in the United States

President Donald Trump said Friday night that he will ban the popular short-form video app TikTok from operating in the United States, rejecting a potential deal for Microsoft to buy the app from its Chinese-owned parent company.

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Haven't heard everything about this but heard it's partly because there collecting and tracking our info.... So does everything. And today I heard the U.S gov wants part of the $$$ from the sale of tiktok. What the heck !!! 🤣🤣🤣 He really is 5 years old. Just because they outSMARTed him and his minions for a hatefest. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

Seems the correct headline should be, ' Is China spying on you and your kids.' But f it FakeNews soreloser I’m so over him! People make a living off TikTok. How about focuse on the Corna! Yes because it’s Chinese spyware I think the thing Trump seems to forget is America will be hurt also when the ban and counter ban starts..

Trump really should BAN his verbal and his thinking abilities for all to enjoy. Where is freedom? Where is democracy?😀 This Chinese spying ap should have been band a long time ago. We should not buy any Chinese crap we should keep all Chinese electronics out of this country they are just thief’s and do not produce anything but viruses, Chinese people should be ashamed

Thank you!! From all parents. :) Trump needs to be banned What about the pandemic, the Russian bounty on American soldiers, unemployment. Tik Tok - really? There's nothing more important that dance videos. Where's the priority? Where's the compassion? Protectionism What happened to Capitalism and open market competition?

Then suddenly Microsoft wants to buy TicToc, I smell a rat. How about we ban him and his “big things”MOUTH! Trump is intellectually and emotionally challenged. Will be great for security reasons Facebook/ Instagram are close to rolling out their version of “TikTok.” How much you want to bet that Zuckerberg and Trump are working together in this?

Good. Time to also ban those who continue to support China and the CCP- Senator Feinstein, Google / Alphabet, the Bill and his Bimbo Gates Foundation, the Democrat party. Startthere and get back with a sit-rep in 48 hours. Well congratulations sarahcpr, u did it 😂😂 He should ban fake news I rather ban CNN!! 😂😂

Good!!! Okkk hitler US is just afraid of China becoming next world super power. Can we ban CNN? Why deny the happiness that the young people derived from their Tik Tok App. It's definitely more decent and safe than street demonstrations. Just prohibit your officials from using It will do! 🤣 good! I'll be curious about that.

if foreign apps are banned in their country why doesnt the world wake up? He is following the world’s largest democracy called india and soon whole world will u its and ban all Chinese products insaaallah ! Will Twitter block him? The US already dominate with its Facebook, Google, Instagram, YouTube and Twitter. But god forbid another country has one popular app, and suddenly it’s all about stealing data. The greed and double standard of it all.

realDonaldTrump ANOTHER SOCIAL MEDIA WILL BE USED AGAINST U, SO QUIT WHINING AND ACT LIKE U R AN ADULT!!! Smart move by our great President! It’s Chinese spyware. Tiktok sucks and so does the Lamestream media! Trump 2020! Another reason for the young population to vote. This guy is clearly campaigning against himself. This is not North Korea!! Wake up!!

No matter what we say hu? It will be a good decision Wish he could ban CNN GEN Z 2020 Ridiculous This is a very dark omen. Scary. He's just butt hurt over sarahcpr cause she's helping Americans realize just how idiotic he sounds. Like a typical schoolyard bully. Wants to push everyone around & then cries when they get pushed back.

Trump is scoundrel,a cad. “If I can’t have it, I will ruin it!” Is this American market freedom? Is that bc tic gok emarrassed y in tulsa? Yes about time 👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾 Tubby, troubled tyrannical Trump bans Tiktoc while we are all trying to survive a pandemic. Good! That’s great news Fuck tic tock I deleted it weeks ago.

It's really happening Could Sarah Cooper be getting under 45's thin skin? All the Americans who make a living from doing videos for their millions of fans and viewers. You want to help add them to the rising unemployment rate huh? And I you told your people you’re a capitalism!! Guess not! FREEDOM OF SPEACH.

There go the few votes had left. Trump greatly underestimated the popularity of TikTok in the USA and the rest of the world! Trumps clock is ticking and no way to get it going.... itTIKTOK TIKTOK Funny, an app known for people dancing and doing lip syncing isn’t liked by fat guy known for waddling and lying through his teeth DonnyDumbass

Aren’t there more important issues at hand like the pandemic perhaps?! TikTok, seriously?! What a freaking loser! Good HOORAY!!! I agree Good luck with that one. There will be something else to replace it. NOT TO WORRY. Well he just lost the 12-16yo girl vote. That is illegal , he legally cannot do that And TikTok said they gon be around for a while lol

But when china bad the usage of whatsapp in china nobody complain realDonaldTrump please ban tik tok now. Ban Twitter, Facebook and fakenews CNN also DemonsSuppportingEvil He's just mad about the rally thing lol 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 Why are you so focused on social media, you should be trying to help the Americans with the Cornavirus outbreaks. Your priorities are so screwed up. Americans are dying every hour, Americans don’t have the financial means to take care of their families.

This is against China News Network Agenda If he really tries those teens will drive him even battier Y’all don’t understand that every free app is going to use data right? 👍🏽 He’s just mad teenagers are bullying him what a pussy do whatever, u can't bully China! We live in China now They are communist just like CNN trying to lie to America 😡

Either it was something about him done or nothing/not enough about him on Tik Tok. This guy in the White House is a Circus all by himself Wanna bet... Good riddance Just because he was bullied by users of Tik Tok... Next time he will ban twitter or facebook...He can blame anything for viral surge in states

It's because realDonaldTrump is the CowardInChief and is going to get fired. He can't take being owned by a bunch of teenagers constantly. TrumpIsANationalDisgrace 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 Sure - go ahead - give it a try - worthless POS!!! TIK TOK must remind him of that alligator that swallowed the clock in Peter Pan - tik tok fatass November is coming for ya !

CNN so you’ll run this story but you won’t run one on BILL CLINTON THE CHILD RAPIST SCUMBAG. GOOD Good! It is harmful for children! nobody believes what thrump says... How? Make it a federal crime? What a fucking stable genius. Such a baby Good. Can we get it banned here in europe as well? Only because the president is very thin skinned. Sarah Cooper is driving him nuts.

This is very upsetting. The only joy my teenage daughter had during Covid-19 quarantine in making TikTok videos. How about we take away Trump's Twitter account in return! Can he even do that? Oh that’ll work! About as well as postponing the election. Does he know you need a helmet to play football? Yeah!

Ban Tiktok asap Dick-Tater Freedom of Speech!!! Agree ban the spy app oh let’s go finally good news The sooner the better 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 Just like quitting WHO, no good reason for this. He just want to make some news, something that can attract people's attention and he thinks it's great. Remember what he said? He said he wanna make the US unpredictable. Yes he did it, made American more like pirates

tiktokban is just leveling the playing field. For decades, twitter, facebook, google, and many others are banned by the CCP in China. Good riddance. In other news... CNN is ignoring the fact that BillClinton is all over testimony and notes concerning childrape and pedophilia on JeffreyEpstein's jet and island.

Anything from China is not safe. t least we have a President that makes tough decisions. SaveTheChildrenWorldWide You’re worried about a supposed Chinese spy campaign but not with the fact that Trump is in bed with Putin? Ok America... I hope he makes a speech about it because Sarah Cooper will have a heyday!!

Who really cares. Now someone in our country can take over the idea without China getting info. Big deal. Idiot. joejohnscnn His feelings are hurt, are they? Tik tok is cancer to zoomers just like Twitter is to millenials. You'll thank him in ten years because you'll actually have brain cells left, maybe.

Yep! Ban what you don't like. Just like North Korea, China, Russia, etc. etc. etc. Allthose great 'democratic' countries. We are in the middle of a pandemic which he keeps denying or downplaying but he cares about TikTok?!? Glad he has his priorities straight Ban yourself! BunkerBitch McRampWaddle got his feelings hurt again

Good Sarah Cooper getting under his skin Does that mean he can just not let play stations and Xbox’s be sold here either He has a place to live now! 😂😂😂😂😂😂 Why? Because they tell the truth about what’s happening! Fact: Tik-Tok is owned by the Chinese. What do you think they are trying to do? I am by no means a bigot BTW.

Do not too much fears on China if you're stay upon justice Whatever. All because of sarahcpr 🤣🤣🤣 Q casualidad que está creciendo tanto q pareciera poder desplazar a futuro las consentidas apps de fb, xq será que esas no son apps espías de los gringos. No sé, solo comento... Trump is a killer of fun! He wants us all to be As miserable as he is! realDonaldTrump 🤷‍♀️

又威胁到美国的国家安全吗?建国同志让我发现,我们国家太伟大了,随便拿出一个公司都能威胁到美国! Bet he doesn't ban twitter lol. He needs his forum to rant.. And they were complaining about censorship about misinformation so he’s covering this by saying it’s national security. Please. Well, guess everything else with the country is fine then, right? Can’t take the criticism.

Security concerns, didn’t ban OPM when they spilled over 75% of all clearance holders personal information. That’s ok but they make fun of you and mess up your stupid rally and you freak out. Why? What are his reasons? I’ll take HOW TO ANGER AN ENTIRE GENERATION for $200, Alex. HE'S A P.O.S. for the ones that liked this move i hope you realize that this is just another step towards a fascist regime.

Does this count as 'cancel culture', I thought you fools didn't believe in censorship. If it was really about privacy why only target Chinese apps. Good! The amount of child sex trafficking and pedos on that app! Bye TikTok ... thank goodness I never downloaded it! Watch Microsoft pizza buy it.🙄 Made in chinnnnna

I will review your website user experience and suggest improvements Tik Tok is Instagrams competition. Who owns Instagram? Mark Zuckerberg.. Who is buddy buddy with Trump and allows Trump fake news on FB... Mark Zuckerberg . This is what the United States calls free trade? Bandit's offspring He can't ban TikTok, this isn't a communist country. Not even the president can ban a whole platform. Anyways, doesn't matter, both China and India have the largest population. Tiktok doesn't need the US to survive...

I heard It’s Chinese spyware. I don’t use it. Communist president are we now living in Russia? Come on realDonaldTrump Don’t take tik tok from us because you terribly mishandled the Trump Virus response. We all know your plan for the election is to scare our populace about China. And to blame China for your faults.

This app is a waste of time for children... 👍👍👍 Ridiculous. While people are dying. He has no decency or care for any of us. TrumpFailedAmerica Well that is going to make him popular. downlaod the indian tiktok😂 Dictator much. He's such a communist. Use VPN. Banning it ? Lmao all you need is a VPN service to keep using it lmao

Good move by Trump. Keep China tech away from the US Immer mehr Verbote will trump durchführen Glaubt er daß das hilft für seine Wiederwahl? Whatever I don't know what you wanted... but this is what you got.. til November Amazing, Trump will not demand people to wear a mask for their and other's protection! But, he wants to band an app Tik Tok from operating in the U.S.!! Really!! Priorities!!

Thought he wanted to sell it here? Bruh no So realDonaldTrump banes TickTock but not Russia for interfering our election? I wonder why Trump didn't act with this kind of vigor to keep Russia from interfering in our elections? Oh, that's right...they got him elected! Will you just lost their user votes. Hmmm, wondering if this has anything to do with the fact that tick tock is the one that Punk'd the Trump campaign?

Oh yea another blow Why A lot of people don’t realize that tik tok has spent millions of dollars fighting the coronavirus in the US through the CDC Foundation. We need to cut ties with china completely Yes is banning tiktok because China is spying on us definitely and I mean totally not because we ruined his rally and definitely not to silence us

It’s long over due. TikTok would be forced to hand over data to the CCP if it was asked for it, because of national security laws. China's National Intelligence Law from 2017 requires organizations and citizens to 'support, assist and cooperate with the state intelligence work.' I don’t think he knows what he thinks he means

Once again America’s think what’s going on isn’t as bad as they say. Yes it is. China will do anything to get to us! Get rid of it. Stop giving power to these communists. trump is mad, Tiktok is good company, he didn’t do anything bad Trump just lost the youth vote. Revenge of Tulsa rally There is more information about people in their iPhone which is made in China than in an app from China.

Trump a bitch but honestly idc cause tik tok a bunch of bs that be waisting everybody time 'the impeached president' doesn't have the power to ban an app. TrumpFailedAmerica TrumpLiesPeopleDie TrumpVirus BlackLivesMatter AntiMaskerProblems Zuckerberg approves this message Let him try. He will really lose the election. Gen Z is friggin powerful like I have never seen. I wouldn’t f w them if I were him.

Bravo!! No more fucking tik tok bullshit!! That’s the highest priority issue we have going on in this country, now isn’t it? I think the think not He can’t do!!that he’s upset because they clowning him on the site. I don't think Tr*mp has the authority to do this, but these kinds of b.s. threats are typical diversions to get attention off the not stellar turnout in FL for his one event, and the pandemic, of course. TikTok GovtOverreach

OK so this means he can to this to Facebook? Is he that scared of the kids? This is a app made in China which allows the China government (CCP) to hack your phones. Unfortunately most apps are made in the CCP. I feel like I'm in the twilight zone. I must be living in Russia, because this sure is hell not the America I was living in a few years ago. It's turned into a dictatorship with a bunch of horrible cruel people at the helm.

This is just another way for Trump to distract the American people from something else he doesn't want us to notice. CHINA IS A BIGGER THREAT TO AMERICAN THAN JAPAN 1940 WAKE UP AMERICA! I like the idea.. Good. China is a bigger threat to America than Japan 1940. You know it’s serious because so many Trump supporters promote him on tik tok so he would loss that unless for good reason screw China

TikTok users are gonna be maaaaad 🤣 TikTokTrump freedom Maybe y’all really hate Trump,but I’m telling you,but this is about your privacy safety and your country’s safety. He ain’t gonna do 💩... all talk. Base gobbles up his trash talk like it’s meth. Cracks me up that dumdum’s supporters are suddenly concerned about China spying, but are in no way concerned about Russia’s activities 🙄🙄🙄

Old man Trump is trying to shut down the Rec Center. We’re having a Save The Rec Center rally on Nov 3. Can he? Good. Something the orange man and i agree with Good. It’s malware. TRUMPHANT!!! He should! And how will this save lives? Will this finally make Great again? That’s not true! He was trying to keep TikTok

Excellent! I love how much all the folks on here love and defend an app owned by the Chinese communist party 😂🤦🏻‍♂️😂. Chill out y’all, I’m sure Facebook or Snapchat will just add a very similar feature. Funny, you find this important but not the fact that BILL CLINTON was on Epstein’s island! I'm not sure what Tik Tok is. My auto-correct doesn't even want me to type it. CNN TrumpThreatensAmerica tiktokban

Can someone remind if the USA is in fact still a democracy? Trump trying to stop them from Communicating and spread the word.. Wonder what evil is he up to Does it have to do with USPS ? ETC Oh Jesus Christ. He CANT. Democracy? Goya beans and TikTok...awesome plan to MAGA👍🏼 CNN is the supporter of CCP😂$$$$

'Repent, Orangeskin, of the TikTok ban!' (Apologies to Harlan Ellison) Which will do nothing as there are so many ways around it. Almost as if he was distracting people from something... Will someone remind him of the pandemic we are experiencing? Tyrant has he lost his mind? Can't miss what you never even saw.

He can’t. 1st amendment! 😳 what? Why? That’s probably because there are some great people they can imitate him! He’s such a looser! Can we lock up a President in the WH bunker till January!? Lol I guess his vids not going viral About time. And now the fascist begins to censor. Every to get your boots on it’s getting deep

Voters say they will ban Trump from operating in the US. Ban a “chinese” made app due to potential “spying” but let’s continue to use the “Chinese” made phones computers and technology that we use on a daily.. makes sense..😒 Evil Never has there been such a triggered, upset snowflake, as realDonaldTrump. Gen Z hit him where it hurts and boy does it hurt.

i dont think it's right Wish someone would ban him One thing I’m happy Trump will do. Surely he has more important issues to deal with. 18-27 year old TicTok voters This is a BS distraction... is this material? does the media not have something better to do like call out the fact that THE OVAL OFFICE IS OCCUPIED BY A RUSSIAN ASSET. OMG, boo hoey, tik tok might go mia. If this upsets Americans - they should practice pissing in the wind.

We're now living in a communist country. He’s still mad they tricked him Now what did Tik Tok do to him. He only has child like behavior (tantrums) when things don't go his way. His response is (Executive Orders, firing people, and making up conspiracy theory like the voting ballots. Lord make your move on Nov 3.

Chinese Commies (CCP) controlling the contents should be enough reason (while he's at it should ban Facebook - hates conservatives, hence will not be fair in that regard). Uh. He said he’s looking into it. That means he’s not. Looks like he’s still pissed off about the Tulsa rally? Hey Trump 🖕🏼🖕🏼 China is not our buddy even though the anti-America agenda MSM would like you to beleive that. China owns a lot of media.

Why isn’t he tackling the real issues of the world 🙄🙄. Try fighting this damn virus and the economy instead of kids playing around on TikTok 🙄🙄🙄 was funny as hell though 🤣😂🤣. But that’s sad even the kids hate him 🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️ Good!! He should American should make their own app like tiktok .. period

This is a direct attack on sarahcpr and it will not stand. We don’t need a Chinese app in this country Nope Amazing that people hate Trump so much they are fighting to keep Spyware on thier devices that gather communication infrastructure information that is a national security risk, along with all personal private data, including banking info from pay apps like paypal.. amazing

He can’t do that. Governments...deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, --That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it Wake up call America, the power is ours! Time to make a change. Go Vote! Really This should secure the millennial and gen z votes!

Fascism much? United States... the country of freedom... hahhaa what a lie And they probably already have about 10 to replace it so go ahead and do it old man The app is full of cornballs anyway Good lmao Because with all the carnage and death in the USA, he is more worried about looking silly on TikTok. Not the ideal set of priorities.

Good to hear! Awesome !! Go trump !! Can he self-ban while he's at it? It's stupid anyway. tiktok is a spyware and propaganda held by chinese communist party, smart move Facebook is telling him to do it. To prevent the infiltration from the CCP, Tiktok should be banned. 🤣!!! So much for Trump's mantra of free enterprise.

I never use it. But.....Fuck Trump... All because trump got his feelings hurt when he got duped by Tik Tok users!! What a freaking clown 🤡!! Lol 😂!! No problem, Try to use chinese version with VPN. Yeah cause this is the most important thing going on in America right now! 🤷🏻‍♂️🤦🏻🦠😷 Good idea from Trump. It will cost him a lot of voters. Good for Bidden😊

^Yep, see, proof that they only ban conservatives^ and buddies of fake conservatives like the orange dotard Trump2020 I'm pretty sure our teens will figure out how to get his craw without it. Bad bad orange moron Yet wearing a mask is tyranny ? Wow He’s still tantruming over the kids who hijacked his rally Seriously? Dude your country is falling apart and you’re focusing on this. You are such a 🤡

Trump makes US more like China Great! No great loss To many awesome videos about the dumb things you say How can we ban trump from being president? That's our real problem Tik Tok, Tik Tok, 92 days till we vote the moron out. Tik Tok. Did Tik tok just destroy the republican party? Honestly , is he proud saying this , is this his accomplish this Month,this week this year?I have to say I read his statement he was so proud of this?

Cuando se acaba ese mal gobierno gringo.que desbarajustada la que hizo el que llegue va a tener mucho trabajo. TikTok is overseen by the CCP, so drop it and let a new app take its place. One that won't give your data to the People's 'Republic' of China. Go ahead and watch the kids come out and vote this mithereffer out of here

Thank God its ruined kids and they dumb doing them weird hand signals Now he got nothing to blame Obama 😂😂😂 Yes I love that 👍 One good thing that Trump is doing. Those who crying over having no entertainment after tik tok ban needs to think into their lives again. They did managed b4 this app. Am sure they will find other ways to keep themselves busy. 🙄🙄🙄

Ooh, big, scary man!! realDonaldTrump, maybe if you'd stop being such a HatefulAsshole & stop alienating everyone, this wouldn't be a big deal. Then you could focus your energies on this pandemic. TrumpIsSuchALoser TrumpIsACompleteFailure TrumpIsANationalDisgrace Is he mad because his dance videos get no likes?

Let's ban Trump instead.........November 3... Where are the free market conservatives in Congress? Hello... McFly.... crickets. why Communism Never wanted the app and now suddenly going to download! Okay, Freedom country? 🤨 Lol and watch instagram fall even faster. Love it! All things Facebook shall crumble

Tik Tok uses a key logger to to copy every single keystroke you type and send it somewhere. Key loggers are only used for one purpose...spying. We wouldn't even have know about it if Apple hadn't launched their new iOS system for their phones. Wake up people. Trump's one and only reason for banning the 'liberal' social media tiktok_us platform via executive order is to increase his reelection chances. Period. I hope Twitter and Facebook will ban everything from him and his team that's even remotely questionable.

Good morning America Facebook, IG and Twitter all gather info on us. You can talk on the phone wit someone about the most random product and it’ll appear as an ad for you on social media. Just another way he wants to control the population. Dictator Trump They got caught copying people’s clipboard. They said they fixed it, turns out they hadn’t and they were doing even more copying than previously thought. Understand what is going on rather than a stupid emotional tweet.

It's a good thing November is around the corner. How much more damage can he do. But you know it's not only Trump. It the 30+% that support him as well. Now you see what color America is. But Corona going put things in perspective thanks to the Chinese. Great news! God why do so many people care Its just an app that can be replaced, unlike the hundreds of other stories that can affect life and death of millions of people that should be getting more attention. There is already a replacement tik tok so who cares, its old news.

trump’s response to global pandemic; weak, disorganized, disastrous. Trump’s response to an app that *might* be collecting user data: national emergency. Fucking idiot in chief. Seems like more government control just keep stripping our rights and freedom I thought Microshaft was going to buy it What the hell is wrong with that imbecile!!%%

He can’t do that. Lol. He’s such a loser Why? He’ll definitely lose the youth vote on this! Hahaha, the one that set him up in Tulsa? So thin skinned. AmericaOrTrump What’s next? Declare war on Tulsa? “They’re the real enemy. They hate me”. Finally! Even if he could, once we have an actual president (Biden) in OUR house again January 2021, all this corrupt BS will change and the forever orange impeached one (and his spawn) will start facing countless charges from across the US.

China is spying on the US with the app The stock prices of a lot of VPN's is about to go up🤷🏻‍♂️ Hooray!!! Yes get that CoMMie government away from our data and info. BestPresidentEver45 enough of them spying on us and manipulating us. I think trump should concentrate on what's really a problem in USA.and stop being a fukn dummy, theres 1000 people a day dieing and his main concern is tiktok, this guy truly doesn't give a dam about human live.

Why ,Trump this is called abuses of power . He’s upset that the TikTok population screwed him in Tulsa. Such a baby. The actions of a desperate man, anything to deflect from his woeful performance as ‘The Man in Charge’ I don't like tiktok Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, google + many more platforms are blocked in China. China needs to be called to order.

What a clown These teens done moved on to the next thing. They're one step ahead of 45 and parents in technology. Best news I’ve heard for a long time!!! Another conspiracy theory ? finally some does something against that damn chinese spy app. thanks president! Trump2020 😲🤭WHAT? Wonder Twin Powers ACTIVATE! Form of a prepubescent teen! 😫

Eating popcorn waiting for those who have been complaining about rights and wearing masks to have an opinion about this... This guy fucking sucks but I can get behind this 🤤 ANOTHER EXECUTIVE DECISION🤤 yuh. do it we dare you😍 The orange one is so childish. With all the issues going on in this world TikTok should be the last of his worries

A true act of malice TikTok TIkTok Remember Remember the 3rd of November Bring it to Zimbabwe Good that is America president. if anything maybe affect his election. he kill it. where is the law and order that he always says everyday. Can he do that? How about banning Trump from the United States instead?

Imagine being so butt hurt over a phone app that you flex you tiny dick energy to ban it. Standing police army. Banning free speech. Failing economy. Soon to be record homelessness. America falls fast. Says the guy who helped Russia steal the election for him. 😏 He should ban CNN. You are a bigger threat to this country than Tik Tok!

I think it funny he thinks this will actually stop americans accessing tik tok 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️ India the other true democracy already did. Imbecile, smh Ban it won’t stop it use in states moron Oh if only he could ban COVID. Good. Fuckin stupid app and immature videos. Trump just wanna ban tiktok_us , cause he doesn’t know how to use it ... “Sarcasm”

Yes He's been watching sarahcpr videos. good idea, i also agree from Bangladesh. I thought USA is a free country😀 Just relax people...... Microsoft might buy out tik chill....😁😁 Trump can be petty and intolerant, egoistic. If anyone thinks that US can ban TikTok then ur deluded. Just look at China, even they cant shut completly Tweet or Google with their Great Firewall lol

GREAT!!! FINALLY, TAKING ON BIG TECH, STARTING WITH CHINA Ok Tik Tok peeps, unleash the hounds!! Tie him up in court and most importantly vote 45 out. In addition to voting, keep it up! And what is Facebook & Co doing? You say Hey Boomer and I say Hey Retard lol Breaking new! ban TikTok ok then but what about helping the American people but passing the bill the train station ad the road side will be my new home and garbage 🗑 bill my to go supermarket if the continues because there is no where to plant some ground produces😢god help us

MILLENNIALS AND GEN Z are so ignorant and dumbed downed they don’t even know why Trump is doing this! Must be nice to live life clueless Tik tok through out the past few years has been the number one social media app used and downloaded by users. If you think about it if tik tok goes down the social media plat form will go down and many users will have to find other plat forms to inspire and spreading kindness.

I can’t anymore. That's the best can post. Tell us some things he did right, not all the wrong, painting his right doing wrong too. He should ban himself 🐔🐔🐓 Smells like something North Korea would do. Fascist Yeah he bored😂 1st Amendment! Please ban WeChat as well!!!!!!!! TikTok~ 😍😍Isn't it fun? 44cstark Wowww that's a low blow☹️ realDonaldTrump

Too many executive orders. Are they actually thought through? And by who? 😉 Welcome to the United States of China wtf Actually a good thing HEHDHDUDUSISISIWKSKSISJSJ wow imagine not focusing on a global pandemic and instead taking down a platform that helps by spreading awareness and tips for corona. 🤯🤯

realDonaldTrump i don’t like you realDonaldTrump 150,000 people dead, Covid killing more every day, unemployment running rampant, our country in shambles and all he’s concerned about is TikTok! Unbelievable! VoteBlueToEndThisNightmare tiktokban coronavirus VoteBlueToSaveAmerica2020 So the dictator works 🤮🤬🤮🤬 dumb move turd🤮🤬🦠

.... and? Y’all know how Grooming works? (Hint: IG: benn.official_) All props to Tiktok tho.. other than the pedo/weirdos. It’s a cool app 😬😳😅 As if there were no more important matters in his desolation of a country. What a clown! The pathetic era! It’s because he can’t figure out how to use it. So he thinks he’s a King now!!!!

LETS GOOOOOO The App is a fucking spy app and you’re been spy without knowing. Talks to foreign heads of state on his phone without security scrambling. Bans tiktok for security issues About time.. RELEVANT: 'There was a photo on show at the main house of Epstein with Bill Clinton surrounded by topless under-aged girls.' Cameras were fitted in every room & an underground 'strip-club' for entertaining VIPs with teens flown in on the Lolita Express.

Fake news Hehe no more stupid dances anymore that's good Look I hate the Prez too but it's not a first amendment issue, the app genuinely spying on users and collected excessive amounts of data, the guy who found out said it was even *worse* than Facebook (which is bad, even *if* it was same as FB that doesn't mean it's good).

Even though I’m not the biggest fan of this app there are way more important things to take care of! Amazing how both parties are exactly the same. Why don’t we just burn the fucking constitution at this point? Washington is absolutely fucked Hope your president will grow up soon. America economy do not have many 5 years to lose. China do not need to do anything thanks to Trump

Racism Makers of Tic Tacs hold emergency board meeting. Because Trump was had by the tictok users he is vengeful and wants to eliminate the fun app. Let’s just get rid of trump No Evidence, America will ban any company which is threaten the american interest. China has banned all American apps tht exists in the world. Americans crying over one stupid spyware Chinese app ......wake up guys.

Those Gen Zers are coming for his ass. He should ban all Chinese apps. China is not our friend especially when it comes to technology. Good. I’m tired of being told “hey look at this funny thing on ticktock” and every one of them is stupider than the last. Totally right desicion OMG, WTF, LOL! How on earth now are people gonna feed their huge ego if Tik Tok is banned? It doesn't matter if you die of covid-19 or hunger due to unemployment as long as you post your egoistic 'character'.

I agree. China is the enemy. If you can’t see this, you’re all on board with China’s rule. They are not a good country, just learn about Hong Kong. Why they dont talk about this OMG, for the LAST time... tiktok isn't chinese spyware, although it may collect some of your information (manly for your fyp) it's NOTHING compared to the information that Facebook and Instagram collect so DON'T EVEN START.

The first and probably the last good thing he does. Removing waste is okay, I believe. For the rest, ... the sooner the better he leaves his job. Good to see the cheeto’s really going after the most pressing issues facing America. Oh boi, I think the youth will hate him even more, I can see them protest already. He makes all the dumb moves to annoy people

Outstanding!! « Because.... » thomaspower China openly admits to censorship. USA pretends not to censor. Tell me the difference. Yeah... Tik tok steal information about... nobody of you is Important enough That Chin want your data My my. Lots of whining going on. If the KiDS are crying, there is plenty of other apps to play with.

Now he is really funny. If it's on CNN it's fake news . michellermzc ☹️ That's one thing this man can do right Tik Tok is a Chinese social media no telling what they're doing with your information you putting on and of course the Chinese government has access to all that information 'O'er the land of the free...' The land of who? does that work? Will he check my phone and make me delete it? Good! A dream come true 😂😂😂😂😂😂 TikTok ruined my rally! Good! a shame of US Covid is over and everyone is back to work. The economy is booming. Now, he can focus on tik fucking tok, right? he won’t. 1984 Do you remember American company GE acquire French company Alstom?US is the biggest threat to world peace

Political retaliation Ban USA Just because he was made fun of. Next he will ban Twitter. I thought he was against cancel culture! Wear a mask during a pandemic? 'But muh freedoom!'. Ban a social app because Orange-in-chief is still butthurt with teens? 'Yes, we need to protect ourselves'. And he should!! It’s just a spy app folks

😭 You not gone ban shit, this is a Democratic Society not a dictatorship I can't wait till your ass out of office In this case what make America different than china both of them have the same mentality China ban USA app for security concern America ban china app for security concern Probably not a bad idea, sales of kids bicycles and baseball gloves will likely spike.

Just like a child 😆 Donald can’t dance on Tiktok & he got duped by the tiktokteens on his Oklahoma rally that he’s retaliating! Poor Orange Baby🤣😂 GabsVillarroel Censorship is ok when we do it! :) Is this just to safeguard a nation or more ripple from the ongoing trade war with China or for the disappointing rally? 'Innocent until found guilty', indict tiktok_us and justify the claims or let it be. Disruption is not good for business.

GabsVillaroel 😂😂😂😂 I prefer to laugh. I just can’t take him seriously anymore, it’s like an old patient with delirium I could care less I don't use it. gabsvillaroel And just how does Putin's puppet plan on doing that? Great way to court young voters, nimrod. umm... How many American owned platforms are accessible from China?

This better not happen cause it’s my life🥺💔 Can he find something else to mess with? Cool Idea. Someone needs to show him how it works...He probably tried it and failed, because he is too long winded... So what - someone here create something similar and move on And CNN will do everything they can to undermine everything our president does.

Russia hit jobs in US troops Pandemic and 150k dead Economy going to shit Depression level job loss Russia election meddling And he’s concerned with an app...? Just because the Chinese government refused to help him steal the 2020 elections the way the Russians did in 2016. Thats where the vendetta against China comes from

Can someone ban realDonaldTrump. As if Tik Tok is his biggest issue right now. He’s just concerned that his base are Intellectually capable using this app The more he banned the more will come Yeah let’s worry about tik tok not the pandemic 😝 When did I move to China? This is hilarious Darn that TikTok trying to uncover all of Trump's kinky demon sperm fetish! He's seriously shaking the hornet's nest without any protective gear or concern to what this'll do to further smear his already bottom-dwelling global figure. Can't wait to see Gen-Z destroy him.

Excellent move Is just an idiot RubyBoobyy Like why? But the world is going beyond the boundary There's a war going on it's called 'World class order' Forexample COVID-19 which came years ago to the extent whites had already had a movie named covid which was out since 2011 Things are changing countries will nolonger use Liquidmoney

frwdinfaith1972 You conveniently left out the bit about all the spying and national security issues He cannot do that Scared to death of the TikTok kids. He should be. Bully. Deny. Deflect. Distract. Retaliate. He is in fact,the master of these.Everyone! TikTok! Forget about his idea to delay the election.Forget about the way he displayed his narcissistic injury with the'Nobody likes me.' cry. This is retribution. He bans what he can't control.

So orange BunkerBoy wants to steer commentary away from the glaring issue in the US, Covid, by once again deflecting to a minor issue and make it a BIG issue .....nothing to see here At least he understands what’s important. 😳 Y’all know teenagers got VPNs now, right? Donald Trump is mad that America loves sarahcpr more than his regular demented blathering.

Uh-huh. Good luck with that. Oh really? cc: charlidamelio If you don’t want to talk to get bed click on your Apple I do you do video Apple ID then click region in change it to Canada etc then that’s it usuario3201 Many countries have banned the app so obviously their is a reason for this Why hasn’t this been cloned yet?

1984 springs to mind... Whyyyyyy Is this because tiktok users made him look bad by signing up for tickets to his rally and not showing? 🤣🤣 Crazy pants hasn't got shit else to do. What a crybaby. 🙄 old man ban young guy‘s entertainment APP. young boy ban old man's entertainment GOLF! 'popular' spy tool. To be honest, I'm not even mad. I wish they'd ban it in most countries...

Imagine defending a shitty Chinese spyware like tiktok sarahcpr did you do this? 🤣 Where is the democracy? Everything Trump did is ban and ban. I think america losing the demoracy and the shadow of Hitler and Mao chi Tong is alive. You know what I mean THE DICTATORSHIP and being COMMUNISM. Ban all Chinese APP and software!

Good! Ladies & Gents, the story in a small synopsis is as follows. Trump 2 TikTok: U have to pay. tiktok: no we will not. Trump: ok, India start with the ban. India: okie dokie. Trump: are you going to pay tiktok : No we will not. Trump: ok, we will ban it based on spy aligations. This is 100% about how TikTok users made him think anyone wanted to show up in Tulsa.

Wack a mole? another will surface.... 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 Appreciate it for trump.great policy It’s a Chinese spy app because Trump said so? How long will it take for fake Tik toks to show up? He’s still pissed about the crowd size in Tulsa. 🤣 Good He really wants to hurt young americans Dick(tator) Trump

Whatever happened to free speech?! Tick tock...lines blurring between autocratic countries and the US. He has the technology, he has the means. Looks like his 1st ban Facebook is developing a Tik Tok feature or app right now. That’s why he’s banning it. To give his pal Zuck an open lane. Antitrust much?

we're rlly letting an orange elephant banned Does he know half the parts in his cell phone he tweets with comes from China? How can a video app TikTok harm US ? This is a sh*t 🙄 🙄 Trump has already committed treason and genocide and no body even noticed. What a shame. Looking around to see what communist country I moved to

Poggers You're gonna see an army of pre-teens in the streets with signs like 'tick tock...what time is it? Time for some payback!' Remember those teeny dinosaurs in Jurassic Park. Small but deadly! Better think twice! And how could you delete this? F$k Trump! STOP REPORTING THIS LIKE NEWS EVERY SINGLE THING HE SAYS ISNT NEWS

China wants to know everything about USA with this spy app and by the way Tik tok sucksssss!!!! VPN’s will be an excellent investment He must own the TikTok casino This is time to show USA that without them participating we can make things better Everybody knows its a chinese spy app, Im with Donald Trump just for this time !

Fvck the CCP and CNN! What a d**k. Multi millions of kids will hate him & the GOP as theyre the ones using it. Won't matter Microsoft just announced they are looking to buy it..problem solved Look at the bright side, Trump figured out a way to get young people to vote in November lol What’s this smoke screen for

Sucks for TikTok stars but it makes sense to do. Not the first country to ban it, won’t be the last. larry_moyo That evil bustard Just ban communist Chinazi for god sake. For 20 years China has been cheating the the WTO agreement and kept lying about cracking down on counterfeit while these Nazi got rich and built up huge military. ChinaLiedPeopleDied

Ok, Kim Jong Trump. He cannot do this....... ChrisCuomo donlemon itsJeffTiedrich funder Wow. Dictatorship much Perang terusss Let’s see if it works!! Trump can’t even ban his mouth from working!!! He can’t. He does not have the power to do it. Why the hell he na ban himself from talking crap Hes such a piece of 💩!! 😡😡😡

He is following exactly what some other country leaders do to stay in power long time and put dictating rules. We all know who the other “country leaders” are. The world is in wrong hands. The thing is another communist tool Will Diane Feinstein come to the rescue and fight for TikTok? Or any other congressional rep or senator?

Deep state is terrified Mr. President Trump is draining the swamp 100% Lmao cry baby trump hot his feelings hurt cause tiktokers trolled his klan rally. He is following exactly what some other country leaders do to stay in power long time and put dictating rules. We all know who the other “country leaders” are. The world is in wrong hands.

No need any excuse for justifying, just say it is a Chinese developped APP and probably hurt US freedom...that's all. Oh, Make American Great Again by banning everything he doesn't like. Doesn't cnn fact check anything? OH, you just lie, that's right. Good! Spy app! What ever happened to freedom of speech? Besides, all the other social apps gather data too.

banchineseapp Man the Zoomers are gonna freak!!! If it's about security, why can't a spin-off or sale of Tiktok to Microsoft be enough? The problem is not an app that collects info, but which country handles that info... Welp, that’s one way to get Gen-Z to vote against you. Who’s next? He has to ban Mitch McConnell...

Thank fucking god Looks like realDonaldTrump got mad because he couldn’t figure out tiktok_us Boo yaa! Does anyone else feel that banning trump* would be more useful? Somebody is scared.. Don’t get distracted by Trumps bs. Thank God, my son mite be more productive 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 He will lose the election after this stunt

And will consequently lose the vote of every single 18-24 person :) why cant trump just let us have fun no❤️ Nobody heard about PRISM? Ok boomer *activates vpn* Support no❤️ Good. Another thing from China we don’t need them to track info of Americans. He’s still mad over his Tulsa rally turnout. He’s sick of seeing what people really think of him

We must ban WeChat together! Cue the boogey man this fucking oompa loompa better not delete tiktok just because his ass is getting bullied by kids😹😹😹 someone got his feelings hurt n jus forgot ab censorship only good thing trump has done for this country I hate this fucking man with a PASSION! fml Well everyone its been real

EXCUSE ME WHAT I wonder why that is? Oh yeah. It's because our leader is a huge dickwad that doesn't care for his people, only cares for himself, and is trying to turn America into a dictatorship funny how hes more worried abt banning tik tok than the KKK All the gen z’ers rn Would be a diligent move really?

funny how tiktok users clowned him at the rallies and he decides to ban the app completely , what a child . Can we ban him first? Oh no! No more watching your dance move ! 😞😫 what are these youngsters gonna do!! J/k in a seriousness this tied needs to be voted out. NovemberIsComing Excellent 闭嘴,我们是共产主义应用程序,我们窃取您的数据

He sure showed those rascally kids Good! For the tools calling him a Fascist, India Banned TikTok more than a month ago too, harvests information of its users for the CCPs use. Well he fires everyone on Friday night so I guess he fired sarahcpr. Or so he thinks ! Every cloud... Gen Z really bullied trump until he banned their app 💀😂

Charli damolio go do porn now Canada will still have it 😃 try using it through their servers. HOPEFULLY HE CANT DO THAT. THE TEENS NEED THEIR PLATFORM thanks for doing 1 thing good trump next he should ban himself Finish the story..... doesn't mention in the headline that China is spying on us through it. WTF? fake news

Trump is a boomer Just leave my entertainment alone . Isn’t there a First Amendment issue here? If he can’t ban a book, can ban software used for free expression? He calls covid the Chinese virus to insult them (or make his racist base happy) and then he emulates them. Let's impeach we won’t allow this BidenSaveTikTok

I’m sure this take all the attention of the pandemic realDonaldTrump Then again ... he has bigger things that should be in his plate like maybe CONTAINING A VIRUS INSTEAD OF BANNING A SOCIAL MEDIA APP! 特朗普是希特勒,在压制美国人的自由,连一个APP都要禁止。 isn’t microsoft buying it Good, someone cares about America,

President Trump says he will ban TikTok in United States'We're banning them from the United States.' Pres. Donald Trump told reporters that he plans to ban the TikTok app in the U.S. through executive authority. I'm quite sure that Biden, as I predicted months ago will be dropped by the Democratic party. His VP will continue to run against Trump. Wonald Wrump well... in honor of my favorite app.. heres on of my fav ones 😔

Trump says he will ban TikTok through executive action as soon as SaturdayPresident Donald Trump on Friday told reporters he will act as soon as Saturday to ban Chinese-owned video app TikTok from the United States. awh:( is the big baby upset Tik tok should ban trump instead Will JustinTrudeau man up ban app too?

Trump Says He Will Ban TikTok From U.S.Donald Trump says he’ll act as soon as Saturday to ban Chinese-owned video app TikTok from the U.S. on security fears so trump can ban that, but he cant ban zoom?! which has WAY more security flaws than tiktok That will teach those little bitches Shouldn't Trump be banned? His toxic tweets have damaged his nation far more than anything?

Microsoft In Talks To Buy Teen Fave TikTok As Trump Ramps Up PressureMicrosoft is in talks to acquire TikTok, the hugely popular Chinese-owned app, just as the Trump administration considers taking action against the app — including banning it. Still won't use it. i can't believe such a thing Chinese owned app is going Microsoft.

Promising a TikTok ban, Trump escalates tech war with ChinaIn reportedly preparing an order to force TikTok's Chinese parent company to sell it off, the Trump administration chooses a peculiar cyberdefense beachhead in an emerging battle over information espionage. Too talk that's true capitalism 155,000 Americans dead by Monday and this is the priority?

Trump Said He Plans To Ban TikTok From The USTrump has been threatening to ban the popular Chinese-owned video-sharing app citing national security concerns that the company could be misusing American consumer information. Who cares The Land of The Free good thing i live in canada 🕺🕺🕺