'Karen' Asks Black Woman Selling Hair Products If It's a Drug Deal

Another day, another 'Karen.'

7/25/2021 11:45:00 AM

'Karen' Asks Black Woman Selling Hair Products If It's a Drug Deal

Another day, another 'Karen.'

@prettii_tb/Tik TokA white lady approached a Black woman selling hair products to see if a drug deal was going down, and then suggested she scram ... and, of course, she's being called the new"Karen."Check out this encounter from TikTok user

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@prettii_tb, who posted this clip a couple days ago out of Sacramento, CA -- in the Natomas neighborhood. It appears Pretti was attempting to buy some hair products from the woman on the bike ... who was hawking her goods -- extensions and the like -- from a basket, and seemed to be making her sales on the go.

@prettii_tb/Tik TokThe transaction was interrupted by this so-called"Karen" ... who asked what the heck was going on, and who also went on to say this looked like a good old-fashioned dope drop.That was not the case, as the woman on the bike calmly and politely explained. You gotta watch this interaction -- the Black woman making the sale had every right to go off if she wanted ... but she kept her wits about her and broke down in detail what was happening. headtopics.com

@prettii_tb/Tik TokThe white lady says she's just giving her a"heads up" that what she's doing looks a certain way to certain people in the neighborhood, and that the cops might be called if she's not careful. The Black woman welcomes it, though, insisting she's doing nothing wrong.

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It must be so hard minding your own business 😒 Good stuff, TMZ. And the world keep wondering why they see Karen peoples getting knocked out every other day.. Some people need to get some business and mind it! Dumb None of that fucking Karen's business. Smh. That Karen should go on the Dark Web to buy drugs instead of bothering people on the street

😂😂Selling hair products This is funny because these are the same BW saying things like this. DivestTwitter divesterstakingls Calling someone Karen is no better then calling someone 'black'

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