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Justice Department nears prosecution of ex-FBI official McCabe: sources

Justice Department nears prosecution of ex-FBI official McCabe: sources


Justice Department nears prosecution of ex-FBI official McCabe: sources

The U.S. Justice Department moved closer to a politically sensitive prosecution ...

FILE PHOTO: Former Acting FBI Director Andrew McCabe looks on during news conference at the Justice Department in Washington, U.S., July 13, 2017. REUTERS/Aaron P. Bernstein/File Photo

McCabe’s lawyers urged Justice Department officials not to bring charges stemming from an internal investigation that found he misled investigators about his contacts with news media.

A lifelong Republican who worked at the FBI for 20 years, McCabe played a crucial role in the bureau’s investigations of Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton and Russian interference in the 2016 U.S. election.

McCabe has said he tried to answer questions about the incident truthfully, and tried to clarify his responses when he though he had been misunderstood.

Trump has repeatedly urged the Justice Department to investigate McCabe, Comey, Mueller and other law-enforcement officials involved in the investigation, accusing them of political bias and conflicts of interest.

The Justice Department has also declined to prosecute other employees who were found to have made false statements to the Inspector General’s office - including a senior administrator who lied about looking at pornography on his government computer.

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After the election result in 2016, I predicted that this will be a Mafia regime. You will experience dictatorship if this man gets another term and US will hop unto an irreversible track. To have been so important for so long. And suddenly fire by Trump. I’ve got some questions ,,,Russia Election trump tower in Moscow?

Did you mention it was the FBI that found he had committed crimes and fired him? Some really stupid people follow this page. “Trumps Henchmen” while ignoring what the democrats ACTUALLY did during the election. GG You’re all made of spare parts. Our mission at is to build the social media platform that ends fake news

Bye Bye Andy🤣🤣👎 realDonaldTrump is looking very PMS153 at the moment Nothing like a corrupt president prosecuting political enemies. I say we start a GoFundMe for him. Let the facts be heard a Russian asset was running for office and little did anyone know how big this was until he won and we realize maybe even voting machines. Let us hear it all.

so why are they bringing criminal charges? what are the criminal charges? Your tweet basically says McCabe is a bullied victim who investigated President Trump JournalismIsDead Dont stop there I cant think of about thirty people who should be in line next ,stop the corruption and hold all of them accountable or Washington D.C will never be held accountable. TERM LIMITS will be better for us all .

DOJ rejects McCabe appeal to abandon prosecution, sources sayThe Justice Department has rejected appeals by lawyers for former FBI deputy director Andrew McCabe, who urged DOJ to refrain from seeking an indictment against him. This is a politically motivated prosecution by Bill Bar. As it got wasn't bad enough to take away his pension. I hope the HouseJudiciary look into this. This trader has got a lot of nerve So we have to nullify. Ok.

The Grand Jury didn't see an indictable crime. So the political prosecution under Bill Barr will now shop for a new grand jury. The GOP is not the patriotic party. oh, usa is like china now. Can't wait for discovery. Impeach45 Endured years of criticism because as we see now he richly deserved Lock his ass up

He knows to much, which is why these swamp dogs never go to prison. What a ridiculous tweet and shitty reporting. The man is an accused criminal, but let's blame Trump. Reuters is no longer a legitimate news source. FakeNews Trumps childish payback campaign seems to have no end, personal Attorney Barr our modern day Benedict Arnold is working overtime wasting taxpayers money

Endured… That’s completely laughable… He’s the scumbag that started this whole thing of Russia Russia Russia… He deserves everything he gets… Let the indictments begin If this comes to pass, we are all doomed.

Former FBI deputy director Andrew McCabe loses effort to avoid criminal charges from Justice DepartmentLawyers for McCabe, who has not yet been charged in the case, met last month with a top Justice official in what was believed to be talks seeking to dissuade officials from filing criminal charges. And current CNN contributor. A CNN contributor goes to jail. What a trailblazer Hang in there- Trump's grudge suits are worthless. It's a waste of court time.

Is this the guy that for over 500 thousand on a go fund me Because Barr has money to burn. Well, apparently William Barr is doing his job as trumps private lawyer. Personal vendetta. System is backward, no charge brought on Trump yet. cool spin 'Investigation' - now Reuters, let's be serious. 😂 So, basically this is Russia now and the DOJ is one of Trump's toys

Oh, the poor guy 'endured' years of criticism did he? awwwww FAKE NEWS is astounding. You have no shame.

HuffPost is now a part of Oath'likely' 'soon' 'criminal charges' when? too many platitudes. Looks like someone's getting a visit from the clintons! Nice

The Grand Jury refused to indict, now they are GJ shopping. This is purely political retribution. Full stop. Actually, Trump endured years of this guy and his cabal fabricating Russia conspiracies and attempting a coup against an elected President. Talk about a witch hunt. Seriously. This man is one of the best examples of a public servant. The truth won’t hurt him.

When are they going to be trying Trump? ...oh yeah. That claptrap about not prosecuting a sitting president. And when will someone investigate Barr and the DOJ? US has become nothing different from Russia You time has come. The house of cards is about to come tumbling down. Wow. Keep me updated please. Tough thing to wake up to this morning...

HuffPost is now a part of Oath

Poor CNN lol. I would welcome an indictment. First two witnesses I would want to depose? William Barr and Donald Trump. Between Trump calling for his prosecution in interviews and by text and Barr refusing to deny he had been instructed to prosecute trump enemies he has grounds. Can’t wait to get him on cross. Lol trump.

I wonder if Trump will tweet about it? Now referred to as the Vendetta Department. DOJ will come for SarahHuckabee as well. No double standards will be tolerated. . All in due time. From this Justice Dept how could we be surprised? I hope not. He did nothing to be prosecuted for. We should be impeaching and prosecuting Trump.

Justice shall prevail Would be a bad idea for lump

Antonio Brown Rape Accuser Claims She Passed Lie DetectorAB's accuser claims the test was administered by an ex-FBI agent. Lie detector means nothing Note that lie detectors have no scientific basis. See The Lie Behind the Lie Detector for a thorough debunking:

CNN Contributor Andy McCabe 'The Justice Department has also declined to prosecute other employees who were found to have made false statements'. But not General Flynn, eh? About time This President is like Nixon on steroids Dictatorship It's time to arrest both Obama's and both Clinton's... Discovery phase ought to be interesting.

Perverted Justice. Abuse of power. Unjust! Barr HAS TO GO !!! predident biden or warren will immediately pardon

Andrew McCabe appeal to avoid criminal charges rejectedNEW: Former Deputy FBI Director McCabe's formal appeal to avoid criminal charges has been rejected, according to a person who is familiar with the case. Woohoo, let’s get the chair warmed up! It’s coming Uh-oh...

Day Of Reckoning Is Imminent.Hopefully He Will Rat On The Other Deep Staters GOOD, I’m waiting for 30 FBI, guns drawn, knocking on Mc Cabe’s door the same frightening way they grabbed Roger Stone Big mistake. Emails demonstrate McCabe kept Comey and others abreast of his media contacts. A.G. Barr is corrupting the DOJ. Covering for a third rate con-man.


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