Antonio Brown Rape Accuser Claims She Passed Lie Detector

Antonio Brown Rape Accuser Claims She Passed Lie Detector


Antonio Brown Rape Accuser Claims She Passed Lie Detector

AB's accuser claims the test was administered by an ex-FBI agent.

claims she went to"one of the nation's leading examiners, who previously led the FBI's polygraph program" and was asked about TWO incidents of sexual assault allegedly carried out by Brown.

In her lawsuit, filed Tuesday in federal court in Florida, Taylor says the polygraph exam confirmed her"completely truthful account."

First, they are not considered scientifically valid for evidentiary purposes and most courts will not admit them as evidence.

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Amazing that in 2019 we as a society have no problem sending a young black man to jail or ruining his life all based on hearsay. This stuff happened 60 years ago on the reg. Now all the people thinking they are progressives are practicing regressive behavior. She also claimed she was raped. Newsflash....she could and probably is lying about both.

He’s going down🤗 Send him to jail OOOOOOOOOOOOH…good! How's Kraft and Belichick gonna hold AB's leash?! Well there has to be proof if he did or not Anyone can say anything doesn’t mean it’s true we’ll find out if it’s true or not soon So he moved on and now she’s mad. Ok then. We’ve seen this before. No criminal charges. She went back after the incident happened. Why? We can all answer that.

prove it lady...that's all we ask... let us see the results... I smell a hush money payment coming. I believe her What I cant believe is she returned When a man touches you once Dont come back for more

NFL star Antonio Brown accused of rape in lawsuitGet breaking national and world news, broadcast video coverage, and exclusive interviews. Find the top news online at ABC news. NFL needs to suspend this POS. rapist Live look at all patriot fans : What timing

The last thing I want to do is defend this guy, but if the allegations are true why did she return to him after every incident. Is Christine blasey Ford her rep? No denying they bumped uglies She should take a lie detector test to see if she’s telling the truth about when she said she passed a lie detector test

honeslty I don't think anyone believes her,but as long as SHE believes it's true 🤔🙄😲😂🤣 This story is going nowhere fast He has a college degree - think about that Love these women who contend to have been raped three times by the same man. What a joke

Antonio Brown accused of rape in lawsuitNew England Patriots wide receiver Antonio Brown is accused of rape by a woman w... Our mission at is to build the social media platform that ends fake news

What people don’t understand you can have a consensual sexual relationship but the moment you don’t want to have sex with that person and you say NO and they still try to touch you or engage in sexual acts ..... it’s called rape/assault. BECAUSE YOU DID NOT CONSENT. Whys it a civil case? He's a perfect fit for the Pat's.

That doesn't really matter in a court of law. She passed something that measures emotion and not facts. Let's see it in court, but they aren't admissable in courts 🤔 U mean walked passed one on the way to her next “client”? Now we don’t believe the accuser? Kavanaugh. This chick is about to get murdered by the justice system

im calling bullshit on this. im always suspicious when someone claims they were raped but they go to a lawyer instead of the police, and they file a lawsuit instead of criminal charges. this is about money.

NFL Receiver Antonio Brown Accused of Rape in LawsuitNew England Patriots receiver Antonio Brown, who recently joined the Super Bowl champions, denies allegations that he raped a woman who had worked as his trainer. Accusations are so easy to make. Interesting time to make these accusations.

I don't believe that a good-looking brother like that please and all these loose women out here give it to him for free Why she coming out now when he signed with the Pats?!?! That’s the real question! 'Claims She Passed Lie Detector'. Okay, then who was giving questions and who else was present in room? Will results be certified for legal use?

Interesting ...his grade point average was high enough to make him eligible to play? 🤔 Does he have any idea how to form a sentence. Central Michigan academics must be proud. As much as I want justice for this woman if these allegations are true, STOP USING THE POLYGRAPH TEST! It’s invalid! Killers have passed it, The innocent has failed it! It is an outdated method that needs to be eliminated.

Antonio Brown – where there’s smoke there’s fire. AB is either the victim of false accusations, or a very ugly person. AB’s legal team must push some evidence of his innocence into the court of public opinion, or AB may be held guilty by the public despite being innocent. As much as I think he's a spoiled punk, he's innocent until proven guilty. This is America.

Interesting....that this never came out while in Pit or Oak....but as soon as he's a Patriot....makes front page....make you think 👀 Looking for a payday

Patriots wide receiver Antonio Brown accused in lawsuit of raping former trainerA woman has filed a lawsuit in Florida accusing the NFL star of three instances of sexual assault. If the Patriots release him, I think Trump may sign him. This dude....

Why question the victim I believe her without the polygraph... One thing that sticks out.. if she was trying to swindle him out of 1.6 mil then by God why would he later not only let her back into his life but go on to fucking her? I'm holding off on personal judgment but that's fishy as hell. What about a thigh detector.

It just sucks because whether true or false the lie is more entertaining than the truth . His name is already being dragged through the mud and this man has kids . It’s not fair . It also sucks because there are real victims out here . You know why this is coming out now because GOD don’t like ugly and this guy is going to get what he deserves Raider Nation

A lie detector for the victim No cool...He should take it..Oh wait he's doesn't have to prove anything. AB has not been exonerated I dont believe it Blah blah. There’s a reason those aren’t allowed to be used in court.

North Carolina, 9/11 Memorial, Antonio Brown: Your Wednesday BriefingMorning briefing: Here's what you need to know to start your day First up, NY Times had to delete this bullshit tweet: Did you just accidentally lose a tweet? Worry not, found it for you... Some airplanes did something

Lawyers has to be damn confident to counter sue for extortion!! Buckle up!! Which are inadmissible & not 100% There’s a reason polygraph tests aren’t used as evidence in court. A person can pass a polygraph test if they believe their story is truthful. They can tell an extremely fabricated story and still pass as long as they believe it’s true.

Bro it’s funny how they announce he was gotta make hella money with the patriots and now this what a plan lol I smell cap Don’t show me one sided emails, show the whole conversation...... Check the lie detector if it's faulty RealMamaEagle Belechick right now. Kharma coming back to ya dude

Antonio Brown Gives Car Interview In Boston Traffic, Pumped for Patriots!Straight from the driver's seat ... it's AB! Imagine Giselle right now? Scared AF! TomBrady This is the biggest Antonio Brown story of the night! Thats Like The Worst Photo Ever... Sad ... You Litterally Picked A Picture That Could Be Any Black Person, Or Any Person For That Matter.... In Bad Lighting...

And I claim I've got a 12' penis. She’s making a lot of “claims” lately. AntonioBrown There is no such thing as “passing” a lie detector test. There is an algorithm to determine your deceptiveness to a question. Which is you can be trained for. Hence why they are not immiscible in court. John Watkins even knew as much.

Wait she was sexually assaulted and went back to train him? k If Britney passed Lie Detector then show us🤔 an sho face🤔😲cause I don't understand how after 3rapes in 2 years you just now want to speak on it. We can see you was not scared of how much you get PAID🤔🙄to bring AB dwn What were the questions in that lie detector? Was browns defense team aware it was taking place, or privy to having their own administered? I’m not saying he’s not guilty, he may be, but he’s entitled to due process

And? There were NO criminal charges, so what does that mean? Why take a lie detector and never press charges? Why continue to go to his home, ask for tickets and offer to train him after this horrific, life altering, event? Smells terribly of extortion. That shit can’t be held in the court of law girl ...

They always pass a lie detector administered by people they pay money to money all about money

RaidersBeat There’s a reason those are not allowed in court proceedings 🤔🤔🤔 👀 Did you guys even read the article Didnt you see ab admit to jacking off on girls back? Those emails are hard to read. Can someone translate. They are easy to pass. Not that hard... He is a rapist. I think we now know why Patriots boss wanted him.

This is bullshit. I don’t like this guy but I believe this woman is fucking lying. Yea because those mean everything... Note that lie detectors have no scientific basis. See The Lie Behind the Lie Detector for a thorough debunking:

Lie detector means nothing

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