Joy Reid critiques Lauren Boebert for using campaign funds to pay rent, utility bills

'It was reported she was paid more than $22,000 from her campaign in mileage reimbursement,' Joy Reid says. 'The Denver Post explains...Boebert would've had to drive 38,712 miles while 'campaigning.' And remember, this was during the peak of Covid season'

9/25/2021 12:01:00 PM

'It was reported she was paid more than $22,000 from her campaign in mileage reimbursement,' Joy Reid says. 'The Denver Post explains...Boebert would've had to drive 38,712 miles while 'campaigning.' And remember, this was during the peak of Covid season'

Republican Rep. Lauren Boebert is critiqued for numerous controversies, including using campaign funds to pay certain rent and utility bills according to a Federal Election Commission filing. Joy Reid explains this and more in this edition of 'The Absolute Worst.'

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Ask her how she paid for her new pink SUV. HAS HER MUGSHOT BEEN TAKEN YET? Debbiescheidem2 Lock her up. Ahhh someone’s stealing money. Since this is now her second offense, will she now get jail time? Asking for the Americans that aren’t idiots. Grifters gonna grift. 👠👠👜💰💰🐷💄👀😎 She’s the fraud the whole republicans and Fox and Trump are the frauds.Can you say Arizona,trump lost votes after the audit.

I guess it's like everyone thinks, if you are a member of Congress, you pretty much have to be a thief in order to have the credentials to hold that office. If you aren't a thief before you get there, you will be one within a year in office. Sounds like this is a person that gets creative when filling out forms. A tax audit would probably find some creativity.

What do you expect from a woman with low morals and a GED? Easily explained. She is GOP. POTUS President Biden Prices are up on Rents in Maine over $1,000. dollars for 1 bedroom apt. and prices in stores for food,clothing,vitamins,gas,take out pizza, people on S.S.I. $800. can't afford this it takes our entire checks to pay for rent. even if we are on Housing!!!

America’s Oldest Active Park Ranger, Betty Reid Soskin, Just Turned 100—Here’s Her Most Inspiring Advice“The only way for me to really be able to live in this world is to deal with it truthfully.”

Everyone should be squarely focus on the GOP, Trump’s documented attempts to overthrow a democracy in the Eastman notes and politicians that want to identify with Trump. These are true right wing extremists attempting to turn our democracy into a single party autocracy. Same pattern for all Gop and some Dnc. Grifters!

The accomplice to the crime of corruption is frequently our own indifference. --Bess Myerson Some field salesman can put 60K on a car a year. Back in the day that’s what the sales guys were putting on their cars driving to the rural communities selling Medicare supplement insurance policies. She should have kept a diary on her calls and miles driven for tax purposes.

She’s stealing campaign funds… and her husband gets about a half million a year from oil & gas energy company for consulting. Wonder who she’s really working for. Oh calm down, put away the calculators and send the NASA engineers home. Lauren borrowed a few bucks to cover some minor expenses and she paid it back with interest. At least she is not this clown...

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And no repercussions. The grift is real. She learned from the best Guess Lauren didn’t learn from Duncan Hunters misuse of campaign funds, maybe the two can be cell mates. And her husband can testify against Lauren to keep his ass out of jail. The left will criticize anything to disttact you from the real issues

and... nothing will happen to her.

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