Kate Middleton, Duchess Of Cambridge, Prince William

Kate Middleton, Duchess Of Cambridge

Kate Middleton's post-baby appearances had an important message

Kate Middleton's post-baby appearances had an important message

9/25/2021 11:59:00 AM

Kate Middleton 's post-baby appearances had an important message

Prince William 's wife, the Duchess of Cambridge, gave us all an important reminder as she posed for photos after giving birth to her children Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis.

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In an age where celebrities go to extreme lengths to create the illusion that their bodies snap back to exactly what they looked like pre-pregnancy (they don't, FYI), the Duchess of Cambridge's appearances send an important message that we all need to keep in mind.

READ: Duchess Kate's birth stories of her children George, Charlotte and LouisKate Middleton and Prince William with their firstborn, Prince GeorgeWith her post-partum bump clearly visible, Kate's photos reinforce the message that it's not natural for a belly that has stretched to accommodate the growth of a baby for nine whole months to snap back to 'flat' the second the umbilical cord is cut. They reinforce the message that there is nothing shameful about a post-baby bump, and that we certainly shouldn't be trying to hide them. headtopics.com

Kate Middleton and Prince William with their second baby, Princess CharlotteIn fact, when Duchess Kate stood alongside the Duke of Cambridge to show off their firstborn, Prince George, she opted for a blue and white polka-dot dress that proudly highlighted her bump, with a belt insert below the bust. She even cupped her swollen stomach. It's this kind of behaviour we need to encourage – just as Kate did, we need to celebrate the amazing achievement that is giving birth, and we need to normalise the post-partum body.

Kate Middleton and Prince William with their third child, Prince LouisGiving birth and becoming a mother can be one of the most difficult times of a woman's life, so let's put paid to the pressure to bounce back into our pre-pregnancy bodies, and start recognising the reality.

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Who is Kate Middleton? There is no such person. The lady in the photographs you are presenting is Catherine,Duchess of Cbridge. The Duchess of Cambridge* She is Catherine the Duchess of Cambridge... show some respect Beautiful! Kudos to all the royal women who were on those steps a few hours after giving birth, so the public could get a glimpse. Not something you want to do, feeling like what’s left of your insides will drop out and probably very tired, sorry for the description 😬

Why now? Lakini ujinga yenu Ya its called accepting your body dont matter what it looks like be confident in yourself. Yes even after just giving birth she had to submit to ownership of the public. I’m sure she would’ve preferred not having to “perform” while recoveringchild birth. Oh the shade 🤣. Coming hot on the impossibly high heels of MMs unfortunate roly poly recent appearances.

That wills likes his blue shirt 👕 And always meaningful, not self-serving!

Prince William's secret outing as Kate Middleton dazzles at receptionThe Duke of Cambridge was spotted in the crowds as Aston Villa took on Chelsea at Stamford Bridge in the third round of the Carabao Cup on Wednesday

Beautiful photos of a nice family. Catherine, The Duchess of Cambridge. when is the news are going to use Catherine the duchess of Cambridge it is wrong she and Prince William have been married 10 years and you can't use her royal titles Catherine the Duchess of Cambridge. this is coming from a Katherine who uses Kate

Be proud of that big belly after giving birth, show it to the world. ❤️❤️❤️😍😍😍👏👏👏 Imagine having a human being there for months? Salute to all proud mothers😘😘👏👏 lovecambridges_ You mean the Duchess of Cambridge 🙄 Catherine doesn’t need to send out a message. She’s a natural person who doesn’t plot her appearances constantly.

Catherine looked amazing after each birth. Yes I know she has lots of help round her but she still had to face all the media. She is such a classy dignified lady. On each of these pictures she has just given birth. What did you expect? That’s usually gone within a few weeks 🤣 So did Catherine actually choose to keep her maiden name when she married? I know lots of professional women do but I would have thought this would breach royal protocol?

Kate Middleton looks stunning in white blazer dress for glamorous night out Kate Middleton wears white blazer dress from Self-Portrait. The royal was hosting an event in celebration of her big Hold Still project. See her outfit here.

Kate Middleton Looked Radiant in a Cream Dress for Her Latest Engagement'Catherine looks amazing as always!'

Kate Middleton makes rare personal tweet honouring Sabina Nessa Kate Middleton has made a rare personal tweet in the wake of the murder of Sabina Nessa KensingtonRoyal Thank You Catherine In the height of COVID turned up in person.....sends a tweet for the murder of a brown woman....disgraceful. SabinaNessa

Kate Middleton shows off impressive tennis skills as she plays doubles with Emma RaducanuThe royal attended a homecoming celebration at the National Tennis Centre

Kate Middleton shows off impressive tennis skills as she plays doubles with Emma RaducanuThe royal attended a homecoming celebration at the National Tennis Centre Wonderful, I hope Emma picked up a few pointers 👍