Rom-Com Week, The Front Page, Jenny Slate

Rom-Com Week, The Front Page

Jenny Slate Found Love in a Hopeful Place

Jenny Slate Found Love in a Hopeful Place


Jenny Slate Found Love in a Hopeful Place

A heart-to-heart with the comedian about it all—divorce, loneliness, bad dates, and finding love again.

Of course there's love in Slate's stories too. Her meet-cute with Shattuck begins as all the best do: offline. “I met him through friends, which is nice in a world where people are meeting each other on their phones through pictures they've made sure are perfect,” she says. They lost touch for a while—but six months after their first meeting, they saw each other again in New York and exchanged emails. “I noticed that when I was writing to him, I really, really bloomed." And as she started to write her book, she realized some of her best work was in emails to Shattuck. "When I wrote to him, I was my most real self." So she wrote one more, suggesting they become friends. You know how the story ends: "A year and two days after that email he asked me to marry him.”

“I think of myself as somebody who has seen a lot and is brave enough to fling herself into the future with a good attitude.” —

It's something she knows she'll need to work on her whole life: how to tolerate it. "Sometimes the word

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