NBA preview: Clippers start title chase with a clean slate

Celebrating division titles is no longer good enough for team that has Kawhi Leonard, Paul George and championship goals.


Celebrating division titles is no longer good enough for a team that has Kawhi Leonard, Paul George and championship goals.

Celebrating division titles is no longer good enough for team that has Kawhi Leonard, Paul George and championship goals.

With the big moves, the Clippers accomplished a tricky offseason combination of adding stars necessary for realistic championship hopes without sacrificing the street-brawler attitude that defined last season’s team. The result is a roster with star power, depth and a legitimate belief it can challenge a handful of other teams for its first NBA Finals berth.

“The light on the wall in Boston, we never told players about,” he said. “They kind of figured out, what the hell is that light on for?”

When the 2008 championship banner was added to Boston’s practice facility, so too was a blank banner next to it, signifying the expectation of another title to come.

The Clippers are hoping to follow the blueprint from Leonard’s last triumph.

This season, following Kevin Durant’s departure and Klay Thompson’s knee injury during the NBA Finals, the Warriors are no longer the colossus that has blocked the path to the Finals for five consecutive seasons. Several oddsmakers have picked Leonard’s Clippers to fill that void.

Confused, he asked assistant coach Rex Kalamian where the team’s banners had gone.

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All the Clippers truly are nothing more than usurpers that answer to Boston.

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