Jennifer Lopez, Shakira Super Bowl halftime show prompts 1,300 FCC complaints

FCC gets 1,300 complaints over Jennifer Lopez, Shakira Super Bowl halftime show.


FCC gets 1,300 complaints over Jennifer Lopez, Shakira Super Bowl halftime show.

'I do not subscribe to The Playboy Channel, we do not buy porn for $20 a flick, we simply wanted to sit down as a family and watch the Super Bowl,' one complainant told the FCC.

The most common complaint seemed to be about the appropriateness, with some suggesting it should have had an R rating attached to it.

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Can we get over this stupid story already? 2 words for the offended people. Remote control. Strange how the same people are so concerned with appropriateness at football games but completely unphased by outrageously inappropriate behavior in the office of the presidency. Everybody can’t be pleased. If the halftime show had been a religious celebration there would have been many that weren’t happy. No one was forced to watch but curiosity and the opportunity to complain kept folks watching. JustSaying

Let's be honest, NBC. What did you expect when you knew the ladies would be pole-dancing? Duh. I still don't understand the complaints. They act like kids don't know everything at a certain age. For crying out loud some kids be having kids and be 16 yrs old etc. Do they feel this way about trump & his disgusting behaviors? Cry me a damn river.🙄🙄

Pole dancing and sexual acts Please...the show was fine. All these conservative idiots always have something to say. Probably trump supporters 😂😂😂😂😂 Give me a break. With all the crap going on in this country, the racism, bigotry, the hatred, & people are concerned about the Super Bowl halftime show?!?!? WTF! SuperBowlHalftimeShow JLo Shakira

For what?

Parents Are Filing FCC Complaints Over Shakira and J. Lo's Super Bowl Halftime ShowHundreds of parents who voluntarily permitted their children to watch a bunch of grown men give each other debilitating brain injuries earlier this month have filed FCC complaints—not because of the aforementioned brain injuries, but because of Jennifer Lopez and Shakira, who put on a very good Super Bowl halftime show. 😂😂😂 WHAT? WHY? They know how J.Lo and Shakira dress and dance, if you let your children stay up to watch, it was your doing, not the NFL... Why were your children up that late on a school night to begin with? Change the channel... Get a life people!!!

You should stop calling this news. It’s a very small number and you’re making a big deal of it. It’s irrelevant and full of prejudice, on your end too for reverberating an ignorant rhetoric Jesus Christ Visit here for SEO Settings But it's cool that the First Ho' can show her titties in a men's magazine accessible to youngin's? GTFOH

1300 complaints isn’t that many. Get a life 🙄🤦‍♀️ I’m sure it’s all the phat republican women complaining And should not of allowed a child out in the middle of it bad decision on Lopez's part and would of put the NFL in quite a perdicterment if anything would of happen to her along with Lopez herself.

I must have seen a different show

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Oh please. Trump’s press conferences need more R ratings than the halftime show did. Super Bowl Sunday literally celebrates and displays every excess there is! Why are powerful, independent, talented women causing such a stir? There is not a move those women could make that wouldn't threaten whoever filed these complaints.

My wife turned it off I guess must be the same ones from the hypocrites that prey for trump This was Satanist/ Moloch worship on FULL DISPLAY! Your NOT fooling anyone Seven different people made 1300 complaints! Almost 100 MILLION people watched the Super Bowl and they only had that many complaints? Somebody needs to take a basic math course and drink a big bottle of Perspective

America is so prudish. But killings and violence on tv are okay. Weird standards. Learn some culture it’s just dancing. 🤦🏻‍♀️ meanwhile cheerleaders wear less & no one bats an eye. Jealous much?

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We have already had this discussion 50 times! Put it to bed!!! Honestly, it was not about the content but the camera angles. Some were just flat out inappropriate and if the camera angles were more tasteful it would’ve been no big deal. They could always change channel. It’s a porn show for perverts. Agreed. Way over the top.

Agreed! But there IS an OFF button, even the capability to change the channel!!! How difficult is it people get their damn remote and just change the channel if they didn't like or want to watch something?! ItsNotRocketScience QuitBitching & just take control of your life instead of blaming everyone else for stuff you don't like/agree with!

Honestly it was bad some house wifes are just haters !!! They rocked it Is this item irrelevant in any shape or form? Really? I understand the complete lack of content NBC might have but a discussion about the Super Bowl show? Come on, who cares? People stopped caring 39 seconds after the show ended, not to mention 30 days later!

Over 1,300 complaints were sent to the FCC about Shakira and J.Lo's Super Bowl halftime showFamilies all over America gathered on Super Bowl Sunday to watch the Kansas City Chiefs battle the San Francisco 49ers, turning one of America's most beloved sports events into a cheerful family affair. CNN - Is this a joke? How many people watched the super bowl? Not mine ! Did they call because they weren't prepared for such AWESOME performances? Would they like bland, mayonaise-type schmaltz like this:

What was the data on complaints from all other 1/2 time shows? Gonna say it again it was to adult of a performance for all ages that is why when MDNA did her performance at the Superbowl she did a production not a performance and it was SPECTACULAR!!!👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑 1300 is like a drop of water in the ocean. Why is this news?

The right likes to claim all censorship is from pc concerns on the left but traditionally censorship has come from the conservative and religious right SusaMcKenzieNe1 'Symbolism will be their downfall' Q The secret science of Nikola Tesla, hidden from us for over 100 years. Magnetisms true geometry, nature, and form.

Oh for God's Sake! it's OVER!! let it go!!! R = right on target baby. A lot of jealous women out there!! That's all I can say. The Super Bowl half time show was a celebration! Two women, 43 and 50 years old, put on an eye-catching, erotic and in no way pornographic show. They proved that, with work, age is just a number. Those who object need therapy.

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Not everyone can handle the Latin fire That is 0.00127% of the estimated number of people who watched found it objectionable. It is honestly more embarrassing to see our president speak with such a poor education level, specially how he address women and the naive fights within dems and reps con the campaign. The future of USA is more dangerous then the Latin halftime show

1300 morons that could have changed the channel. Let’s be honest. It was abt culture and race. These two did nothing that u don’t see on regular tv. Ppl hated to see Latin culture on display & two Latinas. Lastly, they rebuked Trump on the international stage. This is what it is truly all about. Just three years ago the left was horrified when they Heard Trump say the word pussy. Now it part of the half time show at the super bowl. 😳

Close to 100 million people watched the Super Bowl 1300 complained about the half time show Let’s not get to carried away by the complaining Cue the November 2020 baby boom. nbcnews Could you please stop posting about this already? It's non-news and you're feeding the trolls. Makes me lose respect for you as a news source.

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Life is R rated. Deal with it. I would have to agree, the gyrations of a female pelvis I much prefer to see at a gentleman s club rather than w my grand children watching the super bowl w me. Are we still on about this? It's Shakira and JLo not Sesame Street muppets. There's going to be an element of sexuality.

It just shows that women truly don't know WHAT they want. Crotch grabbing pigs! The NFL will soon have a 1/2 time Porn show! Lets face it the show is for horny men, look at Strahan, he just about had his tongue hanging out. That's why I can't take the NFL seriously 😒 Can't kneel or show no type of political affiliation but the cheerleaders can look like strippers and dance like strippers and have these chics dancing like they in a sex club for millions of kids to watch and that's ok. Sex sells🤷🏾‍♀️

The Super bowl, it's hype and attractiveness to non football fans along with its extended half time ruins the AFC/NFC championship game. If only there were a handheld device that would allow you to watch something else. 🤔😉 Sheesh. I bet most of the complaints came from fans or former members of Up With People.🤔 Pete Rozelle - Three words he never wanted to hear again: Up, with and people.

So the violent and dangerous game itself, which has caused players severe injury and even a death, is okay for a younger audience, but women dancing provocatively is inappropriate. Okay, got it. Here is a thought... since the NFL halftime show has received so many complaints over the years, why doesn't the FCC simply just ask to view the show during a rehearsal before the superbowl and state whether or not it is appropriate or not. This is their job.

Welcome to the USA, country of the hypocrits...... This is the NFL, not some Disney flick! R-rating on a halftime show? 😂😂😂😂 this show was weak and vulgar. lost time ✓ I’m sorry, did you say something? I was busy watching every sideline of every football game. Oh please. 🙄 Yeah. The clothes were fine, the masturbating on stage....not so much.

I guess those 1300 want Up With People again during the half time show! 1300 complaints with the amount of people who watch the Super Bowl is not bad

The people that reported this seriously need to get a life. Quit wasting federal resources on your own insecurities. That show was sexy but tasteful and explosive with talent. Janet popped a tit, Adam stripped on stage, but let’s draw the line at women twerking. It’s not like everyone sees that daily. I hope Karen’s kids are okay.

Ya know, as an adult, I enjoyed it. But if I had kids ,,,,,,,,uh uh. And I actually wrote about this when it went off. I thought it was over the top as well. Did we really need to see someone on 'the pole'? If it had been on later, I'd say ok, but not when small kids are up and watching. Lmao, OMG, I didn't realize there was that many prudes left! They might've come on a lil strong, or not, but they gave the masses what they wanted...entertainment!! Weren't too hard on the eyes none either. Just sayin.

People see more at the beach. They didn't pull a Janet Jackson and let a chesticle slip out. Everyone just lick your fur down! Had to do a comparison check to Justin and Janet. 0.00001 % doesn’t seem so bad! They did great! It was not Rated R. More like PG-13. I was allowed into Rated R movies when I was 7 years of old age at The Park Theatre & The Holland Theater in Holland, Michigan. They didn't care because I wasn't White. They let me in 'Blues Brothers' back in June of 1980. HollandTrueStory

That halftime show was pg-13 at it's max. And that's stretching. GTFO Compalints about what exactly? Two powerful women strutting thier stuff? Hmmm. This halftime show was utter crap. Lip sync and horribly done at that. I get the 'live to tape' but it was nothing more than a half-baked whore show with a couple of strippers and shitty acting. This is the best the superbowl could do? Yeah. It's not even close to the best.

The only difference in this halftime show vs any other is Partisan Politics. People were upset about the message and couldn’t complain on that without seeming ignorant, racist, etc. So instead they focused on the Strong Latina Women on stage. Then so should've last year when Adam Lavigne dressed as he did, and all the girls and guys didn't seem to have any issues with that. Hypocrisy at its finest.

And yet they are just fine with the cheerleaders So 99,000,000 ok with show 1300 not... You people really need to get a life. Why didn’t they change the channel!

Two strong talented hard working women wearing CLOTHES give me a goddamn break I hate people now 😑 In an age of MeToo some women are either mentally incoherent or really dishonest intellectually. You can’t flaunt it when so many women suffer from sexual harassment. These women are unworthy of their notoriety, they dishonor their gender in their thirst for the spotlight

This world is becoming so hypersensitive to the most ridiculous crap. It’s seriously annoying anymore. The show was great. The people who complained probably should check their purity closet and make sure they’re living that pristine holier than thou life. Sweet baby Jesus ! Think their kids have ever been to a beach?

Meanwhile they sit down with their kids to watch guys get chopped to pieces on NCIS weekly. There is an on off switch on your television/remote folks Well ya.

So what do you call this? If your kids have Internet they have seen worse lol. Why is 0.0012745098039215687% of an audience complaining considered a story? Get ready for next year! Give it a rest, Hypocrites...CON-Man-in-Chief is an INAPPROPRIATE, Misogynist who cheats on wife & pays hush money to women & the Lawless, Narcissist commits a daily despicable acts, spews lies & nasty, divisive drivel, & Anti-Role Model said “Bullsh-T” on National TV!

complaint from Utah Where they are trying to make polygamy legal again and this hypocrites are crying about the half time show!!from Ogden, Utah “This should be a family friendly show.', the complaint said, audiences 'were exposed to an adult only show that you would see in LV Oh quit your whining!!! Please! It was an amazing show!

J.wide-lo hipsdontlie she loved flicking her bean for all to see to include her daughter. should have call child protective services on her Well clutch my pearls..... If Jennifer and Shakira were men nobody would be complaining about the halftime show. Right? Why They didn't show inappropriate parts of their body. Gymnasts show more! C'mon

What does pole-dancing and touching your private parts have to do with empowering women? Have these complainers ever watched a summer Olympics? How many of those that complained are ok with Trump grabbing pussys and kissing women without permission and cheating on all 3 wives? Please the cheerleaders do the samething every Sunday

Well, for beginners, the pole dancing was definitely inappropriate for young ones to be viewing. This is ridiculous Yes 2 old hoochie moms damn boomers Only 1,300 people compared to the millions who watched it! Made up controversy 1,300? That's just a smidgen of how many folks attended the Super Bowl. From crazy Christian's

Oh god! Just stop already. I loved it! Lol, who gives a shit.

But they were okay with Adam Levine removing his shirt during the Super Bowl halftime. Only 1,000+? Lmao. Well, BOO - FN - HOO!! LATIN CULTURE was onstage for 16 minutes! ♡ Meanwhile, your kids watch all the 'funny' commercials, including the 20 MINUTES of 5 brands of Anheuser-Busch BEER, which I argue, is subliminally teaching your kids to be STFU!

These women have sexy butt's 🥂. This is football! Prudes! Nope.. not 'R' but an 'X'. After the first 3 minutes I turned the channel so the kids couldn't watch that trash. We didn't even go back to the game after that leed halftime trash. RediC kids see more on cable and nobody complains stop the madness

FAIL .. R rating So I can watch shows about murder, rape, child molestation, suicide, drugs and sex everywhere on every channel but if a couple of women decide to put on a show for the ages full of culture it's 'R' rated because of what they were wearing? Sandals Resorts uses T&A in everything You know how to tell people are lying when they say their discomfort in watching JLo & Shakira is about halftime “appropriateness”? 👇👇👇👇👇

Lighten up, Francis. Those complaining have apparently never seen an NFL cheerleading squad. The thing is, the football game is a family event. But the half time show isnt. There is no problem with two beautiful women dancing on the pole. It's just not appropriate for children. It should be either be appropriate for all ages, like the game is, or they should tell us.

One usually has to pay a cover charge and comply with a drink minimum to see this kind of entertainment. The only thing missing was the G-string and the dollar bills. 1299 out of the 1300 complaints watch Fox News religiously Well they did have pole dancing didn’t they. What would you call it ? Without thinking I threw a couple of dollars at my tv.

Apparently you never go to parent teacher conferences 1300 complaints out of Maybe a billion viewers is nothing. Honestly could care less what you think and say . It was a great half time show. Same crsp from the media lol

Worth every dime! Yet... Grow up for Gods sake. If you gonna cry and complaint about The super bowl halftime show Next people will be complaining about funny commercials with a little bit of rate R in it Then I have to say to the complainers, “Get thee to a nunnery!” Oh for Christ’s sake. Turn it off if you are offended. It was a little racy. So what

People just need something to complain about. Get over it. You know what these performers do, don’t act surprised when they shake their ass for the camera. Maybe be a better parent and teach your kids something rather than blame it on everyone else. 25million viewers———- 1300 complaints‼️ C‘monMan💥 Get over it, prudes! My God!

But cheerleaders in miniskirts and bootyshorts. That's wholesome Christian fun. BS, half time was great. Strong woman People are idiots nothing wrong with half time show Here’s an idea change the channel You guys are the only ones bringing non news to our attention because you’re a bunch of racists🤡🤡🤡

I'm surprised at how many Karen's there are in the world and how much free time they have What would they rather have, an eating contest?!! I especially enjoyed JLo fingering her own p*ssy. Who in the World approved that pornography!! Shame on everyone! Pepsi HalftimeShow2020 All the world is over run with soft porn.........folks are either naked or dead.

I loved the half time show! Do they get regular complaints for the scantily clad cheerleaders who shake their stuff for 4 quarters each and every game? Come on! Don’t you have anything better than this! The president of this country is worse than this half time! So get lost! If you didn’t know that’s what was coming, that’s on you.

The fact that this is even news, just promotes racism. Let’s be real, people complained Bc colored women are doing it. your children are not sexualizing the dance moves, you are. Bahahaha Hahaha 😝 That is ALMOST as good as this cat reading a book. Wow! 1300 people represents 1 out of every 77,000 people that watched. Stop the fucking presses, a disproportionately small number of people have sticks up their asses. This is not news. You are pandering and trying to make a story. hack

Loved the halftime show and I'm 63 years old. Probably from evangelical men that won't be alone with a woman that isn't their wife. Society today doesn't care what children see. Democrats should applaud themselves for wiping out any decency left in America. And it's only going to get worse. People need to loosen up. Freakin Taliban.

Oh no somebody bellydanced like they do at ren fairs! Call everyone I have been offended. Not by real world issues of course, but by hips that don't lie! Because having women gyrating their genitals in the face of a nation is so classy and family friendly. 🙄 Lol. Why? Did they kill someone on national TV?

That’s not a lot. Don’t make a big deal of it R ? How can those people even function seeing the players in tight pants? Move the f*ck on. 🤦🏼‍♀️ I liked the half time show. Thought it was great. You have to be in great shape to do what they did. It was a SHOW. Stop complaining. Parents should be parents. Which includes turning off the television. It’s not the governments job to sensor things to comply with your political correctness

Yeah. Whatevs. for the 2nd year in a row halftime show was pure trash, whoever set this up should be banned from this Country for 25 years I bet they were all from Christians! I thought it was great! Inspirational talented strong Women Yikes. GFY folks. Regular TV is much more racy. Get over it. palhaçada my friends

1,300 - out of how many who watched the half-time show. Want to bet if it had been all white girls up there how many complaints there would have been? If I were there I would have made it rain. I hope these simpletons just stop watching football and go to church instead

Puritans Democrats looking hoe to live free of payments by filing stupid idiot complaints... how come they don’t file a complaint In China or Vietnam or south America when these Democrats Americans goes to those countries to look for a Chinese females to have a great night ? How many had they averaged in past 10 years?

Trump tyranny hate lol Loved JenniferLopez, Shakira SuperBowlHalftimeShow! Stuff It NBC Because Latinos and Regular Americans Loved The Show! Encore 1300 losers ... 1,300 complaints out of 102m viewers. Why is this even worthy of a news story. Out of the hundreds of millions of people watching!? This is a non-story that makes you're news organization look pathetic & desperate for even publishing!

How many complaints were there the year before? Oh god it was nothing? Wtf is the matter with people now a days 🙄. Can’t have a good routine without some uptight ugly woman to complain 🙄 That still isn't news. You have run this 3 times a day for a week. No one cares. It wasn't porn. Unless ALL cheerleaders are taken out of games.

Someone needs to send them a Hurt Feelings Report to complete. I am 74 ANd I thought it was Spot on perfect. I just wish I was there in person . It was Sensual but Not Gross or Overtly Indecent. Pure Artistry Now divide that by the total number of people who watched the SB This is something that you ignored while oppressing minorities and the poor.

Why is this even a story? Of the 100 million people who watched it, a whopping .0013% complained. Doesn’t seem like much of a story to me... Can I contact the FCC to tell them I loved the show Well if you find that offensive don’t turn on ABC after 8 o’clock wow you’re really be offended losers 1300 vs MILLIONS of viewers 😂🤣😅 ok &... NEXT

1,300 people who need to get a life. Complaining it wasn’t long enough? And none of them are going to stop watching NFL games - it’s what they live for! Haha But how many loved it? I’ll bet waaaay more than 1300 people. Should we all send support to FCC Sostupid worthit Probably 90% from this girl Ugh who cares? It was amazing

🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️ people complain about too much. These ladies are known for their sexy performances 🤷‍♀️. If you decided to keep it on that channel and watch, that's on you. I felt Adam Levine taking his shirt off was disgusting last year. I bet the majority of the complaints are coming from jealous women. Was an awesome show. You Go Ladies!!

Out of how many millions watched?! That's like what percent of viewers? .0008%? Those people need to lighten up In other news, 1300 people are now gay. 1,299 of them are women who secretly watch lesbian porn when their husbands aren’t around. WORST EVER SIMPLE !!!! In the words of Mick Mulvaney....”Get over it!” 😜

The half time show was nasty it was a mess all that bumping and grinding and those little clothes was uncalled for if they were black they would not be allowed to ever come back look at JanetJackson

Who the hell complains to the FCC? Just change the channel, ya big babies. Inappropriate. That's 0.0013% of viewers. I don’t think anyone had issues with the show or their outfits so much as Jlo grabbing and rubbing her crotch suggestively. I found that part, and that part only very tasteless for a halftime show.

Because the prejudice against Latin american people in the USA is such that these complains are even taken as important The pole was over the top. Doesn’t illustrate real talent. More about JLO at 50 still can shake her butt! Trumps delicate fake christians offended by sexy talented Latin women but not nasty nudes of the HOETUS

Those folks must not have cable!😳 Not my fav, but much respect for training required to move like that! No curse words in lyrics, never grabbed their crotch, or showed body parts. Wish my body looked that good! Not sure what they had to complain about! God forbid women get a chance to show their culture. They just mad cause latinas are hot and spicy

These are the same people that call everyone else 'snowflakes' over gender pronouns.

Piffle... There were over 500,000 complaints for Janet Jackson's nipples with the cute lil sunshine around em. I would have thought it would have been 13mil. The 'show' was less than tasteful, and certainly NOT supportive of the metoo movement of which Hollyweird is such a huge proponent...supposedly.

Viewership was, what, 500,000,000? While I thought Jennifer’s outfit could have had more material covering her lady parts, no one is making you watch the show. If you have children and find it inappropriate for their viewing, there is a very simple solution. Change. The. Channel. Snowflakes That was a really good show by two performers that have a ton of talent / I don’t know what people want

So ... 1300 ppl don’t appreciate moms hitting the gym and being on top of their industry, and not being shy about it? GG. Want 2 bet those complaints r coming from trump people objecting 2 having female performers who r POC bcuz they had msgs attacking trump? (but of course may not have come out & said that in their complaints).No 1 said they had 2 watch the show.

What? But 60 million people are ok with the president sleeping with porn stars, lying about it, and paying hush money, all while being married to a porn model, his 3rd wife. I don’t understand why you’re even reporting this. Surely, the President has tweeted today. Well now we know there are 1300 idiots that watched!

Grow up America. This country is all about sex but pretends to be innocent. HottestHalftimeEver The show was watched by millions and you only have 1,300 complains? I’m wandering what kind of people these are. Really? Why? Who cares? It’s for adults anyway so calm down. And how many people watched it? There are more people in my office building than that. Next.

But only 50 people complained about Adam Levine being actually naked from the waist up. Hmmmm 🤔

Does caller ID show joe Arpio phone number?🤣🤣🤣 Did 1300 people have dead batteries in their remotes? Change the channel! So, 0.001% of viewers are prudish busy-bodies who were apparently strapped into their seats, eyes pried open, forced to watch in horror? We should ask these 1,300 complainants if the conduct of the President is obscene, or caging children on the border, calling people names etc.... The decorum genie is out of the bottle since 2015.

These people all suck. But nearly nude cheerleaders are A-OK. Got it. Maybe we should complain to FCC everytime trump lies on tv. I bet they would get more than 1300 complaints Not surprised but that is lower than I thought would happen

There was more ‘crack’ at that Superbowl halftime show than the Stones’. Get over it folks ! Change the channel if content offends you. You don’t even have to get up from your seat We certainly don’t have a family friendly president! Show me that outrage. And how many complaints do the police get on a hot summer day at the beach? Or people watching “dancing with the stars?”

I don't understand, are we supposed to objectify women or not? I'm getting mixed signals... Most Likely 100% Triggered Trump Trolls Change the fucking channel if it upsets you that much. I’m sure these are the same assholes that complain when coffee is hot. Good. From 'One Million Moms', right? Do they also complain about the nearly naked cheerleaders at NFL & NBA GAMES?

Woman are strong! What ,dancing is wrong now,There fully clothed top to bottom.What the the hell is the problem? Men watch cheerleaders with the least amount of clothes every week .We don’t hear complaints there? Great job girls ,you rock. Stop the hateful people. And what is total viewers. Bet not as much as they get abt realDonaldTrump

1300 morons Haters. I think we have more important issues to be concerned with right now. All insecure people. 1300 were moms who felt some type of way in their current marriage That’s because it was a slutty half time show. Misogyny.

Okay, how many people estimated watched the SB? 1 million? Less than 1% of people had issue. Get overbit Lol, I think I’ll rewatch it right now to relive some of the awesomeness of their spectacular performances 😁 1300 complaints is nothing compared to the 100.7 Million people that watched. Great job, ladies!

We have the most foul-mouthed inappropriate President in History, I bet the 13% complaining are Evangelical Trumpster hypocrites. Double standard! 1300 is nothing. Those people are just jealous they can’t shake it like those two ladies! I saw the first part of it, thought it was prurient and boring so I went to get something to eat

HannaGrcia we can do without racist religious kooks trying to keep women down, particularly WoC down.

1,300 miserable human beings. I thought the half time show was totally inappropriate. It belonged in Las Vegas night club. Just bring back marching bands. Someone at the fcc must've said: 'I'm sick of these stupid lists of complaints and will complain to the public' The FCC is about to do something funny, we can prove this using a logarithmic plot that proves that FCC sense of humor is inversely related to the script quality of TV

People watched just to complain yet we have a president that is nasty to women and all people and no one complains Let’s get priorities in line. The president needs to have proper behavior and FOLLIW THE Laws not corrupt his way around them then we can worry about a show 1300 complaints out of 150 million viewers. That’s less than the number of crazy people in the executive branch. This is nothing

So that's 1,300 out of 102,000,000 viewers? The complaints are statistically irrelevant, then. Good for them. Glad they have an avenue to voice their complaints. Noted. Moving on. Shout out to Vermont who registered zero complaints. These hypocrites and people who support them (ಥ͜ʖಥ)..

1300 racists. Stay mad, Karen. Maybe, just maybe, these overweight, white, semi religious persons could have gotten up off their posteriors and have changed the channel How many complaints for Adam Levine taking his shirt off during his halftime performance? Because I personally did not want to see that. I could watch shakira on loop.

Oh please!!!! There’s a thing on the TV where you can change the channel, even turn off the TV. It’s amazing! AND you can turn it back on again after the show! The wonders of modern technology; it’s a miracle. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 How many complaints were there over the cheerleaders? 1,300 women complained

Misogyny is alive and well I see. 102 million people watched it! It even amazed me Wow that must be a minuscule drop in the bucket of the number of people who watched it and didn’t complain. Big story! 😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣 That. eans the other 300+ million did not complain. Win for these women. It was a Hoochie show by 2 .......They need to grow up.

Well... over 100 million watched the game so there was bound to be a few Karen’s out there... One of the complainants felt bad her daughter had to watch “inappropriate act”. At some point, your daughter will learn you was horny, you got laid (which are fine) and you gave birth to her (which is also fine). But I’m more interested in amazing JLo and shakira.

Best performance ever 🙏👏👏 oh for goodness sake what a bunch of prudes , especial when u have The Dallas cowboys cheerleaders dress the way they do and dance unbelievable and ridiculous! Out of 50mil viewers. People really have nothing better to do. Ridiculous! RacismDog trump says does worst things and the so called fake Christian don’t complain.

I loved it! Specially shakira, my god she knows how to move her hips beautifully, way better than JLo But nobody complained when marroon 5 was shirtless?

Nothing says 'female empowerment' like dressing as a stripper, grabbing your crotch, and dancing on a pole. Ask Gloria Allred. oh WHATEVER .. grow up. And didn't care 1,301 times. It's a great performance 💥💯 1300 out of 102 million viewers is a very small segment. How many people file complaints per 1/2 hour regarding the behaviour and lies of realDonaldTrump ?

Is that all? Non story Bahahaha And they all came from conservatives I am sure Out of how many viewers? LOL... Who contacts the FCC to complain? Someone with too much time on their hands...

Out of how many millions of viewers? Oh trumpers. They are ok this one 🙄🙄🙄🙄 What!!! But no complaints about the NFL cheerleaders...🤔 Why is this news? Wish my country would hurry up and quit being so sexually repressed... 🙄 That’s fine. Out of How Many Millions? We guud... 👍🏽👌🏽 Carry On... From the loosest people back in high school who have now found god

Christian Right doesn’t have Howard Stern on the radio waves anymore so they resort to this lol FCC needs to do a much better job regulating propaganda spread on airwaves responsible for widespread mistrust of media. When they act like a legitimate agency doing what they were created and kept around to do MAYBE they can pursue frivolous BS like this.

What? Those people have never been to a beach? Those people dont know how to change a channel What I was not a fan of their performance. However, really NBC, only 1,300 out of millions and millions watching... I think your posting is a complete waste of time! It’s too microscopic of a %! I just thought it was stupid and cheesy, that's all.

My god how ridiculous...….have those mothers complained about NFL cheerleaders being half naked on our TV's every Sunday ! 1300 racist people or radicalized religious extremists. That’s like 0.0013% of the people who watched. Why are you reporting on this? 1,300 people who never attended a ballet performance or at least spent a day watching TLC.

Probably all white “Christian” mother’s

Those complaints are from chump supporters who are okay with him saying he grabs women by their parts. Out of 120,000,000 viewers...context matters

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