Over 1,300 complaints were sent to the FCC about Shakira and J.Lo's Super Bowl halftime show

Shakira And J.Lo: Over 1, 300 Complaints About Super Bowl Halftime Show - Cnn

The Federal Communications Commission received more than 1,300 complaints from viewers who had something to say about the halftime show featuring pop queens Shakira and Jennifer Lopez

Shakira And J.Lo: Over 1, 300 Complaints About Super Bowl Halftime Show - Cnn


The Federal Communications Commission received more than 1,300 complaints from viewers who had something to say about the halftime show featuring pop queens Shakira and Jennifer Lopez

Families all over America gathered on Super Bowl Sunday to watch the Kansas City Chiefs battle the San Francisco 49ers, turning one of America's most beloved sports events into a cheerful family affair.

(CNN) Then came half time.The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) received 1,312 complaints from viewers who had something to say about the halftime show featuring pop queens Shakira and Jennifer Lopez.The singers danced on poles, twerked, belly danced and made more than a few sexually suggestive gestures.Jennifer Lopez and Shakira's halftime show got politicalSome of the complaints, which were sent to CNN by FCC officials and first obtained by WFAA, came from parents who felt their children were exposed to a"porno show." Other adults thought the show encouraged sex trafficking. Read MoreAnd some people were upset no public warnings were given before the show, which one viewer said was less a musical act than an"X-rated strip club performance."Here are just a few of the complaints:Not appropriate for childrenMany parents were left fuming after watching the show with their kids. Nearly half of the 1,300 complaints mentioned that the halftime show was inappropriate, especially for children.The 'Me Too' movement (and sex trafficking)Jennifer Lopez reflects on halftime show with message about what makes America 'truly great'Many complaints mentioned the"Me Too" movement and sex trafficking."In our country there has been a push for women's rights and more opportunities along with the Me too movement which is a good thing," one Ohio viewer said."This takes us back to where women get their worth from their sexuality not their brains/personality and I don't appreciate it on a family friendly broadcast.""This is not appropriate family entertainment as the Super Bowl advertises. It was appalling! And then having young girls join the spectacle," a Kentucky viewer said."No wonder there is sex trafficking when you call this family entertainment. And where's the Me Too women? Do you not see the hypocrisy?""Jlo grabbed her crotch, danced on a stripper pole," said a Pennsylvania viewer."Costumes were barely there! With everything going on now with the Me Too movement this is not something that should have been on TV prime time.""A disgusting spectacle was on display during the halftime show of the Super Bowl yesterday and I'm sickened by the idea that this was broadcast in to so many homes in America and possibly around the world," an Oregon viewer said of the show, broadcast by Fox."Selling sex seems to be the job nowadays, despite human trafficking and the Me Too movement. Shame on Fox."Boycotting PepsiA lot of the complaints included threats about boycotting Pepsi. Well, not even just Pepsi. People said they planned to also boycott the Super Bowl, its halftime shows and even the entire NFL."Jennifer Lopez's gyrating on a stripper pole with her butt and her crotch smack in front of my eyes, my husband and children was an affront to women and children and violates your rules," one person from Tennessee said."I will be boycotting Pepsi and their products and unless you can guarantee a decent half time show next year, we will boycott the Super Bowl."It was EXTREMELY offensive to me and my family. Together, those who object will boycott Pepsi and the NFL if this is acceptable entertainment for their games," another viewer from Maryland complained."I am appalled at how a television network allowed such a disgusting display of the degrading of women and basically a porn show during the hours of family viewing," a New Jersey viewer said."This has pushed me to boycott this network and the NFL. Both obviously missed the description of what it is to empower a woman.""I am very offended by the performance of porn on a supposed family occasion," yet another viewer said."I will be boycotting the Super Bowl and especially the vulgar half time shows that have progressively gotten worse through the years.""I was one of those who turned the channel as soon as I saw what the show was about. Fox and the NFL should be held accountable for the show. Yet one more reason to go back to boycotting the NFL," a Texas viewer complained. Super Bowl LIV averaged 102 million viewers across several channels and streaming outlets, according to Fox. So while less than one-thousandth percent of viewers had something bad to say about the show, the complaints were strong worded -- and it's safe to say some people were pretty mad. Read more: CNN

Nothing - I repeat, NOTHING - about this negates the metoo movement. Nothing a woman does is “asking for it” If anything this response highlights the fundamental issues with society’s systematic censorship of women Simply jallous jay- work hard every day she is 50 she pull it of Go to the gym lose weight take dance classes do something

Ridiculous...it was very entertaining by two very talented and hard working entertainers Hahahahahh 1300 white women over the age of 45 were upset two latino woman got their husbands excited 😆 😂 I met most of them are from woman who look old and are jealous of them Racist BS...getridofthecheerleaderoutfits If your complaining about the clothes. Get Rid of the nasty cheerleaders outfits.

How do they know they were doing strip club dancing styles? Look like they had their escapes without dearest wife knowing. I agree and while I didn't lodge a complaint, said some of the same things. My 11 year old ran out of the room. It was so uncomfortable. The program was disgusting! Somebody could fall off their soapbox and hurt their self

Bet they we all non ppl of color!💁🏾!

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Jealousy...plain and simple..oh, with a smidge of racism, I'm sure 🤷🏾‍♀️ Goes to show the that the anti-Hispanic sentiment in this country is well and alive. Hmmm it's because they are Latinos. SMDH, kmdt 🤦‍♂️ 1300!!!!! So what yo! It was a good show. Nothing there that made anyone have to put the kids away.

So stupid these ladies were beautiful maybe a little bit too sexy for young kids I guess any children in cages well yuck but all in all Shakira and Jennifer Lopez were awesome Best halftime ever! So much haters Why complain free strip show (wink wink) 🙄😢 That’s bullshit!

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I actually read this correct right?1,300 complaints out of how many millions viewers? First issue media picked this up and ran with it, again with the all too familiar context of hating on intelligent, confident, women who just happen to be beautiful. I just don’t understand! It is such a small number of viewers that they don’t mean anything. Why post this in Twitter? Shame on you CNN.

I thought it was brilliant. People complain about EVERYTHING!! 🙄 About what? Complainers are ppl. who are BORING! I loved that show, the dancing was amazing and athletic, and rather tame compared to what I've seen in Mexico. How stupid!!! I loved it!!!! That's just plain stupid NFL cheerleaders show more than they did

Gross century village strip show. lol where was was this outrage when Adam Levine literally had his shirt off and pants sagged down to his hips for 10 minutes 1300 out of millions who watched, 🖕 the 1300

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Texas Televangelists, that cheat on their wifes, and fill their pockets with cash, of the offering basket. Out of how many viewers? 🙄 Here's an idea, Turn the channel if something on TV you don't like. I think they were awesome. I thought it was a great half time show!How many people applauded it? JenniferLopez shakira SuperBowlHalftimeShow

Seriously? I suppose very few complaints came in about adam levine. Or was that just not reported bc this gets more clicks? lol...were they all signed by the Church Lady? Grow up. I loved the show! Obviously these people don't watch music videos or have ads on their social media, where have they been hidding!

So that must mean they’re still reviewing complaints from last year’s halftime show. This could be awhile... 👀🤷🏾‍♀️

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In the metoo era I think women, in particular role models such as Shakira and JLo, should not be using their bodies and their sexuality to sell themselves. Just bad for women in general. They are much better than that and should know better too. 1,300 complaints in a nation of 330 million...meh! 😏 Loved it... normally a show like that requires payment of a cover charge and having a handful of singles

That's still a very small percentage of Superbowl viewers. Problem is they Latin women. Show lasted 10-12mins.They clothed/not exposing more than what you see on streets in summer.They sang/danced /done. Why not change channel. Why not upset over Pres. that grabs women by (!),lies & Putin’s puppet. That affects your life not a damn show

Omg it's exactly what I said!!! They should have brought out someone like Ariana grande!! I knew it from the start J.lo and Shakira thought they were performing at a strip club!!!.... SMH! 🤦🤦🤦🤦🤦 Well 1300 complaints with millions of others who loved it Sound about white. they can’t handle the sexy latinas 🇵🇪

Fuck it... Next year, have the half time show be a convent of fully covered nuns doing Gregorian Chants and church hymns. Across the bottom of the screen having scrolling text saying 'due to the large number of complaints from last year, this is the half time show. Congrats'.

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Worst halftime ever! Vagina thrust dancing. Me Too my ass! If that same 1300 hasn't complained about Trump,shut the F up. But they had no problem with the cheerleaders dancing around in their panties? I loved it! Get over it Lol! Talk to Jay-Z huh. I bet if it was Britney Spears and Pink making out, no one would complain. don't me bro.

That's all?

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😂😂 What’s unsaid here is that the performers are not operating the cameras aimed at their crotches and rear ends. Perhaps someone should speak to the cameraMEN! the amount of stupidity people have 1300 losers with way too much time on their hands. GTFOOH! I bet I am sure those are the same folks who change the channel when the cheerleaders come out ...

1300 complaints on 350 000 000 Americans, buff ! Jealousy is a bad trait tp have. If you don't like it get off the fat couch and do something about it. I'll bet your husbands didn't hate it at all. Get over it I thought it was fantastic

Hey, turn the channel. 🤷🏻‍♂️ And 330 million people live in America. Clearly, these 1,300 people have a problem with music and dance that turns them on. Sad. 99.9 million people watched the super bowl. 1350 complained about half time show. Is that really news? Oh PLEASE!!! They were more covered up than most of the NFL cheerleaders!

😂😂tell them to change the channel I reckon Evangelism has produced more Atheists in the last decade than Atheists themselves. This is evident to anyone who has waited tables on a Sunday after church. I agree with the viewers who complained. The show was inappropriate for children and sent the opposite message about women. I'd rather see a marching band at halftime.

So... people have issues with the cheerleaders? I thought the offensive linemen’s pants were too tight as well during the game. How many from men? Then those same 1300 people went to the bathroom to watch porn on their phones

White supremacists mad those women of color got them turned on LMAO Trump had more than that directing the national anthem, at least we got to see some pretty women wiggling and shaking. Hell, I'll take that any day😉😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 Those people need to get a life... How many complaints to the get on realDonaldTrump ‘s speeches?

I wasn’t impressed by their crotch grabbing. It was like meh, I remember that in strip joints. Good or Bad there will always be someone to complain either way the show is over I’d like to complain also about how depressed it made me to know one could look like that at 50, and why would anyone be as talented as Shakira? Otherwise, best 1/2 time show in a while

My reply is 'was your remote broken?' And yet we see more when we go to the beach with our families. I guess those 1300 complaints never leave their houses. And those 1,300 people are idiots .

But they say NOTHING about the pig in the white house!! HILLARIOUS!!! Loved It! Complaints from Hypocrites that spend Sunday in Church and troll for prostitutes on Monday Then it was a success. Congratulations ladies. Get over it!!! Is that all!!! Come on Breaking: More than 1,300 people reportedly physically unable to change channel during Super Bowl halftime show.

Yea Southern rednecks who commit incest and beastiality were offended. 1,300 haters that have nothing better to do. latinawomenaresexy How many of the complainers turned it off?

Wow I’d say some people have too much time on their hands No complaints about trump using bullshit in the East Room? Compared to the people that watched and liked it, it's dumb ass number!!!🖕👏😂 But it was trending higher than Patrick Mahomes. How many of these 1300 have/had girls in dance. I've been to several competitions, same clothes, similar moves, different age.

Insane Get over it people. I understand the concerns for children but, in the end it is the parents responsibility to monitor what their child watches on television. Don’t blame them. If you have a problem with the act, take it up with those who hired them and sanctioned it. It’s not like there were no rehearsals.

1,300 people who have way too much time on their hands Oh please, we live in America people -change the flipping channel! Move to an ultra conservative country... or simply don’t watch! 🙉🙈 Anyway I thought it was a great show.

What percentage is that of total people watching the game? .0013% I believe this isn’t news Are those 1300 the same ones who attend tRUmp Reich rallies & cheer him on attacking political opponents & Gold Star families, mimicking sex scenes, pardoning convicted felons, & cheering on an alt-right uprising? FCC

Complaints!? If you’re offended 1. Get a life and then 2. Change the channel So what, 1300 out of how many that watched. Quit giving these people a platform How many raves? Certainly not family friendly! With “Karen” being the most common name among the complainers. Too much no bumping and grinding and not enough singing...

Who gives a damn about Right Wing organized bullshit? 民主国家就喜欢看大屁股

1300 out of how many people that watched it? Millions? Nothing story. No nipple was shown! Bet those are the same people who stay quiet when Trump belittles the handicap and insults children and immigrants. Bunch of phonies. Jlo is trashy From Jealous fat people I’m sure. Why cause they’re Latina .. look at the pics to the first tweet , people don’t complain about that and they complain about the half time ..

That’s a lot of fat house wives jealous that their husband was drooling over 2 Latinas 😂😂😂 They were not forced to watch. Unless someone in their own homes made them watch it - no control over that. That’s all? There is hope Sounds like 1300 people need something to do with their time Ridiculous

😆😆 So like .00000001% of the population cool. Do these people also have a problem when Maroon 5 was shirtless or Because they are Latino or because they wore too much clothing? (body suits?) Because more people are tired of the trash that sports display to get attention. In addition, people are also tired of seeing women display themselves as trash, making other women look bad, and wrongfully influencing children.

1300 out of 104 million, I’d say the show was a success. Empowered women.😂 In the UK we had just 1 Mary Whitehouse many decades ago. Appears you now have 1000s of them in the US. That’s not many complaints. Damn American....

Was it to do with the lip syncing, because it was pretty bad, especially by JLo. Need more in depth coverage in those cheeks!!! Oh my gawd!👍❤️❤️👀👀 Wow! 1300 out of 340 million. Better call in SS ICE!! Good. It was disgusting. That isn't many considering the number who watched. Point Oh boo hoo, what do they think they could do better. it's not like it was the worst halftime show. Damn snowflakes lol.

Good grief, this is a nothing burger! Cable TV is frequently showing 'Fifty Shades of Grey' one of the most popular stations at 2pm on Saturday and sometimes Sunday. If people want to complain that would be the one I would go for. Prime kid time. It leaves very little out! How many people complained last year about Adam Levine taking his shirt off last year?

That's a very, very low number. Non story

1,300 out of how many million watching.... Non-issue. Moving along.... 1,300 zero-game insecure frustrated jealous a**holes 102 million viewers, 13 hundred complained. Glad you were able to break this disturbing news. 😂 meanwhile, the husbands of those complaining are at the strip club fantasizing before heading home to deal with...🤷🏻‍♀️

Doesn’t seem like a lot tbh. Next story please. They are not queens! So stupid ... and don't you have more import stuff to report on?! Narrow minded Only 1300 out of millions 🙄 tell them to go find something else to do out of how many millions that watched, 1300 right wing nut jobs dont count

That's it? Doesn't seem worth reporting 1,300 uptight losers. 🤷‍♂️ 1,300 complaints vs 114.4 million viewers meanwhile viewership was up 5% in 2019 🤔5% vs complainers That's all 1,300 They didn’t like the Grab your crotch show? So basically out of the millions that watched, only 1300 called. Excellent ratio. All Bible thumpers. West Baptist mainly

How many complaints were sent when Miley Cyrus did the halftime show because it was a lot more offencive. Do none of these oeopke know hiw to turn their TVs to another channel or turn it off? If you were offended, why did you watch? Im going to review the video on youtube FCC going after Verizon ohh and 2 more companies. Big time

Just 1300 Americans with sexual disorders. Meanwhile, the Geneva convention against torture is hearing complaints about the presidential debates. That isn’t that many complaints. That’s like 1 mega church. And how many complained about Adam Levine last year? 1300 haters! 1300? I made 1300 complaints myself about these gottdam robocalls I get. Is that a lot

Please. Out of the millions who watched it? Get over it. And these complainants didn't complain when a fraud scammer with a s.. escort wife's rigged seat in the oval office who created more chaos in lieu of political bullshits from ethics Constitution etc. These two are entertainers for SuperBowl2020 🤦🏼‍♀️ hatersgonnahate

totallynotbex bahaha

Janet Jackson is back next year ! 1299 of the complaints were from women saying, 'Damn I wish I looked like that.' That's a lot of Karen's 😮 Shakigram Shakira legend When they dress skimpy and sexualising young children and then you here rappers and singers at the way the call women Bit***s etc and all that no wonder there is a problem, music and sexualising on tv knowing kids are watch is just wrong

WTF cares Religious people 🙄. Here’s a thought, don’t watch. No nip slip? Yeah, why the hell did we have to wait until half the damn game was over?

Is this the first time someone has filed a complaint, stop trying to be a clickbait youtube channel the only thing they provide is disappointment . That's 1,300 people who could have easily changed the channel but choose not to 1300 people got nothing better to do. 1300 losers And how many millions watched the show? Give me a break.

Republicans and religious people 🙄. Here’s a thought, don’t watch it. 333,545,000 called to say they were great! Much love for you ladies.. Who must have gone to make the complain.!!! It’s the end of February, time to move on.

Out of... millions of viewers? TBH you could broadcast Mr Rodgers singing the National Anthem while waving the Stars and Stripes with a Marine brass band behind him and you'd still get complaints. So, 1,300 out of 132 million people who watch the superbowl. Got it. and why is this worth an article? there were watching 102 million people in the US alone. this means 0,001% of watchers complained. -_-

Are these the same people who think trump is a righteous ethical moral man. These two women put on a great show if you didn’t like it there is a new invention called the OFF button you just push it and bad pictures go away. White Trump supporters Oh brother you have GOT to be kidding!! “Hello, this is Karen. I’D LIKE TO SPEAK TO THE MANAGER” 🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄

And this is why we use the terms WOC or POC, we have the same problems! 1,300 people with the luxury of very few real life problems?

Over 1300 nerds Ah, yes. Over 1300 compared to the MILLIONS who watched the show and were fine.... outstanding numbers. The truth hurts... Not true, Fox News reported the FCC was flooded with complaints over Levines shirtless halftime show Considering how many millions watched the show, why does this number of complaints even make the news?

CNN is always trying to start something. Were the viewers all registered gop from the southeastern US?

I completely agree, it showed women in a bad way & in today’s world none Muslim females are being targeted because they r perceived as being “up for it”. This ideology is horrendous & from the dark ages but it’s there in our societies, celebrities have security most women do not One thousandth percent complained. Wow. The moral minority speaks again. There’s always something to complain about. I’d love to see how many are trumpers and if they complain about his misogyny.

Dumbest thing I heard Here’s a thought....turn it off if you don’t like it! Out of 300 million? Not sure if that’s enough outrage? Right? From a country with a thriving pornography industry....please... Didn’t realize how normal this was... Wow.. were they all from the same church ? Perfectly agree with the complaints.

I think it was just a bunch of jealous Karen’s .Nobody cares about them ..nobody said anything about maroon 5 being shirtless 🙄. This just in... more than 1,300 people need to walk into the ocean until their hats float and then stay there. Looked alright to me 💪🏽 But I bet they just love Malania’s naked ass

This post is about to have more comments about how this is garbage and statistically insignificant First world problem Who else reckons if the had guys in the background half naked dancing like it's magic Mike that not a single complaint would of happened This is a stupid report! First off, it’s 2020! Kids have been exposed to so much more than a very pop based halftime show. If your kids fall off the deep end, or end up rebelling because they saw the halftime show, then it’s safe to say there are bigger parenting problems at home

Don't these people know how to use a damn remote if they don't like what's on the telly? 113.4M watchers & only just over 1300 complained? I guess the majority liked it. You can't please everyone. It was a beautiful half time show. Let the uptight people play bingo during half time and then rejoin the game when it restarts.

Yeah... All those Bible thumping Christians who don't dare speak up against President Trump’s grabbing women by the *ussy. hypocrisy How can all them dumbass complain, oh that's right. It's the U.S where everyone is going soft, just like they did over that song Baby it's cold.outside. 50 year old latinas are that upsetting 😂

Snowflakes Millions upon millions watched the Suber bowl, and 1300 complained about the halftime show. Why is this news? It was tacky Only fat and ugly ladies complained because their husbands were looking at the TV enjoying the show then looked to the side and reality hits. Dam! I thought J Lo dancing down a pole in front of 10 year olds was classless and when shakira twerks all over is stupidity...not to mention Adams show last year was freaking weird and disgusting not erotic lol. I don’t get how people think pole dancing is a proud thing but jeeez

They say 102M people watched. 1,300 complaints 0.000012745098039%. In other words, of no significance. Bye Felicia 😂😂😂😂😂😂🖕😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 Mericka !! I thought they did an amazing job. Loool. They shdnt have watched it I don't see anyone complain about these ladies at games! And less than 0.0001% complain amd this get news

1300 out of 102 million viewers. I'd say deal with it. So 1300 complaints out of 102,000,000 viewers. That’s .00001275 of the viewership. Shocking! Would there be a complaint if they were men though? The complaint was probably 'I can't believe I'm watching these women, whom have a better body than me, shake it and sing on the dance floor. It's the devil!' LMFAO

racism Why? My complaint was that they interrupted this performance with some sort of football game. Let me guess who complained. A bunch of hypocritical haters Let me guess _ all from religious men salivating in this tea while watching it. Why do 1,300 complaints matter? Cmon Screw em. It’s 2020. Come on now...

Let's do the math, shall we America? Over 103M people watched the halftime show & 1300 complained. Do you know what I find obscene? A little girl running naked down a street in Vietnam, screaming, because her clothes have been burned off by Napalm! Smh why?

I kind of wanted to watch a football game with my kids, not a 50-year-old pretending to rub her twt on television Glorious A salute to the metoobullshit movement. Oh give me a break. The same people let Trump lie to them everyday and no complaints? These two talented strong women were wonderful. Trump is the one who is obscene with his lying. SuperBowl2020

Tough shit. Sounds like CNN, much like the 1,300 people who complained to the FCC, has too much time on its hands. There was nothing wrong with their performance, I do believe a lot of the complaints could have been avoided or the blame should be placed on the camera angles, I do agree there was no need to zoom in on certain body areas, it would have been less provocative without it.

It was a stripper show. Not bad considering a billion people watched thedeadpet Shakira rn

Prudes need to get a life. Move on people ! As soon as i turn off the TV i forget about any show. there are more important things in my life to think of shakira & jlo ! There is literally half naked women on the sidelines all the time in cheerleaders and you are complaining about this? More like your jealous of 2 beautiful women who can do more things with their bodies now than you all ever did!!

102 million viewers and only 1300 complaints , the math is simple only 0.0012 percent 🤷🏼‍♀️ Some folks are simply BORED with their own existence. GET a LIFE. حسدا من عند انفسهم... تعريف الليبراليه باختصار يريدون كل البشر مثلهم يتدخلون في امور الغير ليصيروا مثلهم جعلوا المطاعم مكشوفه لانهم يموتون قهر يشوفون شخص محتشم جعلوا الموسيقى شغاله لانهم يعرفون انك تكرهها

Yeah but how many female performers are over sexualised to sell records You all think this was bad....show you’re kids pictures of our First Lady in Trumps jet. But this is how music works these days. “So the F-C-C won’t let me be”

I HATE JENNIFER LOPEZ Has anyone explained the remote control to these people? Well gee - maybe don't have strippers on poles during a family event? So... of of 104+ million viewers, there are more than 1,300 complaints?! Why is this even news?! lol nerds But Rush Limbaugh spewing lies to incite the public, that's OK.

Flat booties so it doesnt count How pathetic it was an amazing show they wegreat!

My God this is stupid So crazy. Their complaint. Too racy, women too old, too Latina. It was a show FFS Tell those complainers to FUCK OFF. Shakira and JLo did great. Out of how many millions watching? 1300 snowflakes who, in 2020, still haven't learned how to use a remote. There are SOOOOOO many important situations that is going on in the world than what those two ladies did. They stay to their true self... EVERYONE that knows both of these ladies knows how they do their show. They did a great job and would watch them again.

About who ? And I bet they were all conservatives

Why is it so hard to change the channel? janetstitty ( what about Janet’s tittay ) I see no issues unless if children watched it. Pathetic people. Was CNN one of the complaints ? Oh, that’s it? I think I more than that on my FB feed! Who gives a shit about the opinions of a small minority of prudes who would probably ban dancing.

It was a Strip show! Please provide the link, so I can fill out my complain. I didn’t know that people were doing this. So less than 1 percent of those who watched? This is not news. 1300 huh? Out of like how many million viewers? Sounds like a nonissue to me How many complaints do they get about Trump? 1300 out of 100 million viewers, is not bad at all. Most likely the complaint came from over weight females over the age of 40... most likely white too... 😂 😝

Wait....how many folks watch the super bowl? 1300 of them reported... SO.. 0.000012745%?.. 1300 complaints vs. How many millions that watched. It shows that you will never please everybody, but just a few will whatever they can to screw things up for the rest of us Pretty low numbers compared to the millions that watched. A few trying to dictate their morality onto the majority.

That’s pretty good considering how many people watched it. Well done 🤜🏼🤛🏼

Boo freaking hoo 🙄 they killed it This makes me sick. These ladies were amazing and upbeat. These complainers could have turned the channel. It’s ok for trump to grab women and these so called Christians love him and support him in spite of it. Now do Melanie 😂 Wow..more than 1300 Of how many? Conservatives - 'Government regulation is bad!' Also Conservatives - 'I need to call the government because there's something on TV I don't like.'

angel206 Omg grow up! What was wrong with it?

The complains were because these excelent singers are Hispanics ! The same 1300 who want to control everything Americans do. Just in their image In other news, 1,300 unhappily married couples experienced a sexless night, yet again I'm sure that every one of those callers probably never batted an eyelash over Adam Levine's half nekkid performance last year. AND they probably voted for the name calling, bullying toddler in the White House, that children shouldn't emulate, either. Selective sexist outrage.

It wasn't awesome, it was awful. The music was unlistenable. 1300 imbeciles that should've simply watched a movie Millions watched the show and only 1300 complaints? Ok nothing to see here, nobody cares. Love these two very good, very sensual performers

MILLIONS OF IGNORANT, ARROGANT, RACISTS IDIOTS !!!! WASPS The crotch shots were unnecessary. The camera could have cut away... And the other fifty million or so watchers thoroughly enjoyed the crap out of it. Get a life,just change the damn channel and get over it!!! That's why they need....The Prince of Darkness!!!

The television audience for this year's Superbowl is estimated to have been 99.9 million. And there were 1300 complaints. About This should have been included in the story. If this really was a story. Evangelicals = Trump supporters Back in the day this show would still be on my VHS, On demand, V-66, etc... show me those blind Fòks...

So basically 1300 people with such shitty, boring lives they had nothing better to do.....lol. 1300 people that have nothing better to do then fill out a complaint form and send it in. GG

Who cares? 1300 losers out of how many people watching the game? Most probably saying not enough booty! 1,300 whining naysayers out of 103 million viewers? Big deal. Oh well. Get over it. 1300 MAGA HATS complained? So stupid, get over it, old foggies🙄 Young fat ones 1300 out of all the people who watched it! Lol fake news

What’s wrong with you people Your still talking about this. If you can't bring yourselves to report on important events, surely you can at least choose something current. This is ancient history.

I, too, have something to say. It was an awesome show and I want to be their friend. For all those who complained 🙄 Soft Porn. How many complaints to the FCC about adamlevine nipples last year? The same people are beating their wives down South spare me ! fin hypocrites ! Less Complaints to the CDC about the Coronavirus - SMH - Get a life people

Viagra sales plummeted the next day... Judging by the strong reaction of so many dems here they REALLY care about their free sex lol. Hey listen keep your debauchery to yourself you pervs. It was vulgar and inappropriate. Well clutch my pearls....seems like a bunch of disenfranchised haters who are bonafide HYPOCRITES.

Add me to that list. For such talented people to turn it into a porn show is pathetic.

I know the exact kind of people How many complaints about Prince’s performance? Was shirtless Adam Levine acceptable? Not 1,300 COMPLAINTS? I bet they were offended! Answer go to another channel, no one made them watch it! 😎 LOL. 1300. Statistically nobody. These people who complained it was a 'porno show' are the same people who voted for a guy who banged a porno star while he was married. clowns 😂🤷‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤡

Turns out the Trump supporters are the real “Snowflakes”! I guess they didn’t have the common sense to change channel! CNN for all your negative cable news -

Only 1300?! Seems low. How in tbe world can the FCC and NFL justify the type of show they put on? They should be ashamed of themselves for putting that on in front of families. That’s like nothing. Probably they complained because it happened too fast Out of how many millions who saw it? CNN is sooooo bad!

I need demographics on who was making these complaints 👍 300 million population in the United States of America only 1.3 hundred human beans called to complain about the half shell. One last year was so bad 🙌🏼😈 650 complaints per butt cheek. Haters Contains graphic scenes and graphic language.. not to mention individuals with soggy pants showing their underwear!

ffs....Trump grabbing p***y and screwing porn stars doesn't seem to bother these people. What's the big deal? Bless their heart. I just looked at the video of Shakira and JLO, sorry the call on the field stands...there’s no evidence to overturn the halftime show... Really? It’s funny how these individuals complain about a spectacular show! (By the way all of these complaining audience get your head out of the gutter) children won’t think anything sexual about this show. These individuals should complain about music (some hip hop) that cont-

🤦🏻‍♂️ That is a lot of Karens. My complaint was that the show was to short! And liberals are the snowflakes. Aren’t cheerleaders dressed with less clothing since the beginning of time? 😭 FOH. Just say y’all don’t like minorities and move on. Ima lodge a complaint that there were no “wardrobe malfunctions”. Super Bowls should ALWAYS have wardrobe malfunctions.

Probably about 1/1000000th of the number that got lucky after that half time. Paul McCartney once sang a song about a transvestite from Tucson, Ariz. Not a peep. Maybe lay off the ladies? conservatives are mentally ill How many million watched? And only 1,300 complaints? That’s not even worth reporting on.

Give me a break!! It was freakin’ awesome ! And perfect at every level!! FCC Ok boomers. Omfg!!!!! The cheerleaders do the same thing every game!!!! *yawn* Who cares? 330 million Americans. 1300 losers got bad because two women of a certain age know how to move. Tell the 1300 to get over it.

Snowflakes. About what? They were great And they all came from Donny Jr and Franklin Graham...get a life and don’t be hypocritical..Dallas Cheerleaders, Dance with the Stars, Beverly Hills Housewives, The Kardashians, and on and on...Chakira and JLo were classic, exquisite, and beautiful; eat your hearts out!

Solution: Change the channel What’s wrong with 43+ semi married (what does that mean?) & 50yr + yr old multi-married to singers / ball players-women climbing on a pole? 🤔 stripper lives matter! 😂 Excuse me 1300🙄 J’Lo was worse than Shakira... Like a cougar stripper/porno star. I think that a fairly low number, for how many people watched!

Shakira and JLo were fantastic. Unlike Melania’s soft porn photoes they actually had clothes on! Yea they wanted more, like me. Best show ever..........

kind of interesting how FLOTUS’ previous career is ok, but these two incredible entertainers are not, let’s be clear who has the talent, folks Did they call because they weren't prepared for such AWESOME performances? Would they like bland, mayonaise-type schmaltz like this: Not mine ! CNN - Is this a joke? How many people watched the super bowl?

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