James Andrew Miller on the Big Revelations in HBO Book ‘Tinderbox’

James Andrew Miller on the Big Revelations in HBO Book ‘Tinderbox’

Game Of Thrones, Hbo

11/17/2021 7:07:00 PM

James Andrew Miller on the Big Revelations in HBO Book ‘Tinderbox’

The investigative reporter discusses his new book chronicling the network’s history, including its biggest programming mistake, why 'Lovecraft Country' was really canceled and whether 'Game of Thrones' could have had a ninth season.

Mad Menkept coming up. They had the opportunity to read Matthew Weiner’s pilot, and I get into the whole story of what happened. Nobody can be in a position where they buy every hit, of course. But I think all three of those could have been on HBO. It’s very frustrating for a network when they turn down a show and it becomes a huge hit. There’s a lot of finger-pointing.

You often expose tensions between talent and execs. Was there a project where the two seemed furthest apart?

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Interesting piece.

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