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Entertainment, Vol 49 Issue 29

J.K. Rowling Revealed To Be Pseudonym For Newt Gingrich

J.K. Rowling Revealed To Be Pseudonym For Newt Gingrich

7/10/2020 3:04:00 AM

J.K. Rowling Revealed To Be Pseudonym For Newt Gingrich

Former Speaker Wrote All Harry Potter Books, Sources Confirm

WASHINGTON—Following news that author J.K. Rowling had secretly authored the crime novelThe Cuckoo’s Callingunder the pen name Robert Galbraith earlier this year, multiple reports confirmed today that Rowling, widely known as the author of the popular Harry Potter series of books, is actually the longtime pseudonym of former house speaker Newt Gingrich, who created the boy wizard and penned all seven of the bestselling novels. “Assuming a fake identity really gave me a lot of freedom to build out the world of Hogwarts and flesh out the characters without drawing unwanted attention to myself or having the novels associated in any way with my political career,” Gingrich said in a statement, confirming reports he wrote the first four books in the fantasy series while still in office, but wrote the remainder before his 2012 presidential run. “I am happy readers enjoyed my books, as I myself have always felt a very strong personal connection to Harry, Dumbledore, Hermione, and all of my other characters. Honestly, I miss them all every day.” Gingrich went on to say while he mostly tried to keep his political life separate from his fiction, the character of Ron Weasley was based almost entirely on Tom Daschle.

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GretaG250 Giuseppe Stromboli Lmao I thought a newt was a salamander. Makes perfect’effing sense. I’m embarrassed I didn’t see that. The Half Blood Prick A swing and a miss on this one. Prioritizing the safety of girls/women doesn't make you an old conservative. If it does...the ground has definitely shifted.

ta for the painful snort again, Onion. 😆🤣 Also the synonym. Son of a- omg that face is the most frightening thing I have seen a long time 😂 Onion may not be reliable, but they sure know how to write some good shit This made me snort lol I needed a good laugh today Holy MF! *of He’s pretty good at writing fantasy fiction.

I FUCKING KNEW IT He really tuned down his style, but I guess it was to break into the YA market. Even in this world of insanity, you guys never let me down. Thanks for that. I don't believe you. No-one in the world is named Newt. Not even a children's fantasy author lmaooooo Totally explains Newt Scamander.

Hope he (or she) doesn't get cancer. They will be looking for a new spouse. jk_rowling Thoughts? For once I actually care about your opinion. What would we do without you Lame... c'mon onion, you know better, trans cannot change their sex, they can only co-opt oppression 2013 holy shit Wow. I thought it was actually JK Simmons the whole time.

Who had this in their 2020 apocalypse bingo!? I FUCKING KNEW IT Women's rights being for actual women is such a ridiculous idea. Ouch Remember your 'grabblers video' I do... How fast are you going to delete it now? What a POS he is! Always was, always will be! LOL Kinda thought it was weird when he/she floated this as the new sorting hat.

Original title: Harry Potter and the Prisoner of the Welfare State jk_rowling I FUCKIN KNEW IT Careful, onion. She might try to sue She cursed herself with the eye of a newt. motherfuckin castin whiteus bloatedshitticus to fool us all JK Rowling wrote my Immortal. Giuseppe Stromboli wrote Harry Potter. 😂 😆 she’s really let herself go after all those crappy tweets!

LAWYER CONTACTING INTENSIFIES make a sense to SPINE DITCH I KNEW IT. I HAVE BEEN SAYING THIS ALL ALONG. Hahahahahaha! They gonna hate this one but it's on point LMAOOOOOO imo yall should tag her, i won't snitch tag, but god damn i hope she sees this

J.K. Rowling Signs Open Letter Railing Against Cancel CultureJ.K. Rowling and The Handmaid’s Tale scribe Margaret Atwood are among 150 writers, academics and activists to sign an open letter published by Harper’s bemoaning the “restriction … Who cares? She’s cancelled Cry more loser Maybe don't be transphobic

J.K. Rowling, Margaret Atwood Among 150 Figures to Sign Letter Condemning Cancel Culture“Harry Potter” writer J.K Rowling, “Handmaid’s Tale” author Margaret Atwood and “Midnight’s Children” writer Salman Rushdie are amongst 150 public fi… We need people to be accountable before we “cancel” anyone JK Rowling is definitely right

JK Rowling criticizes 'cancel culture' in open letter signed by 150 public figuresJ.K. Rowling, the author of the 'Harry Potter' series, has criticized the relatively new 'cancel culture' phenomenon in an open letter published in Harper's Magazine. Keep fighting for common sense JK Rowling, God bless you! who is jk Rowling? his opinion is not relevant in society.. what did he accomplish? Gawd she’s an awful human being. Who knew?

J.K. Rowling Among Writers Trying to Cancel 'Cancel Culture' After Facing It Over Anti-Trans CommentsThe 'Harry Potter' scribe says she's trying to defend 'open debate and freedom of thought and speech' by signing an open letter alongside more than 100 other writers and academics. TooFab Okayy TooFab It's nothing more than a vapid spin that makes me want to cancel even more of them. TooFab There is a difference of opinion on if people can have differing opinions

Kanye West, West Virginia’s Governor Jim Justice And 14 Other Billionaires’ Businesses Got PPP LoansBusinesses backed by some of America’s wealthiest individuals—including hotel owner Robert Rowling, car dealer Norman Braman and Laurene Powell Jobs—received Paycheck Protection Plan Loans from the U.S. government. They need to give back that money, It was not to to help the rich Your video Did not show the face of the billionaire’s behind FORBES MEDIA LLC, U were quick 2 show faces of all other billionaires but fail 2 show Forbes media Owners, at end u wrote DISCLOSURE which can easily be missed by viewers who will think the list stop at Mr.Patrick Soon Biggest money grab in US history. PPPFraud PPPCorruption

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