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Turkey, Bosporus

Istanbul Biennial begins, featuring the island of trash

The biennial title this year is The Seventh Continent, referring to the massive, island-like mass of trash in the middle of the Pacific Ocean


The biennial title this year is The Seventh Continent , referring to the massive, island-like mass of trash in the middle of the Pacific Ocean

The 16th biennial, presented free of charge in three venues until November 10, centers around the notion of the seventh continent , the island of trash in the midst of the Pacific Ocean that is “five times larger than Turkey .”

The art exhibition title this year is "The Seventh Continent," referring to the massive, island-like mass of trash in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. The biennial is informed by the Anthropocene, “[the] new geological era when the world is being reshaped by human activity,” as the exhibition Director Bige Orer writes in the foreword of the guide booklet.

, the largest of the Princes’ Islands in the Sea of Marmara.

Better yet, set aside a complete day for the Mimar Sinan Museum, and visit Pera Museum on a separate day, coupled with brand new and impressive exhibition space Arter in Dolapdere, not too far from the Pera Museum. Arter, while unaffiliated with the Istanbul Biennial, provides a nice complement to the artwork on display there.

Koc Holding, Turkey's largest industrial conglomerate, has committed to sponsoring the biennial since 2007 up to 2026. Chairman of Koc Holding Omer M Koc mentioned the biennial theme, the so-called seventh continent.

Piotr Uklanski’s series"Eastern Promises" explicitly targets “the Islamophobia spreading today in the West and contemporary Poland’s suppression of its own history.” The work is on view at Pera Museum. (Melis Alemdar / TRTWorld)

He called it “the reverse-mirror of our societies, the seventh continent is the country we don’t want to inhabit, made out of everything we reject.” He said in order to apprehend the seventh continent, “we need the antennas of artists, its translators and anthropologists … You, as the visitors, need only immerse yourself … and you will be the anthropologists of this new world.”

The artists featured in "The Seventh Continent" each attempt to bring forward a new voice to the table, to try to contribute to the dialogue between human and nature, between studier and studied.

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