Judge recalled over Brock Turner sentence fired as girls' high school tennis coach

Aaron Persky sentenced the Stanford swimmer to six months in jail in the sexual assault of an unconscious woman behind a campus trash bin.

9/12/2019 11:15:00 AM

The California judge who was recalled after handing down a sentence seen as too lenient for Stanford swimmer Brock Turner has now been fired.

Aaron Persky sentenced the Stanford swimmer to six months in jail in the sexual assault of an unconscious woman behind a campus trash bin.

after handing down a sentence seen as too lenient for Stanford swimmer Brock Turner and who worked briefly as a Bay Area high school coach has been fired from that job, the district announced Wednesday.Former Santa Clara Superior Court Judge Aaron Persky was hired as a girls' tennis coach at Lynbrook High School in San Jose earlier this year, NBC Bay Area reported this week.

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On Wednesday, the Fremont Union High School District said that Persky's"employment with the District as the Junior Varsity Girls Tennis coach has ended.""We believe this outcome is in the best interest of our students and school community," the district said in a statement.

Perskysaid in a statement to NBC Bay Areathat he was fired and told that the decision stemmed from a desire to spare players from potentially intrusive media attention.The former judge said in his statement that while he was disappointed, “it was a privilege to coach the team, if only for a short time.”

Persky was recalled by voters in June 2018 after he was blasted for handing down a six-month sentence for Turner, a former Stanford University swimmer convicted in the sexual assault of an unconscious woman behind a campus trash bin, in 2016.Turner was convicted of three felonies — two for digitally penetrating an unconscious or intoxicated person and one for assault with intent to commit rape. Prosecutors pushed for a six-year sentence in state prison, but Persky followed the county probation department's recommendation of just six months in jail.

Persky said that he was following the rule of law, not public opinion, when he imposed the sentence. Turnerwas released for good behavior after serving three months, and he must register as a sex offender for the rest of his life. Read more: NBC News »

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Brock Turner Rapist. (Not swimmer.) CONVICTED RAPIST!! He stopped being a Stanford swimmer the minute he became a RAPIST! Why is this so hard for yall?! Nikluk Karma....justice...good. Wonder if he’ll send his resume to the White House there’s a whole Lot of openings n he sounds like a tRump party person.

He was hired as a GIRLS' tennis coach? Who was idiot that thought that was a good idea? They should be fired as well. Man, you just can't make this stuff up. Good Good. Let’s ensure that he’s fired from every single job he applies for. Accounta-fuckin-bility. About damn time. This judge probably is a good friend of Cavanah’s

I wouldn’t want this man who devalues a woman as my daughters’ coach. persky stanfordrapejudge Good God! Who thought it was a good idea to put a rapist's apologist in charge of teenage girls? At least they gired him before he could get near them. That took long, now let’s do Kavanaugh and any of these conservative nut jobs

Stanford rapist Brock Turner* Good. Women deserve justice for the crimes not leniency for the criminal. Yeah, I hear he's coaching a girls high school swim team. Not soon enough, glad it finally caught up with him. Finally! At least the judge got what he deserved because we all know Brock Turner did not!!

Time for the Judge the write the book about the liberal hypocrisy ... and the sentencing memos that always push for lower sentences for career criminals. TimesUp NBCAsianAmerica A bit of Justice.... Awwww, this is so unfair! I mean, just because he let a rapist off with a tsk tsk doesn't mean his life should be ruined by one bad decision. This former judge has such a bright future ahead of him. Isn't that how the song should go? (P.S. Bravo, Karma! Well done!)

I wonder where he’ll find employm- Stalingrad_Poor Don’t follow the sentencing report from the court unit that always recommends light sentences ... even for career criminals! Come on! Follow the Bolshevik Party line! Special rules for special people - and special punishments for judges who don’t sway with the political winds.

Good riddance. Well, it took long enough 🤦‍♀️ Good Byeeeeeee He traded his career so a rapist can a have a future. Oops. Because of his bad ruling or, like, because Karma? Let, the church sing amen. Bye!!!! Stop calling him “Stanford swimmer.” He’s not a a Stanford swimmer and never will be again. The relevant info regarding Brock Turner is that he is, and always will be, a convicted rapist.

That should read as 'convicted rapist Brock Turner.' For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. The universe has spoken. Finally some good news! ccollinsjr I really hope media keeps a watch on this potential pervert. sad that California couldn't boot him off the bench for judicial misconduct for that insane self-incriminating ruling.

rolandsmartin rolandsmartin How did he even get the job in the first place? Pesky Persky stays perky. Stanford swimmer? Weird way to spell rapist Justice for reg people Nice Personally, I think the idiot who hired him in the first place should be fired, too. Double Fault! No judgeship no coaching. The Universe speaks loudly.

Given his background, it seems likely that as a girls’ tennis coach, the Judge would be likel to overlook assaults of his athletes by his male friends. You know, the ones with futures that could be ruined if outed as rapists. About time. Send Turner back to prison..... but in general population. MrBill_Resists Good

And Brock Turner should be sent back to prison. How did he even get that job? It’s about damn time! Saw that coming said Karma.

Judge Recalled After Brock Turner Case Now Coaches Girls High School TennisFormer judge Aaron Persky now coaches girls junior varsity tennis at a high school in California, and many parents are not happy about it.

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