Coronavirus: Personal Finance, Economy, Government Taxation And Revenue

Coronavirus: Personal Finance, Economy

IRS sends coronavirus stimulus checks to dead people

The Internal Revenue Service inadvertently deposited some of the coronavirus stimulus payments into the accounts of deceased Americans.

4/18/2020 11:22:00 PM

The IRS began sending coronavirus stimulus payments to Americans over the past several days. Some of that money made its way into the accounts of deceased individuals.

The Internal Revenue Service inadvertently deposited some of the coronavirus stimulus payments into the accounts of deceased Americans.

The IRS may have made this latest snafu due to the administrative resources at its disposal and the speed with which the agency has been trying to issue the one-time payments, according to tax experts."It could be happening because the records on the date of death are not complete or, in the rush to get money out, the IRS did not have time to match the date-of-death data to the tax return," according to Janet Holtzblatt, a senior fellow at the Urban-Brookings Tax Policy Center.

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The IRS largely relies on the SSA for up-to-date death records, experts said. But that information could take anywhere from a few months to a year or more to trickle in after someone's death, according to Leonard Burman, co-founder of the Urban-Brookings Tax Policy Center.

The IRS would also likely have relatively timely death information on file from a final annual tax return the law requires surviving family members and estate executors to file on behalf of a deceased individual. The return would indicate that the taxpayer has died.

However, if an individual died in 2019 and their most recent tax return on file was for 2018, it's conceivable the deceased could have received a $1,200 stimulus payment, according to Holtzblatt.That's because the IRS based the size and receipt of stimulus payments on a taxpayer's 2018 or 2019 tax return, whichever was filed most recently.

One outstanding question is whether a deceased individual's surviving spouses, family members and others would have to refund the money to the IRS. The IRS and Treasury Department have yet to provide a clear answer, experts said."Is that OK? Can they keep it? That's the big question," Holtzblatt said.

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That sounds about right... Whenever I owe them money, they have no problem locating me. When the money is coming in the other direction, they have big problems. F them. I’ll be dead by the time I get mine. The IRS the only thing they get right is how much you have to pay for taxes never miss a beat with that

Something is wrong somewhere? So, if click “deceased” on the website - I might see my $1200 Those that are deceased are called spouses and they can use the money 💰 More government please! It seems to me that they could input the recent deaths recorded with the SSA and solve some of the problems. realDonaldTrump

'This is such chaos': Americans report continuous problems with the IRS coronavirus stimulus check tracking toolSome say that the IRS Get My Payment tool has incorrect bank account information they can't update, while others say that it locked them out of the system completely. MakeIt BS MakeIt Their site doesn’t work. Just like the government MakeIt Have you gotten your check yet?

Gov’t withholds checks from tax paying citizens that are married to immigrants. OMG! 🐔 That’s because they are still voting....for DemocRATs. Now do mail in ballots HRBlock It’s based on 2018 or if you filed 2019 tax returns. People are constantly dying, so this isn’t a huge surprise. I'm on disability ..I have direct deposit...didnt receive my money either...what is going on

Or nowhere old news We never received ours...

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Democrats send ballots to dead people. What a waste! Fake cnbc.. Instead of crying over silly things, write about something productive, that can enhance our beings... And people think the government is competent. Time to open businesses and prosecute out of control governors and mayors Common sense for dummies: Er, obviously they were ALIVE when they last submitted their taxes, ok?! It's a big country, there are a lot of eligible citizens, and, these stimulus checks were a super rushed job. It happens. It's not that deep. 😕

HOW DOES A PERSON WHO DIED IN 2018 HAVE AN OPEN ACCOUNT CONNECTED TO THE IRS ? Are we all just gonna pretend that checks are something people outside of the US stopped using 15 years ago? And we know who they will vote for. How many times is this going to run?

Where's my stimulus check? IRS 'Get My Payment' coronavirus stimulus check portal hit by early glitchesIf you are delinquent with child support payments the government relief checks will still be garnished, but student loan debts are suspended.⁠ My stimulus my choice. people on child support need stimulation also.

Thanks trump for ignoring the warning signs as long as they can vote, who cares? anybody think voter registration is any better? I filed my 2018 a few months ago. Is it possible I won’t get check til end of year? I’m dead inside does that count i can understand a deposit if the account is open; but why does a dead person have an open bank account? 🤷🏿‍♂️

给人民发钱这是正确的。 Typical job by the administration 👍🏼 Well, if enough living people can't get this economy moving maybe the dead can!

Stimulus Check ‘Status Not Available’ On The IRS Website? Here’s What It MeansYesterday, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) launched its second tool, Get My Payment, to assist taxpayers with their stimulus checks. Not everyone thinks the launch went smoothly. I do not fit the criteria for the reasons to get the error message. I am eligible, filed, and have electronic deposit. But i get the error message. Now what? I absolutely filed a 2018 form with direct deposit information. I put my information in, and got this: PS- the FAQ link is dead. Lovely.

They should not have used GOP voter rolls to send out the checks! A FVCKING DEAD PERSON GOT THEIR MONEY BEFORE ME And yet here I am with no $1200... Well hey, if they can vote I guess they can spend some money🤷‍♀️, ya think? They should not have use GOP voter rolls to send out the checks! damn, dead people got their money before I did 🤯


Didn’t receive that stimulus check yet? Blame the IRS' technical glitches.Millions will have to wait for their $1,200. Received mine yesterday! No glitch here!! ❤️

When are stimulus checks being sent out? How to track your $1,200 payment with a new IRS toolWhen is my $1,200 stimulus check coming? You can track your money with a new service called “Get My Payment” by April 17, the IRS said. The brainwashed people will be running out to buy toilettpaper...