Covid-19 Reopening Testimony: Live Updates From Fauci And Other Health Experts

Covid-19 Reopening Testimony: Live Updates From Fauci And Other Health Experts

Infections and death toll will be 'very disturbing' if current trends persist, Fauci says

Dr. Fauci testifies that the US is 'going in the wrong direction' and the Covid-19 death toll will be 'very disturbing' if current trends persist

6/30/2020 8:40:00 PM

Dr. Fauci testifies that the US is 'going in the wrong direction' and the Covid-19 death toll will be 'very disturbing' if current trends persist

As some US states pause reopening due to rising Covid-19 cases, Dr. Anthony Fauci, National Institutes of Health, and other health experts testify before a Senate committee. Follow here for the latest.

3 hr 1 min agoFauci says newly identified swine flu is "something we need to keep our eye out on"From CNN's Jamie GumbrechtKevin Dietsch/AFP/Pool/Getty ImagesDr. Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute for Allergy and Infectious Diseases, said the newly identified swine flu, called G4, is “something we need to keep an eye out on.”

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Speaking to the Senate HELP Committee hearing, Fauci said “the Chinese, over the last week or two have identified a virus — in the environment — it has not yet shown to be infecting humans, but it is exhibiting what we call reassortment capability.”Fauci explained that when several different strains of a virus simultaneously infect the same host, such as a pig, they can exchange genetic information.

“When they all mix up together, and they contain some of the elements that might make them susceptible to being transmitted to humans, you always have the possibility that you might have another swine flu type outbreak as we had in 2009,” Fauci said.Fauci said G4 is still in the examination stage — “It’s not so-called, an immediate threat.”

“But it's something we need to keep our eye out on just the way we did in 2009 with the emergence of the swine flu,” he said.The G4 virus, which is genetically descended from the H1N1 swine flu that caused the 2009 pandemic, was described in a study published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences on Monday.

Earlier today:The World Health Organization confirmed in an email to CNN on Tuesday that agency officials are carefully reading the new data that has emerged on the swine flu virus."Eurasian avian-like swine influenza virus are known to be circulating in the swine population in Asia and to be able to infect humans sporadically. Twice a year during the influenza vaccine composition meetings, all information on the viruses is reviewed and the need for new candidate vaccine viruses is discussed. We will carefully read the paper to understand what is new," WHO spokesman Christian Lindmeier said in the email.

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This resurgence of covid is all on you know it all Trump for inciting states to open early. Now your trying to hide from the subject to not accept responsibility for your FUP. I do agreed Dr. FACUI FOR being Honest and protect the health!!! Why did President Trump ingored it it mean to murders all americans and kissing Putin and Xi asses to loyal dictators ppls not us

RT : Dr. Fauci testifies that the US is 'going in the wrong direction' and the Covid-19 death toll will be 'very disturbing' if current trends persist AMERICA DID'NT GO TO THE WRONG DIRECTION INFACT I WOULD SAY ' AMERICA GOT THE WRONG LEADER. Sounds like a threat if you ask me... 'very disturbing'. tht sure helps thousans frm paying attention n or dying

Why isn't it being reported on news that death rates & hospitalization 's & length of stays going down? Some say beginning herd immunity. Some say virus mutated to weaker form. ? Stop the sensationalism. Tell the entire story, and try the truth. y'all just keep arguing yeah on mask wearing or who to blame.. we are opening our economy now.. when you are done (dead, sick, healed or otherwise) then you can join the rest of the world.. bye for now! pandemic USAgoneberserk AllLivesMatter

America with such a president will never get the coronavirus under control! Lax Trump is the cause of this. I have more respect and admiration for this man then any other right now! He has been up front and honest with us, tells us the way it is, what we need to do, he doesn't let anyone lead him around by the nose or allow to be silenced like others do. Thank You Dr.Fauci for being u!

Amerika met zo’n president zal de coronavirus nooit onder controle krijgen! De lakse Trump is hiermede de oorzaak van. ยขหปา7สห A lot more people will have to die and get infected before its hits home with stubborn and ignorant Americans. I wish he would stop with the doomsday generalizations when it comes to this. Everyone with a brain knew that as we reopened we would have more cases. Add in thousands upon thousands of people at protests, two weeks ago coincidentally, and yes, the cases increased.

BLM has run its course.. They need to get back on the Covid Bandwagon.. They worried.. Elections are nearing.. Trump has decimated the Dems People can only blame themselves for going in the wrong direction. When they do what they want and don't listen because they say its their choice. Just saying.. Please take care of yourself

What an idiot!!! Tell everyone what direction to go. He doesn't know. Shut down everything and everyone die for lack of food. The president sayed the Covid 19 Virus was a Hoax and he believed no health expert's he believe no one but only himself. Scamdemic plandemic pandemic Remote learning is likely to result in severe learning loss and increased social isolation.

Dr. Frankenstein fauci is an evil piece of shit. Reconstructing the 1918 Spanish flu and taking American taxpayer money to the wuhan China lab. Not to mention us patents on living viruses. Lmfao.....ahahahsh.🤡 Conflicts of Interest. But but but Trump told me it was a Democrat Hoax .. he even had a rally in Tulsa and invittd all his friends to it.

数周黑命贵大聚集游行造成covid-19急剧上升!! Somebody gonna tell him the death toll is going down? Lives lost will be over one million in the United States Democrats kept saying they dont want to reopen until theres a cure, Fauci is hoping that the vaccine (now developed) will be 70% effective. I guess these states will never reopen. Democrats blame Republicans but Democrats never give us a solution; stay at home until.. what?!

Alarmists! He's helping it by using this mixed language that he and the Whitehouse is putting out,yes a lot of people are going to die,god please bless America? Logic is required after all it is the right thing to do to overcome this virus please please please LISTEN wear a Mask This virus will end after November 3rd.

CNN is a national Pandemic Dr. Fauci can you explain how a loose fitting cloth mask can stop a virus 100nm in diameter: That would be like trying to stop flies with a chain linked fence, 'Going in the wrong direction.' And why now!!? It's really too late! Too many lives were gone 😡 Fauchi is a hack! I wouldn't let him treat my dog!

We nurses and the elderly can't go through this again. You-all don't understand So stop the Marxist protest superspreading events srdoxmom we know this. no leadership, sacrificing lives for $$$ He gets paid a ridiculous amount of money to say that? Like duhhh Unfortunately, it has to run its course. I think Biden promised him VP.

This Explains all. All tongues are loosen now!!! My heart goes out to all my American friends and family. 🇨🇦 was on lock down for 3 months. As painful as it was I am proud at what we accomplished. The world got caught with their undies at their ankles. All heads of state were slow at shuttingdown. Come in can do this.

We know what we are supposed to do. Social distancing, wear a mask and wash your hands it’s not rocket science but common sense. If you don’t give a damn about your fellow man and think this is a hoax I know some infected people that can come visit your family without a mask. The Pandemic: The virus will stop working in 2022. The Virus will be among us & will stop begin 2022.TzipiHotovely

I don’t get paid what he does and most of us can say this much. Not impressed Trump is very stupid faith y is w ho people should l8sten too along with seeking the lord. Why is this man not leading the way But he was quiet as a mouse during protests, riots & rallies. The protesting is waning a bit & economy slowly recovering, so the Dems had their boy Fauci grease the rails for more lockdowns & fear mongering before the election

When are you going to report on ProvoShooting? Except deaths are going down. So they can predict 'death' counts now? Just like they changed death certificates to boost numbers to bring fear to the American people? Fauci a don't trust him Camera off, mask off. Ok, I just heard the doctor say we are looking at 40,000+ cases per day. Imagine what will happen when school starts Brace yourselves! COVID19 CNN COVID19 COVID19TX

Used to respect his opinion but wow. He literally told America a month and a half ago that only medical professionals should wear masks. Then tell your liberals to stop protesting and rioting This is under people responsibility , everyone know the dangers of covid19 and they should act safely Media and Politicians will not protect you , they talk a lot ,the reality they are not care about you , they are caring about their political agenda

And your president does not care. Guy make sense? Hmmm I am grateful for Dr. Fauci, but I am seeing him too often on tv for interviews. He needs to be in the lab working on a vaccine or therapeutic. CNN needs to stop interviewing him an let him do his job! Fauxchi News. The statistics don't support his fear mongering. He is enjoying his time in the spotlight though.

Because he's been right all along. I respect Dr. Fauci, but he played Trump’s game. I remember Fauci saying we should rely on the private sector to find solutions to the pandemic. Trump’s talking points. Fauci thought he could appease Trump, provide info and everything would be ok. Is Dr. Fauci on the side of closing down this COUNTRY NO JOB,,,NO FOOD...NO MEANS...? You ANSWER for yourself what this would do.

States Ordered To Fraudulently Inflate COVID-19 Cases 15 Times Actual Rate Trumpet is going to sack him Why don’t people take scientist, or subject matter experts, seriously when it comes to something they don’t understand? With better leadership all this could of been prevented, smh. Dr Fauci has been sounding alarms. Problem is Inept Trump puts out conflicting lying propaganda. His narrative is yippee I am great get out there it is a great beautiful job I have done. He has a total break from reality Coronavirus cases in America 2,606, 211 cases 126,360 dead

I’d rather get my answers from a Magic 8 Ball. One day he says it’s looking great to have a vaccine by end of 2020 (aka after the election) Other days ITS THR END OF THE WORLD, this is Stage 5 cancer!!!! 🙄 “Going in the wrong direction” is a very pointless, blanket narrative when it’s been statistically proven that different age demographics are at much different risks. People are rejecting the “everyone needs to do this,” because everyone, in fact, doesn’t have to do “this.”

Why didn't he say that in January it's the economy, stupid (president) realDonaldTrump Then we are stopping the protest? 😂🤣 He should of told people to put on a mask back in March instead of lying to everyone because they wanted the masks to go to front line health providers. Lies Biden on Pres. Trump's coronavirus response: “It seems like our wartime president surrendered, waved the white flag and left the battlefield.”

tpoole00 It's almost as if the country should have listened to their medical professionals to begin with.🤷‍♂️ You're listening to the wrong people. Your president is no doctor. The scientists and doctors are not fools. Listen to them. Apparently he puts the blame on the Democrat’s riots, looting and demonstrations. We are done paying for the mistakes of NYGovCuomo, GovMurphy & NYCMayor. We can’t sustain these crooks anymore. We need them out now.

No kidding this is off the hook and no way to clamp it down now. and just think that's Dr. Fauci being reserved so as not to upset the Idiot-in-Chief, aka POTUS. What does Dr. Fauci recommend to be done? Why has the death rate decreased worldwide since April? CDCgov DrAnthonyF has no clue of what's happening, the worst part is that he did know of the manipulated SARS-MERS in china by Russians-Americans-Chinese. firefauci

May God protects us!! Trump the science denier was only concerned with being re elected. He has blood on his hands. But he couldn’t care less. Dr Fauci works for George Soros and Bill Gates when is the world going to wake up and stop listening to this idiot who only wants one thing world denomination. Donald j. trump ' guilty '

1M deaths in US unless this is taken more seriously by more than half of the population... He was so wrong so many times, my ears reject hearing him

Coronavirus vaccine still might not lead to herd immunity in U.S., Fauci warnsAny coronavirus vaccine will be less effective if a large part of the population refuses to take it. “We have a lot of work to do” on educating the public, Dr. Anthony Fauci said Sunday. Melinda Margaret Sanger wants to give it to POCs first. How thoughtful. IM NOT TAKING IT, EVER!!! 🖕🏼🖕🏼 New World Order- take the vaccine or we will destroy you.

Fauci Tells Congress U.S. Could Start Seeing 100,000 New Cases A DayThe NIADID director said he's 'very concerned' about the rise of Covid-19 in the U.S. umairqq3 Classes online hojayeingi fall semester ki aisay tou😈 Fauci the fraud. never been right about anything.

Fauci says US could see 100,000 new coronavirus cases per day - Business InsiderBusiness Insider is a fast-growing business site with deep financial, media, tech, and other industry verticals. Launched in 2007, the site is now the largest business news site on the web. Do you fear Covid? I wish he wouldn’t make these types of extreme comments that gives the science deniers something to twist into a talking point. The reason why Trump doesn’t care is because he modeled 2M will die and anything less than that makes trump think we are winning. Know your audience!

Fauci Warns U.S. Could Reach 100,000 Coronavirus Cases Per Day'I would not be surprised if we go up to 100,000 cases a day if this does not turn around, so I am very concerned,' the doctor told a Senate committee. Wow stop the fear mongering I've heard this before...

Fauci: US 'going in wrong direction' in coronavirus outbreakWith about 40,000 new cases being reported a day, Dr. Anthony Fauci says the U.S. is “going in the wrong direction” in some regions, putting the country at risk. If things don't turn around, Fauci says he wouldn't be surprised to see 100,000 cases a day. mien presidents the yen who don't fight covid 19 and help the american people is amazing what trump is doing right the new york governor doesn't even make the mask mandatory Democrats: We demand more testing Trump: ok here's you test Democrats: OMG the numbers are going up! Idiots “Cases.” What about hospitalizations, durations of hospitalizations, number of ventilators in use, fatalities. Why are health experts decreasing fatality estimates by 20,000 despite the spike in cases?

Coronavirus updates: Fauci wouldn't be surprised if US sees 100K cases per dayNearly 200 German medical staff, police officers and supermarket staffers who helped fight COVID-19 arrived in Kos, Greece, for a free trip offered to thank workers for their contribution during the pandemic. Liars: Now This Is Impressive Prayers everyone stays safe and healthy 🙏🏽♥️