Media, Judge Temporarily Blocks Publication Of Tell-All Book By President Trump's Niece - Cnn

Media, Judge Temporarily Blocks Publication Of Tell-All Book By President Trump's Niece - Cnn

Judge temporarily blocks publication of tell-all book by President Trump's niece

A New York judge temporarily bars the publication of an unflattering tell-all book written by President Trump's niece that is set to publish in July

6/30/2020 8:58:00 PM

A New York judge temporarily bars the publication of an unflattering tell-all book written by President Trump's niece that is set to publish in July

A New York judge on Tuesday temporarily blocked the publication of an unflattering tell-all book written by President Trump's niece that Simon & Schuster is set to publish in July.

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trumps niece is another crazy CNN Stormy Danniels - the deprived, seditious and crazy are all in the democrat party under gradman Pelosi and the stupid email lady who leaked classified info but was not arrested cause she was a girl Why He make more money. Are all these judges ruling in Trump’s favor on the take? Seems they’re rulings are bought-n-paid-for versus viable legal reasons. Release the book. Americans deserve to learn the entire truth about Treasonous Criminal Trump.

let it go Why isn't it being reported on news that death rates & hospitalization 's & length of stays going down? Some say beginning herd immunity. Some say virus mutated to weaker form. got reporters Paid off judge confirmed my the Senate in service to Trump NOT the rule of law. I’m sure the right wing free speech police will be here any minute to criticise the decision. Any minute now

We know Donald J Trump been Crooked all his life,I put nothing pass this Criminal. Leak the book 📖, publish it outside the US. If they’re try this hard to block it - it’s gotta be good There is no censorship As long as there is internet Just leak the book on Twitter and start a go fund me page Everyone will contribute

Everything and I mean EVERYTHING about that orange buffoon is unflattering. His twitter handle is more offensive than anything in that book. Publish it in another country....or better still a website with a daily blog/ chapter. Must be a loophole somewhere... Boo This is Plan J timed perfectly for an election year, with Plan K being the supposed Russian bounties. We may have to begin over with 'A' by November 3. Incredible.

Let's say, freedom of speech. US No 1 It will get leaked anyway. Can’t wait for it. A New York judge temporarily bars the publication of free speech How much more do we need to know?!? Would that be the CENSORSHIP of which repubtards speak of? HYPOCRITES This is nothing more than drawing attention to a book we all have been reading before he became president. It's a publicity stunt to sell more books and watch another trump family member laugh all the way to the BANK$$$$$

Orange monkey don’t want the true to be out just like his taxes , grades and all lies he said to his sisterfucking supporters Nothing is going to stop what is going to happen in November. Tens of millions of independent voters like myself who have never been polled in our lives now see the world the Democrats have in store for us.

I wonder how much Trump paid for that decision? Disappointing that the judge feels the public isn’t entitled to this information and draw their own conclusions about this piece of shit for a human being. Been president for four years... but now it's election year.... how convenient. The typical actions of a dictatorship.

That's one messed up of family. He need to be dispatched? Time to add it to the net and just put it out there!!!! Why do people always have to make money trying to take down others. Judges brought and paid for😂😂😂 AtlantaWife Alot of people have copies. Colbert for one LOL Why Release the publication! Burning books soon come!

Another judge...bought & paid for by the WH idiot... His family is publishing presumable derogatory things about Trump. After everything that he has done or not done and said Americans must have enough information to vote him OUT. The reason history repeats itself is becuase sooo many are so arrogant to history itself.... i am telling you here and now trump is walking a path eerily similar to that of the worst dictators in history. Now more then ever people need to really have there eyes wide OPEN

This judge is abusing his power to oppress people. Why? If a family has enough wealth, apparently the judicial system can be manipulated. I want to read it more now. The government and judicial system needs a total overhaul and every level! I doubt this book contains a whole lot that can tell us what we don’t already know about the scum bag. So who cares?

Wtf It will leak out regardless. LMFAO of course the Republican judges are going to borrow this book, more than likely Trump molested his niece. This guy is an old pervert Key word-temporary. 👎 BS!!! Release the book! What happened to free speech? Freedom of the press? It’s the VERY 1st amendment When are you going to report on ProvoShooting?

Bad move, judge. People have a right to know this shit. So much for freedom of speech in the land of the free Obviously the Trumps have things to hide that they desperately don’t want people to know about. trump TrumpTraitor TrumpIsANationalDisgrace Freedom of speech is dead? May be she should be arrested too for criticizing our supreme leader...this is getting ridiculous...

So much for free speech Let’s word it like this , Judge blocks book from being published , other wise you look like your partial and I know that’s not what your trying to do . cnnfake cnn fakenews When does Barrack's ' Obamagate ' come out ? Hope she releases it outside the US How much did he get paid......I want to know!


Is tht the judge tht Barr put. That sucks Just leak the book and call it a day Please Please please publish the book Yeah, who's the JUDGE In donnie’s pocket! Time to.... LEAK IT.... F THE TRUMPS The fact that Trump fixates on preventing any information about his past from being exposed is all I need to know. I remember reading all about young Don's exploits during the 70's through ~2002. His appearances on Howard Stern's radio show were awesome. Now he's a traitor.

Who cares about this book? So we’re more than happy to suspend the First Amendment as look as we keep paying lip service to the Second One? Why do people have a problem with her abiding by the agreement she signed? You can’t agree to something, get the cash and then write a book about it! Common sense is a thing of the past!

I want to read it ... damn it!!! Blocked...for now. This is the First Amendment Dictatorship of the Trump Presidency. It shows you that Republicans are willing to put the president's interest over our Constitution. I believe in GOP not this tainted Republican Party. Puh-LEASE - she's mad cuz of money hahahahahahahaha Just like every family member who attacks another

I am not sure anything will surprise anyone. How he got here is history. How to stop his destruction is what we need to know Now u all people agree SCOTUS in DEMOCRAT pockets..haa NDA's cannot apply if covering up criminal activity. I thought you had freedom of speech Just because it’s uncomfortable for TrumpTraitor shouldn’t keep the book on hold while he plans to use some fake confidential clause because he pretends to be president!! He’s a crook and an enemy of the free world and the USA

Did any of you talking heads actually read the article? It was Robert Trump who sued on behalf of Fred Trump’s estate settlement agreement, not Donald Trump 🤦‍♀️ Don’t worry. That book will leak out So do we start burning books Dear Leader doesn’t like next? Is that the next step here? Freedom of speech?

Bullshit! Hope it doesn’t get leaked on web. 🤪 simonschusterPR simonschusterUK Can you publish the Mary Trump book in the UK or Europe, and beat the ban in the US? goto_matthew 1st amendment! The government can't censor you, what the fuck!? Censorship at its finest. Leak it anyway America as “The Land of the Free” is a myth when the niece of Trump cannot publish her memoir. Only a truly dysfunctional family would make its members sign an NDA to prevent its behaviour being made public.

Leak it! Does every book published need to go through a judge?! Banning free speech/thought now....does Trump have a picture of Putin in his bedroom TrumpTraitor OK now I want it. He constantly whines that everyone is mean to him and he gets more breaks than any other human on earth. Shut up already! From the same man who throws a fit bc Twitter fact checks him.

If it’s not true then why block it? Ohh lookyyyy..a judge who will get promotion in the future..near future... Sounds like a judge that's paid off by the Trump's. Wow!!! Obviously she has told the TRUTH in that book!!! He must be terrified!!! That's alright. The media will all get a copy & share with us We already know what a cupid stunt he is !

HEY, I ALREADY PAID FOR MINE, I BETTER GET IT !!! Ok is it just me or does he look like the Beaver Drop that dirty judge’s name

Anti-Trump Republican group's new ad slams President over coronavirus deaths hitting the 'Greatest Generation'A group formed by anti-Trump Republicans will air a new ad that slams President Trump's handling of the coronavirus pandemic Sounds cute... EITA Isn’t that group CNN

Judge orders Mary Trump to explain why her tell-all shouldn't be barred from publicationA New York judge on Tuesday ordered attorneys for President Donald Trump's niece to respond to a lawsuit filed by Robert Trump, the president's brother, seeking to halt the publication of her forthcoming tell-all memoir. Free speech? Cause of free speech huh The First Amendment.

U.S. Officials Press President Trump to Wear Mask in Coronavirus Fight“If wearing masks is important—and all the health experts tell us that it is—in containing the disease in 2020, it would help if from time to time the president would wear one,” Republican Sen. Lamar Alexander said He is obviously Superman and immune to every disease in the world, right! Trump is the WORST example of what a leader should be - and has caused even more mayhem during this WORLD health crisis. Why should he? Why should anyone? I refuse to be a good German. He is the president making a speech whilst social distancing. Everyone is not the president. He is special. Those are the rules - accept them. Some people are more important ThatIsLife

Iran issues arrest warrant for US President Trump, requests Interpol's helpIran had asked Interpol to issue a 'red notice' for Trump and the other individuals the Islamic Republic accuses of taking part in the January killing of General Qassem Soleimani. Iran is a terrorist country with no credibility. Wonderful 😆 😆 😆 👍👌

Iran Issues Warrant To Arrest President Trump Over Killing of GeneralIran issued a warrant to arrest President Trump and 35 others over the killing of a top Iranian general earlier this year, a largely symbolic order intended to draw attention to what Tehran has labeled an act of terrorism !!!!LOCK HIM UP!!!! Take him. I imagine one of the reasons republicans cling to their hates so stubbornly is because they sense, once hate is gone, they will be forced to deal with their self induced psychotic pain of self hate.

Reddit and Twitch ban content linked to President Trump for violating hate rulesReddit, one of the most visited websites in the world, has a history of not censoring questionable content. Come on Facebook - y'all being out ethic-ed by Reddit, by Twitch. Maybe time to ditch Zuck? why he look like dat