'In The Heights' Is Being (Fairly) Criticized For Afro-Latinx Erasure

'Must be two Washington Heights..'

6/14/2021 9:20:00 PM

Unfortunately, In the Heights also plays into the tired industry tradition of excluding darker-skinned faces from its narrative.

'Must be two Washington Heights..'

. Listen, I’ve lived in the heights for nearly 10 years on and off - there are NOT that many light skinned folk up here. The movie just wasn’t black enough for me. I’m glad it got made - but Dark skinned Latinos exist ya’ll. I’m tired.— Papi Magick ✨ (@JaimeCepero)

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June 11, 2021We watched In The Heights.That's all I have to say about that. Listen to Black Dominicans on this one because their issues with the project & LMM are PLAINLY on display in the movie. It was like every single critique was amplified and in TECHNICOLOR (!) in this film.

— Leslie Mac (@LeslieMac)let me go even further. anything about the washington heights community at large that dont specifically center *black dominicans* (not just any latinos--BLACK DOMINICANS) is a trash ass whitewashed fantasy. and that is what in the heights is. headtopics.com

— zahira🌴 (@bad_dominicana)June 10, 2021every interview reaffirms that the directors, actors & producers of in the heights don't even have the vocabulary to talk about colorism or anti-black racism. now is a moment to read, listen & learn. we still have so much work left to do.

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As an Afropuertorican born and raised in Puerto Rico and still living here, there's no 'latin culture' each and every country and islands has it own culture and variants. Sorry to burst y'all bubbles but no, there's no monolith in latinamerica.

In the Heights Receives Backlash for Lack of Afro-Latinx Representation in Film - E! OnlineThe director and a few cast members from In the Heights were interviewed about the exclusion of the Afro-Latinx community. However, their responses didn't sit right with many online users. I saw plenty of representation and references to their triracial history... I guess it's something I'm missing... It was a good start for a community that only has a handful of movies. They really just wanna find something negative on everything; Lesly Grace and the guy that likes her are afrolatino as is Sonny. First we want latinos, then afro latinos, then darker skinned latinos, and if we have them, we didnt have enough. SMH This goes to show that the woke mob is literally incapable of being pleased with anything

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