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Kylie Jenner's Orange Manicure Is Reminding Fans of a Creamsicle


6/13/2021 5:35:00 PM


OK now I am hungry!

On Saturday, June 12, Kylie took to Instagramto sharea couple pictures of her latest manicure, which features bright orange tips and a healthy amount of negative space at the base of each nail. Little clear bubbles that look like water droplets cling to every nail, giving her the overall vibe of “I just jumped into a pool and now it’s time for some sunbathing.”

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Fans were quick to notice the look, and offered up some interesting word associations upon seeing the tangerine-colored mani. Some fans pointed out that it was reminding them of an orange creamsicle (also perfect for summer), with a few users chiming in to quip “Dreamsicle” in the comments section. Other fans joked that it reminded them of cheese (okay maybe the cheese emoji, but not real cheese!), but most complimented the star’s look with orange hearts and little fireballs.

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