If You're Indecisive, You Need a Pendulum in Your Mystical Toolkit

If You're Indecisive, You Need a Pendulum in Your Mystical Toolkit

8/6/2021 12:17:00 AM

If You're Indecisive, You Need a Pendulum in Your Mystical Toolkit

Feeling indecisive? A pendulum can help you find answers to yes or no questions. Here's how to use a pendulum and interpret the swinging.

) for answers.The best part? Pendulums are affordable (you can even DIY one!), and easy to use once you get the swing of them— literally.Related Story37 Gifts Your Witchy Friend Will Actually UseWait, what is a pendulum?A pendulum is a tool typically made of a small, weighted object such as a stone or crystal tied to a string, chain, or cord. You hold the pendulum in one hand, ask simple yes or no questions, and the pendulum will swing a certain way, providing an answer.

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According toAycee Brown, a psychic specializing in human design, astrology, and numerology, using a pendulum is a newer version of dowsing, which has been around for like, forever. Historically, dowsing entailed using two metal rods to help find lost items or natural resources such as water and minerals.

How does a pendulum work?So, what actually causes the pendulum to move,really? It depends on who you ask. Some believe our subconscious mind kicks in and subtly moves the pendulum a particular way. Others, such as Brown, believe our higher self or spirit guides make the pendulum swing back and forth. Of course, a more technical answer would be gravity. Whatever force causes the movement, Brown says a pendulum’s purpose is to cut through our ego’s BS in order to gain clarity around a situation. headtopics.com

Related StoryHow to use a pendulumSo you've got yourself a pendulum and at least one burning question. Here's what to do now:Calibrate your pendulumBefore you start playing with your pendulum, you must calibrate it to your energy so you can see which way your pendulum will swing to indicate

yes, no, andmaybe. To do this, Brown advises holding the pendulum in one hand, with the weighted object dangling. Then, instruct the pendulum to move by saying, “Please show me ayes,” and pay attention to which way it swings: vertically, horizontally, or in a circular manner. Then repeat the process with

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