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30 Cute Gifts That’ll Make Thanksgiving Your Fave Holiday

Who needs pie when you can have presents?

8/6/2021 12:39:00 AM

30 Cute Gifts That’ll Make Thanksgiving Your Fave Holiday

Who needs pie when you can have presents?

Aug 5, 2021CourtesyA holiday that’s dedicated to eating delicious food and thinking about everything we’re thankful for sounds pretty complete as is. But who’s to say we can’t step up our game a bit? And by that, I mean throwing some presents into the mix. It might sound like a strange idea at first, but listen up. One of the reasons

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is such a fun day is because there isn’t the expectation of gifts. What I’m suggesting, though, isn’t necessarily a big exchange of presents on Thanksgiving morning.Insteadfriendsgivingor show a loved one you’re thankful they cooked your favorite pie. So, I present to you, a list of gift ideas for Thanksgiving because after all, Thanksgiving is about gratefulness—and you can definitely choose to express that with prezzies.

Because gift ideas for Thanksgiving aren’t totally an ~official~ thing, you can get a little creative with it this season! If your giftee is super into home décor, opt for a chic glass pumpkin or an aesthetically pleasingboard gametheir whole fam can enjoy. And of course, you can never go wrong with anything food and drink-related—like a gorgeous wine stopper or some vegan cookies. The possibilities with Thanksgiving gifts really are endless, so peruse this list of 30 picks for a little Turkey Day inspiration.

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