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How To Ignore The Worst Career Advice You’re Probably Still Following

How to ignore the worst career advice you’re probably still following

4/20/2021 4:46:00 AM

How to ignore the worst career advice you’re probably still following

Beware: Sometimes, a well-intended adviser’s words can unintentionally lead you astray.

Fake it ‘til you make it.This little gem has certainly made the rounds in the last few decades. And today, in the age of social media where you can curate the perfect presence, many are heeding this adage in hopes of artificially positioning themselves as experts/gurus/ninjas/rockstars in their chosen field.

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Confidence is one thing; cockiness is another. And spoiler alert: someone who says they have all the answers rarely does.There is power in saying, “I don’t know, but I’ll find out.” Uttering those words isn’t an indication of ignorance; it’s a signal of your willingness to do what it takes to find a solution. And this doesn’t only apply to newbies. The finest leaders possess intellectual humility and would rather learn and understand something new than be “right.”

Remember, you get more experienced from experience, so don’t fret about your lack of knowledge; be eager to learn and volunteer for assignments to expand your knowledge base.What you need to do is...Raise your hand if you’ve gotten this unsolicited advice from people in your circle. The problem with it is that the person offering it typically doesn’t have any experience in your chosen career. More likely, they’re a friend or family member trying to “help” you.

Unless someone’s been there and done that, their “advice” is simply their opinion—and one that isn’t useful. Never take advice from people who aren’t getting the results you want to experience. Instead, seek counsel from those who have done what you want to do, and even then, use it as a suggestion rather than a rule to inform your own career journey.

Follow your passion.Though this platitude is well-intended, it can be misleading. Yes, your “passion” aligns with doing the thing you love (at least for now), but that can set you up for too narrow a focus, especially when you’re just starting your career journey.

Instead of following your passion, lead with your curiosity. When you’re curious, you’re open. You view the world through the lens of what’s possible, and you stretch your boundaries. Being curious opens you up to new and interesting experiences, people, opportunities, and perhaps even professions that you may not have considered if you were solely following your passion.

Leading with curiosity also means you’ll become a lifelong learner, which is an asset in any career.I'm a social media ghostwriter(yep, that's a thing) who helps leaders craft their stories to communicate and connect better. (Think personal branding and thought

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…I'm a social media ghostwriter (yep, that's a thing) who helps leaders craft their stories to communicate and connect better. (Think personal branding and thought leadership.) Subscribe to my newsletter, , for illuminating nuggets of wisdom delivered directly to your inbox.

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