The Essential Gardening Step You’re Probably Skipping

There’s no dirt involved, either.

5/11/2021 4:00:00 PM

The essential gardening step you’re probably skipping.

There’s no dirt involved, either.

Make Note of Harvest DatesRecording the harvest dates for crops likegarlicis crucial because if you wait too long, the cloves will have started to separate, and the garlic won’t store well. When crops are ready to be dug will vary by variety, as well as the weather, but this year’s harvest date will give you a reliable target date to harvest in subsequent years, subject to fine-tuning.

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Keep Pests Top of MindNote when pests and diseases pop up, such as the. That way, you’ll know next year when to watch out for those striped pests and you can take the necessary pest control measures right away.Know Your FavoritesWrite down the names of vegetable varieties and the seed company or nursery where you purchased them. With so many different varieties of every vegetable, this will help you keep track of which beefsteak tomatoes did well and tasted the best.

Expand Your Records to the Whole YardThe above lists are for edible annuals (vegetables, herbs, and fruits such as melons) but keeping track of what you plant elsewhere in your yard is a good idea, too. In gardening groups on social media, I often see cries for help like “Can you identify this plant? I planted this last fall and I have no idea what the heck it is.” Writing down which plants ended up where in your yard sets the whole ecosystem up for success, year after year.

What's your experience with record-keeping in the garden? Tell us how you go about it below! Read more: Food52 »

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