How to decline Thanksgiving in the name of Covid

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How to decline a Thanksgiving invitation due to the pandemic

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Every year, the Phoenix blogger, her husband and their three boys fly to Nebraska to spend the week seeing loved ones. They go to a University of Nebraska Cornhuskers football game. They eat pumpkin spice treats. They spend the actual holiday with relatives. Then they come back to Arizona and have another celebration at home.

She added that it's important loved ones understand why you're asking."It's like interviewing them about where they've been and who they've slept with," said Waldrop, who's based in San Francisco."We can't control each other, but we're within our rights to ask — especially during a pandemic."Matt Villano is a writer and editor based in Northern California. He looks forward to a modest Thanksgiving at home.

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Eat shit!

“Stay safe” with a 99.9% survival rate? No problem.

Stay safe everyone 🙏

'CNN told me I'm not allowed to go. Sorry.'

When we wil see article how to cancel CNN for destroying the country and its traditions.


Just say no

Wow FINALLY some good reporting.

It’s okay to dispense with the pleasantries and simply reply, “ fuck no”.

CNN doesn’t talk about what people who live alone should do. I can’t have Thanksgiving or Christmas with my family so I will be sitting alone for the holidays just like I am every other night. I’m trying to do the right thing but this is so hard.


No is a complete sentence. Honestly, just say you’re concerned about COVID, as you freaking should be, and if they kick off, that’s on them.

Umm, how about 'what the hell is wrong with you ; there's a pandemic raging'.

“Thanks for the invite to Thanksgiving but I think I am going to stay home and stay safe this year.” That was hard. 🙄

What is the peer pressure that people are living in no means no

They say it hurts. Corona?

When signatures are not confirmed on mail in ballots. Then, They must be fraud by fair analysis of the situation. In fact, for all we Americans know, these unconfirmed signature mail in ballots could have arrived in bulk from China. China 🇨🇳 collusion with democrats is at play

If you want to see your family next holiday you are going to have to sacrifice seeing then this holiday. That's how I look at it

Like 80’s drug prevention ads.... “Just say no” 🤷🏼‍♀️ I reckon we dust off Jordan for another run at “Stop it, get some help”

thanksgiving is happening here.


That’s easy , just let them know the last 3 thanksgiving you’ve thrown up at the table ! Works every time ! Barf ! Lol

No thanks! It ain't that hard.

Bruh this is the most autistic post I’ve seen yet if you’re really that scared of a fake virus just say no I’m not going don’t be a pussy gah damn

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Short answer; don’t.

Propaganda. Celebrate Thanksgiving!

Lock down the country to save lives. Ramping coercing the country into doing nothing but waiting on a vaccine that will treat covid-19 fears. Covid-19 vaccine is gotta cure all morbid diseases. Thereafter world will have immortality.

Here’s how to decline an invitation “sorry I don’t want to come over because your ass was around people who had the rona and I don’t want to get that “

Fake CNN saying Trump called Biden winner 😂 always fake news.

Just say no.

JoeBiden I thought you asked for peace....when will you denounce Antifa and Blm.

So this behavior is OK with the LEFT? Biden supporters attack children, women, elderly, LGBQ, and blacks?

Sorry! M not honoring any invitation not till the pandemic is over.. life is suck right now 🚶🏼‍♂️🚶🏼‍♂️🙄

I swear you treat your readers and viewers like they are children.

Communist News Network

Sorry all 5 of us are having dinner together.

Just say 'No thanks, I dont want Covid'

The likely hood of dying is 100%. Tomorrow isn’t promised, I’ll take my chances.

A quick tutorial for pansies

Just say, Cuomo is a thug c...sucker.

I said, “This year we’re sheltering in place. Thanks Covid & DJT.”

Do not decline! Pandemic is over!

Fuck no.. its that easy

No thank you! Easy

Very easy. Just say no. JustSayNo

Thanks in advance!



Just text a middle finger emoji in response to all invitations. That’s good advice even when there’s no pandemic.

Thank goodness we have cnn to tell us how to decline an invitation. Such outstanding journalism.

How about, 'No, thank you. Only true idiots would choose to gather with others just to have one stupid dinner when it could ultimately be deadly.'

Simply say 'I'm a little stupid because I let CNN tell me how to interact with my family. You're better off without me showing up anyway.'

Say...'No thanks'

Just say “I’m too scared and I don’t wanna see you”

Hopefully, the stupidity in the White House won’t spread to other Americans.

Look at all the losers libs. Anti American Kamala Toe lovers.

Say No thanks...

Just say no!

Just say 'No'.

Your whole network is a joke. You keep posting this crap trying to control peoples choices. Everyone enjoy Thanksgiving don’t let CNN control what you do.

How to get cnn to shutup. Im an AMERICAN, FRKN TIRED OF trying to run my life into the ground over an illness you could care less about. Do u care about aborted babies? NO CARE ABOUT Half a MILLION Americans who die YEAR FROM CANCER NO! 300,000 A YR FRM THE FLU? NONONO

Fukn stupid

Why would you? The virus had a 99.5% survival rate? Fake news

I will just send them this article.

People don’t need to give a reason, even before Covid. A simple “I can’t make it” suffices.

Don't decline that's how. If you can gather in the streets to celebrate an election you had no control over in the first place you can get together with family. understand, The League is trying to assert control over your personal life. Do not allow the darkness to ruin your life

Don’t, live your life..

If lazy Joe B tells us to go to the basement and hide because of Covid. I am not doing it. I will carryon as usual, hidden from view if necessary.

I’m going to accept a thanksgiving invitation from my family of 20. We are going to call it a protest against serving anything but turkey. We are going to watch football, sing, drink and be thankful.

Very easy. “Thank you, but we’re in the middle of a pandemic. See you next year.”

Here’s how: Don’t


There are 2 Americas. One worships God and supports freedom. One despises God and supports personal and economic lockdowns.



Done. We will FaceTime or zoom.

. / ̄ ̄ ̄ \_ / _ __/ ( / `′ ヽ |/ / \ | / /• ) /•\\ V) | (_ 丿 |ノ__^ __ _ | |\Ⅰ Ⅰ🇨🇳Ⅰ Ⅰ/ | 人 ヽⅠ _Ⅰ / ノ ` \____/ Anything wrong?

Keep trying to push your cancel culture agenda. We are not giving up our freedom, past, present or future. YouDontOwnMe

Lmao. Like they told us in the 90s. Just say NO 😂😂

What kind of stupid article is this. Is it too hard to say “I’m not coming”..... oh cnn you guys are the brightest bunch....

“No thanks”

Word on the street: Trump may start a media network. If he does I hope he does the opposite to CNN. Instead of all liberal bias he has all conservative bias. It would be nice to have one network that was biased to the right. Capitalism instead of socialism, support police, etc.

Try saying, “Are you out of your fucking mind?”

This should read 'How to give up on life and reject family in the name of authoritarianism'

Anti American CNN.

Silly article. You decline an invitation politely by saying you regret that you will not be able to attend. That said, I am alive, and family matters. I will spend Thanksgiving with family. I will not crawl into a hole and whimper for a year or two until I'm told it's safe.

Ha cnn AT&T decision to sell cnn makes sense low ratings and over paid talking heads

Suck a dīck

No meeting❗

People will actually send out invitations? 🤷‍♀️


We really need media to tell us how to say No for everyone’s safety? For real? Want eveyone alive and well for Xmas? It doesnt take much.

'You wanna come over for Th- '

Easy. Download the Parler app and see real news

The left wants to control your life, they don't care about your safety. Covid-19 will not be defeated by lockdowns and hiding in your house.

I do believe CNN is on the wrong side of this issue. Frown face :(

U dont


My history of thanksgivings during an epidemic is a little rusty but correct me if I’m wrong the first one was a little rough on the locals, just saying.

In my town its easy!!!! There are a bunch of dumb as trump supporters running around with no mask!!!! I avoid these morons at all cost!

Say no


Fuck that! I am going to have my normal 18 ppl here for TG at my house and everyone is coming!!! Fuck you Gov you don't tell me what to do!!!

My mother used to say, “It’s just a day.” Her point was to teach us not to romanticize any day of the year. Some of the most wonderful times with loved ones, have been spontaneous, average days that suddenly became memorable. staythefuckhome

Softer than baby shit

Just say no (NR).

So they admitting that it’s really not serious so you have to hand wring when declining invitations.

DON'T... ,me & my family will be bringing our immune systems & stuffing our faces together, indoors, like we always do...

Jajajajaja Jajajajaja Jajajajaja you fools are going to miss out.

Imagine now it seems that Americans have no brains that we have to be told what to do for Thanksgiving & of course like little sheep they will oblige

Decline ? Your lockdown plans are totalitarian and unconstitutional we are free to do whatever we want ! I’m buying an extra turkey this year to invite more people

Uh how bout “No Thanks”?

Don't!!! Go to Thanksgiving!


Ours was Oct 12 Monday. Cases rose as expected 2 weeks.Families truly let down their restricted public health Ontario, the cases rise, we are advised, and still they are those who believe they can live without risk.Stay within your bubble. Zoom it.

Say love you but no thanks, I'm self quarantining. Done.

No . Is a full sentence


No real family looks like this. Womp womp

Just say no?

I took care of that already. I called all of my family members the racist trash that they are lol

OMG. Propaganda machine at work


Just say no


Just start coughing and wheezing...they’ll get the message

NO is a complete sentence.

I ain’t coming over cuz your cookin sucks. That’ll work.


“Thanks for the invite- but since I was planning on hosting my own and inviting everyone for a big party. You should come too!”

I rather miss one holiday with the family than miss them all.

Tell media to fuck off thats how they didn’t have a problem 2 days ago while celebrating in the streets in the thousands Singing of all things super spreader event of Democrats was perfectly fine but Thanks giving you will die what a JOKE !

‘I’m not coming to Thanksgiving this year due to COVID. We can FaceTime. Kbye’ done.

Heard your turkey was covid infected?

You people can take this pussy shit somewhere else


You really had to write an article on this topic?

hell no, you trying to kill me? Direct and to the point. They won't ask you next year either.

Dine enjoy the day and enjoy the company period do not let others determine whether you are enjoying your life


I don’t understand how Covid magically disappears when liberals decide to riot and loot or when they all gather for an illegitimate Biden presidential victory in the streets. But it will be around for Thanksgiving?

Saying, I'm riculously stupid, so I watch CNN.

I’m still having my super spreader event because the election is over and I’m not a Democrat. I’m an American.

👎👎 I'm giving thanks on Thanksgiving that I don't live in a Democrat state especially if Biden really becomes president in January next year. Biden policies will cause the country to go into a depression like Europe is in now.

How about no


Just say no. It isn't that hard really.

And here you go, CNN speaking down to its little minions! Pathetic.

Tuh...imma say I'm cooking my own food but I'll catch ya on zoom. Looking forward to all the leftovers ❤❤.

We are having a peaceful protest so we will be fine. Those are the rules you said.

Just be honest, call them and tell them to fuck off. That family doesn't mean shit to a socialist prole.

This is demonic. The Democratic Party has become the party of anti-family values. No natalism, no family holidays, no inheritances.

Idiots, we will be having a family Thanksgiving and you can suck it!

You didn't hear anyone causing a fuss when there was zero social distancing going on when people were parading around. We've done social distancing, we've done masks and guess what...numbers are still 'going up'. Locking down the country isn't gonna solve it. I'll keep my holiday

First, learn the 14th letter and then the 15th. Combine the letters, wrap it, and give it.

Easy. Don’t decline it

Social engineering. 'Name' of covid? Yikes.

Just say it’s a BLM thanksgiving and the virus magically disappears.

I like to watch Grocery Hauls on youtube to see what products people are buying and what foods they are stocking up on for the second wave.

No.... I am appalled at the lack of mental toughness we Americans possess. How about sacrificing this year’s holidays so you’re alive the next 50 holidays? How could you enjoy a gathering with the prospect of infecting a loved one?

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