Cancer Survivor, Philanthropic Business Model

How This 3x Cancer Survivor Gives Back

2/9/2021 2:15:00 PM
Cancer Survivor, Philanthropic Business Model, Funding Models, Donation-Based Model, Pay What You Can

When Meg Cadoux Hirshberg, Founder of the Anticancer Lifestyle Program, had her first breast cancer recurrence in 2008, she began actively searching for what she could do to stay healthy. Meg was frustrated by the lack of resources that were out there and created a new program to help others.

1.    A donation-based business modelWhen offering a free service for people to use, it is suggested that you leave a place where people can leave donations2.    Pay what you can modelPeople who use the service benefit from the service, and some can afford to pay for the service, and some can’t. The idea is to barrier-free, and when you leave a note or pay what you can, it brings out the support in people who want to help you keep your mission alive.

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3.    Find sponsorship from profitable businesses whose interests are aligned with yoursCompanies that have offers that your patrons may need is a great way to approach sponsorships.4.    Creating partnerships with other businesses that can support your mission

Building partnerships with businesses who may want to use your services, such as employee training, or employee resources, may pay you for access.5.    Obtain grant fundingOften government programs are available to access grant money in support of your cause and are in the position to offer to fund.

The bottom line is that these are just a few suggestions for obtaining funding for your philanthropic adventure. Wanting to provide a service that will help and benefit others at no cost is impossible. There will always be costs associated with providing a service for free. There are website costs, educational platforms, advertising, and the list goes on. 

Philanthropy is highly encouraged, and it’s wonderful to give back to the community, so don’t let the financial strain of building a resource hold you back. Know that there are numerous and creative ways to obtain funding to offer an invaluable resource to others out of a desire to give back to the community.

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