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How Impossible Foods and Beyond Meat Convinced Meat Lovers to Eat Plant Burgers

An investigation into the plant-based burger boom


If you're curious as to why companies are offering more plant-based alternatives such as Beyond Meat, check out this deep dive into the trend:

An investigation into the plant-based burger boom

Let’s be real: Wholesale lifestyle changes, like going vegetarian or vegan, can be incredibly difficult (and a hard sell). Many Americans have grown up eating meat. And if you’ve ever tried to break any long-held habit, you know that baby steps and good substitutes can be a huge help.

One thing’s for sure, though. “We don’t see signs of the meat industry disappearing anytime soon,” San Martin says. At the same time, he adds, neither are the problems associated with that industry—or our appetite for a palatable alternative. And maybe, for most meat eaters out there, whether or not their new burgers of choice will actually help prevent illness and save the planet is less important than the fact that choosing an alternative makes them

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