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Opinion | The Democrats’ Dilemma

A ‘normal’ candidate might defeat Trump, but beyond Joe Biden, there is no Plan B.

9/12/2019 5:45:00 PM

From WSJopinion: Normal Democrats want a 'normal' candidate to run against Trump. But if it isn’t Biden, there is no Plan B, writes DanHenninger

A ‘normal’ candidate might defeat Trump, but beyond Joe Biden , there is no Plan B.

Sept. 11, 2019 7:11 pm ETIt’s too late to turn back now. The 2020 presidential campaign is underway, which means the American people are about to have their second, mass out-of-body political experience.By now, most of us have become accustomed to the psychological dislocation of Donald Trump. But how to explain the Democrats? Ten Democrats will be onstage in Houston Thursday evening for another antic three hours of paying obeisances and tribute to the party’s left wing.

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opinion DanHenninger There is no normal Democrat! They are all crazy commies!!! opinion DanHenninger Normal Democrats would vote for anyone over our corrupt POTUS. opinion DanHenninger How is Biden 'normal' ? He's their version of Trump... Warren is worth a listen if she would come to center a bit ..

opinion DanHenninger Propaganda from the FoxNews print media arm. Khashoggi opinion DanHenninger Klobuchar opinion DanHenninger Have you not been following the excitement about Andrew Yang? opinion DanHenninger what the fuck is 'normal democrats' did you just invent this? opinion DanHenninger Plan A isn’t so good either.

opinion DanHenninger WTF is a 'normal' democrat? we are all colors, sizes, ages, belief systems; some of us own guns; all of us enshrine life . . . get off it, wsj opinion DanHenninger if they pick biden (like clinton last time 🤔) i ll start believing in conspiracy theories 😂 opinion DanHenninger Normal Democrats? What is that? Socialist. Communist. I give up.

opinion DanHenninger Give me a John Delaney opinion DanHenninger The Democrats are so far out there, Eric Holder has been summoned to try & restore Sanity. KenZimmern opinion DanHenninger And anyone who has come close is no longer under consideration. opinion DanHenninger Unfortunately if they pick Warren, I will have to vote for someone else

opinion DanHenninger How the fuck is Biden normal? opinion DanHenninger Normal is the way to go. The country is literally thirsting for normalcy. opinion DanHenninger With those Cheetos lips, Daniel Henninger has no business analyzing what 'normal' is. Bitches. opinion DanHenninger First of all, Biden is not normal. He's an old has been that has done little but ride on Obummer's coattail. There are much better candidates to vote for. That's your plan B. The media should stop bending over for creepy Uncle Joe.

opinion DanHenninger Haha normal opinion DanHenninger This is despicable. Where is AndrewYang? opinion DanHenninger Normal Democrats went for Hillary and got Trump. Now they are paving the way for Trump 2.0 opinion DanHenninger washingtonpost nytimes wolfblitzer TheDemocrats CNNPolitics AriMelber AliVelshi SRuhle JoeNBC The Majority of Democrats will vote for who ever gets the nomination. Our main objective is getting Trump out of office!

opinion DanHenninger Joe and Elizabeth or Joe and Pete. The top two ticket. The rest can fill the cabinet...in various high profile policy positions. opinion DanHenninger Have you not heard of AndrewYang?!? Which rock have you been living under opinion DanHenninger ..mr ROGERS... Pocahontas...Spartacus angry man.....what a field!

opinion DanHenninger Andrew Yang. opinion DanHenninger Warren isn’t running? opinion DanHenninger There is no norm for democrats...all their ideas and plans for this country are out of this world. Will bankrupt this country and tank down our economy. There is no such thing as free without consequences.

opinion DanHenninger If Warren and Sanders weren’t splitting their voters we would see that they far outnumber Biden supporters. They represent the “normal” Democrat, and Democratic policies better align with Americans’ wishes on healthcare, the environment, and gun safety. opinion DanHenninger C'mon. That's it for the best candidate to beat Trump, AndrewYang ?

opinion DanHenninger TrumpFearsYang opinion DanHenninger THAT MEANS TRUMP WILL BE RE ELECTED IN 2020 AND MOST OF THESE CORRUPT OUT OF THIS WORLD SOCIALIST DEMS WILL HAVE BEEN VOTED OUT OF OFFICE AND THEN THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY CAN BRING IN MORE LEVEL HEADED CANDIDATES ALIGNED WITH PARTY VALUES!!!! opinion DanHenninger Time for a not normal Candidate you have a not normal President Americans are tired of the middle class getting screwed Bernie is the answer, not Slow Joe

opinion DanHenninger True. :( opinion DanHenninger YangGang opinion DanHenninger Yeah. Biden is 'normal'. opinion DanHenninger Biden NORMAL opinion DanHenninger Normal meaning old straight white man. opinion DanHenninger Klobuchar. She is a left leaning moderate, that needs to run more left in a primary, but who would appeal more broadly in a general election. She is smart, tough enough to beat Trump. A Biden / Klobuchar ticket is the most sensible and viable one for Democrats.

opinion DanHenninger Bring them on... any of them... they are no match for the seasoned veteran President Donald Trump opinion DanHenninger Please define a “normal Democrat” opinion DanHenninger Normal democrats suck opinion DanHenninger Stop Pete can barley do his job as a mayor ,beto is to radical, Bernie is a crazy socialist, Harris can't let go of the past, it doesn't leave many to pick from

opinion DanHenninger Biden is far from a normal candidate. They have no one that can win the election!! opinion DanHenninger There is a dozen plan 'Plan B's' The GOP is who has no plan B. opinion DanHenninger There is no plan B is right. The GOP is a complete horror as well at this point. opinion DanHenninger What a crock.

opinion DanHenninger There's no such thing as a 'normal' Democrat. opinion DanHenninger opinion DanHenninger Biden w/ a brain aneurism surgery and his age has 50% chance of being alive for two terms. Social security actuarial table. opinion DanHenninger WSJ pandering to their audience who is afraid Elizabeth Warren is going to win the good fight and stand up for the average Joe against corporate great and wealth hoarding

opinion DanHenninger Agree... they are too far left opinion DanHenninger DNC none of you will win. And the reason is none of you have learned to fight like realDonaldTrump I voted for him last time, I regret it, and won't vote for him again. But none of you inspire me. opinion DanHenninger Get rid of the DNC leadership. We want TulsiGabbard

opinion DanHenninger So by 'Normal' you mean someone that will continue to feed the status quo. NoChange YouScaredBro Election2020 opinion DanHenninger Plan b is Tulsi, but its rigged and she is not making traction and not progressive enough for the left demoncraps. opinion DanHenninger Biden is incompetent for the times now

opinion DanHenninger This creep is a Fox News commentator and like Alice his comments are from Wonderland. Not worth spit. opinion DanHenninger amyklobuchar is going to take the lead at some point and become Plan A, plan b won’t be needed. She will prosecute realDonaldTrump for his administrations and inhumane, corrupted politics.

opinion DanHenninger Plan 'B'? Their plan 'A' isn't even a smart option! They are nothing more than a group of finger-pointing, Trump blaming, liberals who want to control the people, money, commerce, environment while giving our nation to anyone who wants to enter illegally! Stop the insanity!!! opinion DanHenninger

opinion DanHenninger Biden isn't normal. He's spiraling and would get creamed by Trump. Andrew Yang is the one! opinion DanHenninger Well opinion DanHenninger I guess you need to understand more about AndrewYang and how “normal” his policies are. Normal = Pragmatic right?! opinion DanHenninger Good thing that is just your opinion 🤔

opinion DanHenninger There was a PLAN B - the person name is TULSI GABBARD but the democrat did not want her in and create a crazy rule that disqualify her on the DEBATE PANEL as she would BRING UP THE REAL ISSUE that these monkey said on this past debate. opinion DanHenninger how could a 'normal' candidate beat someone as abnormal as trump?

opinion DanHenninger Does 'normal' mean old, white man? Because that sounds like what you are saying. opinion DanHenninger There is no such thing as a “ normal democrat” any more... opinion DanHenninger A collection of deranged and far-left people! opinion DanHenninger What happened to Tulsi? DNC such a corruption; she has the most qualifications and took her out because she is normal and smart!!!

opinion DanHenninger It’sBiden. Acceptable across the board beyond the base for a national election. Democrats have to truly look inwards for what the end goal is and rally around Biden now. All view points are already known. Take the realistic essentials. Craft a clear vision. Support himBiden2020

opinion DanHenninger They missed their chance with a normal democrat. How could they bundle this so bad. Lost opportunity all to satisfy their alter egos and leftist extremes. opinion DanHenninger Normal Democrats? Wtf does that even mean? Fuck it. FreakDems4Yang opinion DanHenninger SolcraticMethod YangMediaBlackout

opinion DanHenninger AndrewYang😀Good news: AndrewYang is not your “Normal Democrats” because your ND can’t beat Trump👎! AndrewYang will beat Trump with people from left, middle and right to solve the problems that got Trump elected. 🔑 opinion DanHenninger Warren-Buttigieg ticket!! Medicare for All Who Want It, though (sorry, EW)

opinion DanHenninger News flash Biden is senile! The Democrats are running out of time and Biden keeps sliding downhill on a pile of bat guava. opinion DanHenninger TulsiGabbard is the obvious choice but there is no way the establishment would allow it. opinion DanHenninger Yang is the closest thing they have to someone who's actually likeable. I'm not even YangGang, but Democrats would be fools to not push him to the forefront.

opinion Cory Booker will draw mixed races ,Biden will divide white vote,females can they drive safely in the middle?Trump all votes opinion DanHenninger Blah, blah, blah opinion DanHenninger A Tuna Fish sandwich would beat Trump without Russian interference and Gerrymandering. It would not only do a better job, it also wouldn’t enrich itself, either. 😆

opinion DanHenninger Oh look, another picture with all the candidates except Andrew Yang. What a fucking coincidence. opinion DanHenninger But who is the NORMAL AMERICAN? AndrewYang wrote a book on what is happening to NORMAL AMERICAN called WarOnNormalPeople. He analyzes what is happening to the American worker on a macro and micro level using actual data not just the same ol talking points

opinion DanHenninger If Joe Biden is plan A , then the Dems best reassess their decision. opinion DanHenninger 'Normal' = status quo, nothing will change. The same failed policies that resulted in the country electing Trump. opinion DanHenninger There does not exist one candidate from any party that I feel represents me, deserves my vote. It’s the first time in 40 years that I feel like it just does not matter.

opinion DanHenninger Any Klobuchar! opinion DanHenninger Just don’t run and give 4 more years to President Trump. Best idea yet! opinion DanHenninger Are there no other 80 year olds whose eyes fill with blood that you assholes could vote for? opinion DanHenninger wow 'normalize' look at you and your ambiguity from viral racism to toxic sexism and god knows what

opinion DanHenninger So true! All we are seeing are a bunch of extremists from both political parties. Let’s dump both parties and start all over with people who represent the center. opinion DanHenninger Tulsi is the one this trump supporter is worried about getting any traction Speaking as a republican I’m worried about her

opinion DanHenninger Great candidate field when Biden is the normal one!! Haha opinion DanHenninger I hope Democrats don't listen to WSJ Opinion. It is a publication to the right of Fox News and Breitbart. opinion DanHenninger Maybe they could run Flake. He's available I'm sure. opinion DanHenninger Opinion = trash

opinion DanHenninger Bull crap. opinion DanHenninger HRC.....like a snake....hiding in the grass. opinion DanHenninger You were writing the same thing about Trump, before he got elected. If “conventional wisdom” was reliable, today we’d be re-electing President Bobby Jindal. To win, Democrats should follow their political passion.

opinion DanHenninger This thumbnail literally gives me a carsick... can’t explain why 😳 Btw .. where I AndrewYang and JulianCastro ? opinion DanHenninger There is nothing “normal” about the Democrat base. opinion DanHenninger Sorry “Choppers” JoeBiden is anything but normal. He was never very smart and now he is even worse at an advanced age. TulsiGabbard and ewarren are their best shots. I’m shocked that the Dems are void of a decent candidate.

opinion DanHenninger Democrats would need a candidate that totally disavows and distances themselves from the Democratic Party. Thats how heavy of an anchor the DNC has become around the neck of any candidate. Democrats need to scrap everything and redefine themselves because far left isn’t working opinion DanHenninger

opinion DanHenninger Americans need to start realizing that the answer is AndrewYang. Youtube him. I suggest Joe Rogan, The Breakfast Club, Bill Maher. Check out his policy page. WSJ Yang is polling 6th nationally higher than Beto and Booker. He deserves the media attention. YangMediaBlackout opinion DanHenninger 🙋‍♀️

opinion Biden is barely functioning at this point he is not fit to be the nominee opinion DanHenninger That's such irresponsible journalism. TrumpFearsYang YangBeatsTrump The trials and tribulations Americans face are real but go ahead and ignore that because you want to keep Trump drama going in the White House. SMH YangGang

opinion DanHenninger There is normally a plan B. There are highly qualified candidates out there who could still jump into the race. The current crop are not capable . opinion DanHenninger There are no normal democrats!! opinion DanHenninger What a load of horseshit. opinion DanHenninger I think PeteButtigieg is a great option A, B, and C.

opinion DanHenninger Whoa! Have you been sleeping? AndrewYang is our next president and here’s exactly why, outlined in easy to read language. yanggang YangsDebateSurprise TrumpFearsYang opinion DanHenninger There is a plan you uninformed person! The fall back plan has been there for at least 3 months now. It's name is Pete Buttigieg.

opinion DanHenninger Amen. Drat. opinion DanHenninger Bulls*it conclusion by a shallow thinker. VoteProgressive VoteBlueNoMatterWho opinion DanHenninger Smells familiar. Just like in 2016. And you were wrong then opinion DanHenninger Reminder: Republicans are still laser-focused on Gerrymandering and VoterSuppression.

opinion DanHenninger Look at who else WSJ missed? JulianCastro ! Maybe because he attacked JoeBiden ? I am just guessing. opinion DanHenninger If it isn't Warren2020, there is no Plan B. opinion DanHenninger Bunch of wackos opinion DanHenninger I predict a third-party candidate. opinion DanHenninger Normal democrats lost to a conman.

opinion DanHenninger ACTUALLY, most of the Dem candidates would have been considered mainstream a decade ago. It is the GOP that has moved farther to the right and now they are simply a Cult of Trump. opinion DanHenninger If Dumbocrats were smart they’d nominate a moderate lib like Nikki Haley or “Mad Dog” Mattis.

opinion DanHenninger Exactly right, even for many Independents, even with Biden we have to sorry about age and who he would choose as VP and his cabinet, could go hard left to placate the kiddies. Basically, there is no good choice again. opinion DanHenninger uh, there are women running as well. opinion DanHenninger Agree but you continue to be quite unfair about Donald Trump. Some of us believe he has done a great deal for this country regarding the economy, jobs, trade, foreign relations, regulations, veterans, etc and are willing to put up with his antics .The elite cause the split!

opinion DanHenninger Abnormal republicans still want trump opinion DanHenninger I will vote for any Dem over dictator trump. Thanks. If you don’t, then you are cool with racism, misogyny, and corruption. opinion DanHenninger Who are these people pitching their shit to? Antifa? Black Lives Matter? CAIR? Independents? Democrats? I Don’t Think So!

opinion DanHenninger And there IS no”normal candidate”! opinion DanHenninger No plan B? How about a real plan A, Montana Governor Steve Bullock. GovernorBullock opinion DanHenninger Probably not even most of your staffers and interns would care about a normal candidate, WSJ. opinion DanHenninger adamjohnsonNYC do your thing king

opinion DanHenninger JoeBiden isn't going to win against Trump SenWarren may But HillaryClinton 's ego won't allow her to support ewarren as Hillary' s ego shall be hurt if Warren wins against realDonaldTrump when she lost. opinion DanHenninger Joe and the Lunatic Fringe. opinion DanHenninger 👀

opinion DanHenninger There is no such thing as normal. It's a lie that only exsists in numerical minds that don't see the human factor. We should value human factors in stead of money. opinion DanHenninger Mayor Pete opinion DanHenninger WTF is a normal Democrat? opinion DanHenninger 'Normal' doesn't exist any more and who cares about 'normal' anyway. What we need is someone who is solid and not compelled to the tired, male pissing contests we've grown used to. US not ready for Kamala yet, Warren... we need Warren.

opinion DanHenninger From opinion: Normal Democrats want a candidate as abnormal as Trump to run against Trump. But if it isn’t Biden, there is no Plan Babbling Idiot, writes DanHenninger. opinion DanHenninger Normal? Please define. We’ve had decades of politicians that have sent our men and women to fight and die for what? And with no intention of doing what it takes to win. Decades of running up a 20 trillion dollar debt. Decades of not seriously enforcing our immigration laws.

opinion DanHenninger LOL 'normal' lost to trump in 2016, why would they win this time? opinion DanHenninger Sure, treat the people who are trying to save the planet like lunatics. Good luck in your space pod. opinion DanHenninger Democrats are a bunch of inept, incompetent corrupt politicians that they have done nothing worth for our country. They need to leave for good because they work only for their own benefit money and wealth.

opinion DanHenninger Any of these Dems will lose to Trump. opinion DanHenninger If the dictator in chief already ruined this country in is 1st term-imagine a 2nd term-this about this Americans- opinion DanHenninger The failure of the president that our kids will pay for!! Shame on the gop GOPChairwoman

opinion DanHenninger Sad landscape. opinion DanHenninger Plan B: Tulsi opinion DanHenninger 2020 Democrat Assclown Bus moves slowly forward to the political abyss! opinion DanHenninger AndrewYang 🤷🏻‍♂️ opinion DanHenninger The term “Normal Democrat” is a contradiction opinion DanHenninger Like normal republicans and Murdoch funded newspapers want a normal republican as a president? What happened to your spine?

MsAvaArmstrong opinion DanHenninger 😂🤣😂🤣 opinion DanHenninger How is Biden 'normal' as a Democrat? opinion DanHenninger Said the all white all the time WSJ based on a memo sent to them today by Rupert. You’re an embarrassment to the tradition of journalism. shills yellowjournalism opinion DanHenninger Dems only want to stop President Trump from doing anything that would help the American people.

opinion DanHenninger The democrat party: So few have fooled so many for so long. opinion DanHenninger There is NO normal Democrat... they are gone... these people are all abnormal, anti-American, anti-Christian, anti-business, anti-liberty. But that’s in sync with what the Democrats do now... trying to make the abnormal, normal... it’s sick, but they are succeeding...

opinion DanHenninger The only “normal” Democrat is Gabbard. TheDemocrats opinion DanHenninger Democrats will unite behind whoever the candidate is, as none of these candidates is corrupt or crazy or liar or serial sex offender. So continue the bed wetting Mr. foxnews commentator, if the dream of a unified Democratic Party scares you.

opinion DanHenninger Democrats and normal, now there is a conundrum opinion DanHenninger Bernie is Plan ZZZ-502. Lol. opinion DanHenninger Yup. correct opinion DanHenninger 🤣good luck finding a 'normal candidate' in the Democratic party🤣party leadership has lost control of party & ceded to lunatics who took over: Dem candidates + Nadler, Schiff, Waters, Schumer, AOC etc.. Too busy chasing Pres. Trump instead of solving issues of Americans

opinion DanHenninger It’s been clear for a long time that the party of JFK is dead but moderate democrats who hate Trump will pull the lever for whoever is against Trump no matter what it means to their own self interest. opinion DanHenninger If young voters need to get active behind a candidate for change or Biden is what you’ll get and Trump for another four years!

opinion DanHenninger The Wall Street Journal and Dan Henninger (Fox News Contributor) opine on 'Normal Democrats'. Do you think they want Biden? opinion DanHenninger Joe is their only chance - and I peg it somewhere between slim and none! opinion DanHenninger True. The current Dem lineup has zero policies that benefit working Americans.

opinion DanHenninger This thing is lining up for the gay guy. He's just a lighter shade of Obama. Plus, he's got that faux edgy thing going on. This is perfect for both the puppet masters and the idiot Democrat voters. opinion DanHenninger The Biden supporter who would vote for Trump if Biden doesn’t win the dem nomination is a person who I haven’t met yet.

opinion DanHenninger Oh be still. You're losing your mind that Warren's going step on your game. opinion DanHenninger Do you suppose the DNC will ditch the socialism after the primary? They do deal in fantasy opinion DanHenninger What is normal? No one has a like definition. This is like “electability “, means nothing

opinion DanHenninger Kamala and Pete are normal opinion DanHenninger A normal democrat is a moderate Republican to those folks. We don’t need that. opinion DanHenninger What the fuck did I just waste my time on? Normal Democrat? What is that? Old mentality with old ideas that will get the world nowhere? That didn't work in 2016 with 'Normal' Hillary right? Or is it just the fear of socialism that scares the American capitalist system to death?

opinion DanHenninger Amen! Could we get a candidate representing the center instead of a ridiculous choice between extreme right and extreme left? Seriously, isn’t there one good American out there? opinion DanHenninger Dems are going to make it too easy for Trump if they can’t find better candidates. Their current lineup is comical and will lose “bigly”.

opinion DanHenninger Who wants Normal, Normal has been the problem. We want new, real people with real life backgrounds, exciting forward thinking candidates. opinion DanHenninger The fuck does “normal” mean? opinion DanHenninger Translation: this country is too dann smart for progressivism and we don't have a clue on the critical issues. Tonight's debate, if calamitous enough, could severely damage the left's hopes.

opinion DanHenninger Yep. Pretty depressing. opinion DanHenninger And you think The Moron-in-Chief is normal? Maybe you all at WSJ should check your stability. opinion DanHenninger Not too late for Bloomberg or Schultz to run. That would make for an interesting race for the White House. opinion DanHenninger They are all 'normal', but Klobuchar is about as vanilla as they come.

opinion DanHenninger From opinion: Normal Conservatives want a 'normal' candidate to primary Trump. But if it isn’t a Regan Republican, there is no Plan B, writes DanHenninger opinion DanHenninger Not true....Amy Klobuchar. Winning ticket is Biden Klobuchar. opinion DanHenninger WTFC opinion DanHenninger They should put pics like on the Comedy Channel. Do the same thing w/tonight's debates too.

opinion DanHenninger AndrewYang intro pack - Yang Rising Before running for President: YangBeatsTrump - DNC Speech - Interview - UBI - Q&A YangGang ✌️ opinion DanHenninger WARREN/HARRIS opinion DanHenninger Deep in ewarren 's celler a change of persona is always available. Republican Native American Big Business donation accepter. Good ol' gal beer drinker. Progressive Socialist A switch to moderate would be easy, But caveat emptor.

opinion DanHenninger Dems: 'We need the perfect candidate. Someone more normal than normal. Must be a JFK, FDR, and Obama super clone'. GoP/WSJ: Screaming while throwing feces. 'Aabbllleegggg Trump Trump Trump Trumpfefe . . . ' opinion DanHenninger Total BS. Everyone and I mean everyone is sick of the orange clown 🤡. And the use of the word normal is so 20th century. I love antiques like the Wall Street journal, too bad it’s obsolete.

opinion DanHenninger It’s true. Sucks. opinion DanHenninger Their best bet is a child molester? opinion DanHenninger Normal is Amy Klobuchar. Trumps big on going after Democratic Socialism, which he just calls Socialism. Elizabeth Warren,was even to Liberal for Obama. We know Bernie,all to well. Let’s just go with Sane and Sensible.

opinion DanHenninger Biden will be 80 years old by the time 2021 rolls around. Do we really want someone that old (Sanders included) in the Oval Office? The current occupant is a poster child for why that's a bad idea. opinion DanHenninger Exactly. Kinda of amazing that no other moderate liberal was able to break the top 4.

opinion DanHenninger Really? 'Normal'? Who would have thought 'normal' republicans would have picked Trump opinion DanHenninger Rupert, every single Democratic candidate is far more “normal” than that fascist fiasco currently occupying our White House (and his cult followers), so, regardless of our candidate, you can plan on losing in 2020. Democrats2020💙🇺🇸

opinion DanHenninger Biden is “normal” ? opinion DanHenninger Bingo!.....none of these loons are beating Trump! opinion DanHenninger You used democrat and normal in the same sentence ! WOW opinion DanHenninger There is only Plan A- AnybodyButTrump2020! opinion DanHenninger No plan B. All including the front runner JoeBiden are not normal folks.

opinion DanHenninger The right candidate, is who could provide the best plan to defeat Chinese Communist Party, this is the single most important issue all over the world. opinion DanHenninger When pigs fly... opinion DanHenninger Shut up!!! opinion DanHenninger Oh there is a plan 'B'! And that plan is in the lower section of this photo.

opinion DanHenninger This nonsense is nothing but fear-mongering by the elite who are afraid a “liberal” candidate may cost them the ability to hoard wealth while exploiting the middle and lower classes and destroying our planet. opinion DanHenninger There is always plan b. bitcoin 100trillionUSD opinion DanHenninger Biden isn’t my pick and I think there are a lot of people that share the same sentiment. Plan B is... anyone but him. Kind of like the Republicans who made t-shirts that said the same about Hillary.

opinion DanHenninger What's a 'normal' democrat? opinion DanHenninger very very true. we the people do NOT want any career politician in this race. The DEMs need to get a 'bloomberg' or they will lose big time!!! opinion DanHenninger Democrats don’t have anyone that even slightly resembles “normal”.

opinion DanHenninger NORMAL Democrats should vote for anyone on the opposite side of Trump .. None of the Democrats running are criminals..also ..none are traitors...You're right ..we will stick to plan A ... plan B is the same ..beat Trump . opinion DanHenninger I hope they keep going more and more to the left. Just ensures a Trump win.

opinion DanHenninger Hilarious way of endorsing and rooting for Trump to win but ok 👌🏻 opinion DanHenninger The concept of “normal” is asinine. opinion DanHenninger People must vote for the candidate whose policies they support instead of voting out of misplaced fear that the candidate they choose is too “liberal”. After all, isn’t voting the way we express our opinions to our elected leaders?

opinion DanHenninger An oped page that stays silent as Trump lines his pockets with taxpayer money is not in a position to say what is 'normal'. opinion DanHenninger I think Pete would do quite well next to Trump. But, he does not have the black vote and that is important. opinion DanHenninger They are all abnormal, Trump wins again in 2020.

opinion DanHenninger No one of these candidates are normal ? They all voted to fine American Citizens if they did not carry healthcare, then raised their hands to give it to illegal aliens FREE. opinion DanHenninger AnybodyButTrump2020 opinion DanHenninger Fox News contributor says what? opinion DanHenninger Andrew Yang is the only one I would even consider voting against Trump for !

opinion DanHenninger Kamala is also a normal candidate, unless you’re saying normal means an old white guy opinion DanHenninger Klobuchar and Warren should re-enact the NPR ladies 'Schweddy Balls' SNL skit with Alec Baldwin. opinion DanHenninger opinion DanHenninger RepTimRyan why are you still wasting money running

opinion DanHenninger Comicon opinion DanHenninger Outcome: Trump wins!! opinion DanHenninger If Biden is 'normal' then dems are doomed.... DOOOOOOMED!!! opinion DanHenninger NEVER FORGET MODERN LIBERALS RUIN AMERICA This fact is now proven daily! KAG2020

Opinion: Why cramming 10 candidates on stage could work against the DemocratsPrimary debates could make voters more attached to their own preferred candidates and less willing to rally around the eventual nominee. opinion so stupid two days 5 each opinion It's now 11 candidates, since Steyer qualified. Why didn't they break it into two nights, so people would have a chance to explain their positions in depth? opinion Simmer down please. The field is beginning to thin. The primaries begin in approximately 5 months. The election is 14 months away. This is normal. Please don't panic.

Opinion | The Democrats' impeachment rules vote isn't a real effort to sanction TrumpOpinion | Michael Conway, fmr. counsel for U.S. House Judiciary Cmte: House Democrats' impeachment rules vote isn't a serious effort to sanction Trump - NBCNewsTHINK THINK They simply don’t have the minerals.... THINK Boy, the Republicans really really don't want the Democrats looking in to Trump's corruption. THINK Pelosi's behavior is shameful and counter-productive.

Opinion | Impartiality Is the Source of a Newspaper’s CredibilityFrom WSJopinion: Re-establish Americans’ trust in journalism by honestly reporting, editing and delivering the news without opinion or bias, writes ArkansasOnline publisher Walter Hussman Jr. opinion ArkansasOnline Yes let’s start with the fox propaganda channel for Nazis, extremist and the GOP opinion ArkansasOnline just tell us what happened...stop relying on one anonymous source, stop relying on former Obama staffers. It's not that F'ING difficult guys opinion ArkansasOnline Our mission at is to build the social media platform that ends fake news

Republican pulls slightly ahead in North Carolina congressional election resultsU.S. Republican Dan Bishop pulled slightly ahead of Democrat Dan McCready as res... Slightly ahead? The Republican won by almost 3% with 99% votes counted. Our mission at is to build the social media platform that ends fake news

Democrats pressure Republicans by advancing gun control billsU.S. Democrats in Congress, looking to heighten their profile on the hot-button ... GunReformNow Democrats do nothing but obstruct. DonkeyOfTheDay

Dems stumble on impeachment messagingHouse Democrats are frustrated over leadership's mixed messages on impeachment We're all frustrated. I wish I was surprised. I keep hearing my father saying to me 'One of the big differences between Democrats and Republicans is, Democrats don't know how to fight'! Yea Dems.