How 79-year-old Beach Boy Bruce Johnston wound up on the new Weeknd album

1/10/2022 12:10:00 AM

Fittingly, it had something to with surfing. And somehow Skrillex was involved.

'I knew that he was a guy from Toronto who has the most beautiful, high voice and some great hits with Max Martin. I stay up to date, not to worry.' How 79-year-old Beach Boy Bruce Johnston wound up on the new Weeknd album

Fittingly, it had something to with surfing. And somehow Skrillex was involved.

Copied! Print Look beyond the usual suspects credited as collaborators on the Weeknd’s just-released “Dawn FM” — think Max Martin, think Calvin Harris, think Oneohtrix Point Never — and you’ll find a more unexpected name in the album’s liner notes: Bruce Johnston of the Beach Boys, who’s listed as a writer and producer on the track “Here We Go… Again” along with Rex Kudo, known for his studio work with Post Malone and the late Juice WRLD.Facebook.3:24PM ET Wikimedia/Calvin Simon/Facebook Calvin Simon, a founding member of the pioneering funk band Parliament Funkadelic, died Thursday.Pinterest Perhaps there was a time when you didn’t need green vegetable recipes—you’d play it by ear, tossing some spinach in a pan, scrunching some kale.

A shimmering soft-rock ballad with lush choral vocals and a tender yet witty lyric about sliding into a new romance, the song is one of “Dawn FM’s” clear standouts.But how exactly did Johnston, who at 79 continues to perform regularly with Mike Love’s touring version of the Beach Boys, get involved? I called him Friday at his home in Santa Barbara to find out.His family moved to New Jersey when he was 13, where he found work as a barber.Bruce Johnston, in the red sweater, with the Beach Boys (and their children) in the early 1970s.Former bandmate Bootsy Collins wrote on Instagram, “We lost another original member of Parliament/Funkadelic.(mptvimages.In his 2014 memoir, Clinton likened Simon’s voice to the Temptations’ David Take me back to the beginning of this song.Throw some broccoli florets on a sheet pan, and you'll wind up with vegetables that are so tender, crispy, and caramelized that it's hard to stop eating them right off the pan.

Here’s how it rolled out.They eventually scored a hit with “(I Wanna) Testify” in 1967.” A member of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Simon sang with the group from the 1950s through the late 1970s when he left over financial disputes, later dedicating himself to gospel music.I was put together with Sonny Moore — Skrillex — a couple summers ago.I kind of knew who he was.“The thing that means the most to me is how I handled the PTSD from my service in the Vietnam War,” he once said.As a guy over 20, I’m not going out and doing many gigs with DJs.But so I went down to Shangri-La Studios across from Zuma Beach, where I surf, and we just hit it off.” The Parliaments changed their name to Funkadelic after a dispute with their label, and after they won the rights back to their name, they shortened it to Parliament.

I met a guy named Heavy Mellow — what a guitar player.And I met Rex Kudo, who’s become my new brother in the last two years.Nevertheless, both bands toured together with a replica “mothership” from 1976 until 1981.Advertisement We just started recording, making stuff up on the spot.Over time I started bringing Mike Love’s son, Christian Love, to our sessions.Then he got more serious.He’s amazing.

As much as you might miss Carl Wilson, when you hear Christian Love sing “God Only Knows” — wow.“And I would also like to thank God for sparing us to be able to receive this.Anyway, these guys, they never stop recording.One time I got there and Rex was in a pup tent, sleeping on the grass after a session.“I see a whole lot of things people have done over the years,” he told the Tampa Bay Times in 2017.Eventually, Rex says, “Come down to my house,” a little further down PCH.We have no Beach Boys shows because of the pandemic, so I go down and bring Christian along with me.Dre and Snoop Dogg.

Rex hands me a Bullet mic, the kind that Mick Jagger would use when he plays the harmonica, and we just start singing.Few days later, Rex says, “Hey, we played that thing for Abel” — you know, the Weeknd — “and he really likes it.We learned the hard lessons with record labels and people now know better.” This is 6, 8 months ago.Somehow it floated into his creative ether and he jumped in as a writer.” After leaving the group, Simon, Haskins, and Thomas released an album, Connections & Disconnections , under the Funkadelic name in 1981..

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Calvin Simon, Parliament-Funkadelic Co-Founder, Dead at 79Calvin Simon, a founding member and longtime vocalist for Parliament-Funkadelic, has died at age 79. The singer appeared on classics 'Give Up the Funk,” “Flash Light” and 'Mothership Connection (Star Child),' among others MANY PEOPLE WILL DIE BECAUSE OF THE DEFORESTATION OF THE FORESTS CAUSED BY THE PRESIDENT OF BRAZIL BOLSONARO.HURRICANES, FLOODS, DROUGHT, HUNGER, PLAGUES, DISEASES, DEATHS, AND WARS FOR LACK OF FOOD WILL NOT STOP. A LOT OF DEATH WITHOUT NATURE 💔🕯💔 Vaccinated?

Parliament Funkadelic Co-Founder Calvin Simon Dies at 79Former bandmate Bootsy Collins wrote on Instagram, “We lost another original member of Parliament/Funkadelic. A friend, bandmate & a cool classic guy, Mr. Calvin Simon was a former member of Parliament/Funkadelic”

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Calvin Simon, Former Parliament-Funkadelic Member, Dies at 79Calvin Simon, a founding member of Parliament–Funkadelic and a Rock and Roll Hall of Fame member, has died Another icon takes the iconic last ride home. Condolences to his loved ones people 🥺 Damn, R.I.P 💔 No way man

Calvin Simon, Parliament-Funkadelic Co-Founder, Dies at 79'Rest in peace to my P-Funk brother Mr. Calvin Simon,' George Clinton said in tribute. RIPCalvinSimon RIP 🙏🏾 🙏🏽