Michael C. Hall breaks down 'Dexter's' finale do-over: 'Be careful what you wish for'

1/10/2022 12:08:00 AM

“Some people will have predicted it, and some will be shocked by it.” Michael C. Hall breaks down the #DexterNewBlood finale

“Some people will have predicted it, and some will be shocked by it.” Michael C. Hall breaks down the DexterNewBlood finale

Like its fans, the actor wasn't pleased with the way the 'Dexter' ended the first time around. The conclusion of 'New Blood' was a shot at redemption.

reaction was swift and heated.Copied! Print The Omicron variant surges through Los Angeles and beyond; there’s no federal aid in sight for restaurants facing staffing shortages and temporary (if not permanent) closures as employees test positive for infections; and restaurant operators face these circumstances in what is traditionally the year’s quietest month for dining out: Welcome to the first full week of January 2022.Jared Rhoden had 15 points and six rebounds for Seton Hall (11-3, 2-2 Big East).A was held in Park Ridge last week.

Legions of fans hooked on the drama about blood-spatter analyst/serial killer Dexter Morgan blasted the finale as a bewildering, open-ended misfire.That grumbling continued for years, calmed only by the launch of “Dexter: New Blood” in November.Enjoying this newsletter? Consider subscribing to the Los Angeles Times Your support helps us deliver the news that matters most.Michael C.Richmond had only two points in the first half.Hall, who plays Morgan, predicts that the finale for “Dexter: New Blood” will spark a similarly strong response.Chris and Nellie Tran, the married couple behind the project, have been working for over three years to open the food hall.The episode not only brings a definitive close to Morgan’s vigilante campaign — it also depicts the end of Dexter Morgan.

“Some people will have predicted it, and some will be shocked by it,” the actor said in a Zoom interview last week.A dozen vendors anchor the opening lineup, including several drink specialists: AK Fresh Roast (go for the pandan iced coffee), Circle Tea Bar (hello, brown sugar boba) and Angel & Mason, a wine-and-beer bar with options from local breweries on tap.USA TODAY Sports Richmond shot 10 for 13 overall from the field.“Some people will accept it, some people will reject it.I think it will be difficult for people to grapple with his fate given that he is someone that they have spent a lot of time with and have a lot of affection for — at least in some cases.Every vendor asks if you’re eating in or taking it to go; there’s a small side patio for outdoor dining that often fills quickly during prime lunch hours.” Advertisement But Hall, who was also not pleased with how the original series ended, is satisfied that this ending is the right one to conclude the “Dexter” saga.Adama Sanogo scored 18 points and had 16 rebounds for the Huskies.In the episode, titled “Sins of the Father,” Morgan is killed by his son Harrison (Jack Alcott), who had been abandoned by Morgan at the end of “Dexter.I’ve been a fan since trying her cooking via pop-ups and farmers markets appearances last year, and at her first fixed location, I taste the same rewarding results of slow-simmering and deft spicing.

” Realizing that his misdeeds have finally caught up to him and that he will never be able to make things right with Harrison — the only person he could ever truly love — Morgan persuades the teenager to end his life.After shooting his father in the snowy woods of fictional upstate New York hamlet Iron Lake, a tearful Harrison flees, aided by the town’s police chief — and Morgan’s ex-girlfriend — Angela Bishop (Julia Jones).Plantains alongside match the oxtails in their amber depths; a patch of chopped cabbage is equal parts crunchy and silky.Cole added 15 points before fouling out.While the ending may be jarring for many fans, Hall is pleased: “The way the season concludes is one that resonates with me.It feels justifiable.On the opposite end of the food chain: Alleyne follows a plant-based diet, and her vegan curry combines carrots, peppers, squash and other vegetables in a gently spiced coconut milk broth.As upsetting as it may be, I hope audiences will appreciate the resonance of Dexter dying this way at the hands of his son.

” He added, “People moaned about an ending that was admittedly open-ended and without any sense of closure.Among the vegan options I’ve tried thus far in the market, this is easily the finest.He flashed a Dexter-like smile: “I guess you have to be careful what you wish for.” “Dexter: New Blood” has been a solid hit for Showtime, both on its premium cable platform and its streaming service.(Bill Addison / Los Angeles Times) Jian bing at Café Et Cetera Jessica Wu found an audience for her crepes at 626 Night Market and other events; here she expands her menu with burgers, as well as sweet and savory crepes (chicken salad, strawberry cheesecake, the variations with Nutella that the genre practically demands).The premiere drew 9.1 million viewers, making it Showtime’s most-watched drama debut.Beaten egg fuses with a crepe; crackers made from fried won ton wrappers and halved pieces of hot dog poke out; flavors of soy sauce and chile oil zigzag through every other bite.

The limited series has averaged 7.6 million viewers weekly across all platforms and has topped all seasons of the original series.Quesabirria at La Olla Sinaloa-style shrimp ceviche, flecked with onions and jalapeños, is an early signature for Joei Miu and Antonio Aguilar as they solidify their roster of Mexican dishes.Michael C.Hall in “Dexter: New Blood.If this is your full meal, order at least two and eat them quickly to savor them at their crispest, meatiest and meltiest.” (Seacia Pavao/Showtime) Clyde Phillips, who left the original series four years before its controversial finale, said he was grateful to Showtime for giving him the opportunity to revisit the series and provide a more appropriate conclusion to Morgan’s saga.

“I don’t know of any other show in the history of television that gets a do-over of a finale,” said Phillips, who developed the reboot and reprised his roles as executive producer and showrunner.(Bill Addison / Los Angeles Times) Miso collard greens at Burnt Belly Immediately the longest line trailing through the market is for Kyu Yi’s barbecue, which often sells out by early afternoon.“I think the audience is going to be surprised.Hardcore fans are going to be disappointed that he’s gone.” Whatever you choose, include a side of collard greens.But the smart hardcore fans are going to understand that this was inevitable.” In the original conclusion of “Dexter,” Morgan took his foster sister Debra (Jennifer Carpenter) off life support after a blood clot caused her to suffer a stroke.For a novel spin, he throws in farro; the grain adds chew without pulling too much focus, but appealingly it almost pushes the dish into a near-complete meal on its own.

He took her body out to open sea to dispose of it, then steered his vessel into an approaching hurricane in an apparent suicide attempt.However, he survived and wound up in a remote community far from Miami, where he started a new life as a lumberjack.(Bill Addison / Los Angeles Times) Tteokgalbi with cheese and kimchi at Manduyo Here’s a vision of comfort food : delicate, near-collapsing meat patties (a variation of Korea’s traditional beef tteokgalbi blended here with pork) over white rice with overlays of kimchi and a veneer of cheese, and a fried egg just barely oozing its yolk to complete the picture.When “Dexter: New Blood” opens, Morgan has settled in his new life in Iron Lake, living under an alias — Jim Lindsay — and enjoying romantic bliss with Bishop.However, he is tormented by the ghost of Deb (Carpenter, reprising her role) and his dark tendencies are reawakened when Matt Caldwell (Steve M.For now, Martin and Jenny Kim sell their namesake mandu — beautifully knotted dumplings filled with beef bulgogi or spicy pork bulgogi — on Fridays and Saturdays only.Robertson), the arrogant son of the town’s unofficial mayor, Kurt Caldwell (Clancy Brown), comes to town.

Review: ‘Dexter: New Blood’ revives Michael C.Blossom Market Hall: 264 S.Hall drama’s killer instinct Michael C.Hall’s back, plastic wrap in hand, in Showtime’s serial killer drama “Dexter: New Blood.” His life is upended with the arrival of Harrison, who is angry and damaged after years spent in foster homes.Morgan is determined to become a true father and help his son heal.

But those plans are derailed as Morgan resumes his murderous quest for justice.Getting back into “Dexter mode” was easy for Hall: “The weirdest thing about it was how weird it didn’t feel to play him again.He was still very much alive and very much available.” A key quality that endeared viewers to Morgan was his uncanny ability to get out of tight scrapes.And when Harrison discovers the truth about his father’s dark past, Morgan convinces him that his mission of killing criminals who had escaped punishment is noble.

But as evidence mounts and Bishop suspects that her boyfriend is hiding deadly secrets, Morgan realizes his options are running out and he becomes more reckless.He violates his code during an escape from jail, killing police Sgt.Logan (Alano Miller), who had formed a close bond with Harrison.Michael C.Hall, left, and Jack Alcott in the finale of “Dexter: New Blood.

” (Seacia Pavao/SHOWTIME) When the youth sees Logan’s blood on his father, Dexter realizes he is beyond redemption.“Out of the desire not to get caught, Dexter kills someone that in no way fits the code,” Hall said.“And it’s someone that his son, who he loves above all others, revered.In that moment, Dexter apologizes to another human being for all he’s done to that person, and experiences a sense of connection to a person he’s never experienced before.It’s like, ‘I’m having a full experience of being a human being now, and could you please kill me because it’s unbearable.

’” In writing those climatic scenes, Phillips drew upon his own experience of “having a terrible father and needing years of therapy.” He also referred to a term in psychiatry that “the son has to ‘murder’ the father to proceed with life, to proceed with business, to proceed with love, to proceed with starting his own family.You can’t always have a father figure there holding you down.That was part of the impetus of having Harrison do the deed.Except here, he’s actually doing the deed.

And make no mistake, this is fiction.We’re talking about sociopathic characters, and maybe psychopathic characters.Certainly Dexter is a psychopath.” When Phillips pitched Hall on the reboot and its ending, the actor was intrigued.“The fact that the character was going to expire was a way for me to close the book on him in a way I haven’t been able to do,” Hall said.

“I didn’t come to the table saying, ‘Dexter must meet his maker.’ But when that proposition was floated, I didn’t resist it.” Michael C.Hall slices and dices the departing ‘Dexter’ Michael C.Hall slices and dices the departing ‘Dexter’ The filming of Morgan’s demise was not especially emotional or ceremonious for Hall for one simple reason: It took place during the first weeks of shooting.

“The events of the season take place over about two and a half weeks, but we shot in Massachusetts from February all the way into July,” he said.“So we shot all the stuff that was snow-dependent early.That scene came on the third week.It was really challenging to imagine everything we had left to film — it was strange to do it so early, and also strange to realize having completed that work that we had four to five more months to film.“But in a way, it was liberating to know where we were headed as we filled in all the pieces.

” Although Morgan’s story has come to an end, Phillips, who was an executive producer and showrunner on “Nurse Jackie,” Showtime’s drama about a troubled emergency room nurse, said he is open to the possibility of developing a spinoff centering on Harrison, who was grappling with demons even before killing his father.“If Showtime wanted to pursue that — I have a lot of stuff going on, but I would drop everything in a minute to do it,” Phillips said.“He’s so damaged.I write a lot of damaged people and I would love the opportunity to explore his psyche and put him in another world and to take this show and bring more people to it.” When the finale airs for the first time, Hall will not be watching.

He’s scheduled to perform at a concert honoring rock legend David Bowie , who would have been 75.“Playing Dexter all these years was a kick,” he said.“It was an experience I’ve never had before and can’t imagine ever having again.But the desire for closure had to do with wanting to move on.Ever since the series proper ended, I would be asked periodically in interviews or on the street, ‘Are you going to do more “Dexter”? Please bring him back.

What’s up with that ending? I hated the ending, I loved the show....’ This puts all those hypotheticals to bed.

“I’m not operating under the illusion that with the end of this show no one will think of me as Dexter any more.But this calms that noise.”.

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One of the best reboots ever. Winter of our discontent I’ve been watching the spoilers and comments this whole time. Gives me a clue whether I want to watch that night or not. Sounds like I didn’t miss anything tonight because I would’ve been even more disappointed in this season. I have closure now. Thank you, SHO_Dexter

So, he's leaving his butcher's job for good.

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‘Dexter: New Blood’ Boss On Shocking Finale; Teases Possible New SeasonSPOILER ALERT: The interview below reveals major storylines from Showtime’s Dexter: New Blood finale. When Clyde Phillips met with Michael C. Hall about returning to the role of Dexter Morgan… keep the new season. we dont care anymore The final episode isn't out yet wtf hahahah Just finished watching it. I'm gonna miss this show. Great finale. Still got some questions though.

‘Dexter: New Blood’ Finale Wraps Up Serial Killer’s StorySPOILER ALERT: This story includes details from the finale of Showtime’s Dexter: New Blood. It’s truly the end of an era as the fate of Dexter Morgan (Michael C. Hall) has been sealed i… What a horrible title. Read this title this morning on your website in the sidebar. Wasn't looking for spoilers and pretty much knew what was happening before the show even aired. I'm not usually extra sensitive to spoilers, but this is BS. DexterNewBlood DexterNewBloodFinale

Dexter: New Blood Ends With Huge Surprise for FansSpoilers below for Dexter: New Blood's 10th episode! When Showtime announced Dexter: New Blood it [...] and predictable in hindsight This was the finale we needed 10 years ago!!! That is A LOT better than what we got in 2013.