'Housing is not the end': Former homeless struggle to adapt

“There needs to be continued support,” one woman said.


“Housing without support sets up people to fail. It has to be a transformative experience': With more than 150,000 people experiencing homelessness across California, service providers caution that solutions must be sustainable for years to come.

“There needs to be continued support,” one woman said.

Lipka recalls one client at Step Up on Second who screamed loudly every morning around 3 a.m. It was a trick the man learned while living on the streets to protect himself by keeping others away.“I know I am the exception,” she said. “If it’s hard for me, what about the people who don’t have these resources?”

“I was on drugs and all out of whack,” she said. “It took me a minute to finally see that Step Up was exactly what I was looking for. It was complicated to trust people who were trying to help me.”Once people accept help, they must tackle bureaucracy. Case managers work with individuals to secure documentation, such as IDs or Social Security cards, needed to apply for financial assistance. After the paperwork is sorted, people receive housing vouchers.

That included cooking and even shopping for food, Walker said. At one point, she asked her case manager about how to handle fish. Walker wasn’t sure if it should be refrigerated or how long it would last. She learned the hard way.“It’s little things like that, the little touches, that helps them transition,” he said.

In the decade James has worked at L.A. Family Housing, none of his tenants have returned to homelessness, he said.“The more you trust people, the more they can help you,” she said.

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How much does it cost to rent a really good refrigerator box to live in? california is insanely rich and has a democrat super majority. can't they just fix it with socialism? Psst...Pelosi. And the President said if they do not fix it they ( The Federal Government) will have to get involved. Arnold Schwarzenegger is on it also.

To live and die in LA... Hooray 4 Hollywood... America is a 3rd world country They arrested Weinstein and productions are down now, it’s a double edged sword Should never happen in AMERICA! No homelessness, No child hungry. No more poverty. Because they all think they work in Hollywood and stay for the great weather

Former GOP Governor Bill Weld: Trump and Barr are trashing the rule of lawFormer Massachusetts Governor Bill Weld, who is running for the Republican presidential nomination, tells Ali Velshi that during his 7 years at the Department of Justice, keeping politics out of law enforcement was 'at the core of our professional commitment.' Failed irrelevant candidate’s opinion. Haha Bwahahaha Well that's calling the kettle black The law was trashed by the former U.S intel and the Congressionally Democrats. Hey Bill, were you concerned when racist gun runner EricHolder said he was Obama's wing man? No you weren't RINO.

there's plenty of homes and apartments available. its just that the artificially inflated real estate prices in California makes life difficult for the average person out there. Wow...this is what happens in Africa... Weird. Where democratic policy rules and homelessness? I’m shocked! Who else is shocked?

👍 That's what happens when you put illegals ahead of citizens People aren't homeless because they don't have a roof over their head. If you don't get that, you will never solve anything. California is not the only state with homeless people,. I'm homeless,. apparently Affordable housing is not real,. Wonder what a body bag costs

To get a picture of how it affects different states - look at this map. California, Texas, Florida and New York have very high numbers. Variables range from individual counts to veterans data. 2018 maps: total people and veterans data. map homeless Housing is not enough, give us more! QUESTION? Where do all the democratic candidates stand on repealing President Reagan’s social security Windfall Elimination Provision? which greatly reduces the monthly SS benefit paid to retired, police, firefighters and teachers?

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Homeless soars when the number of illegals goes up and the freebies are given out to them and the state govt steps on the bodies of the homeless citizens to welcome illegals and grant them licenses and voter rights they are not entitled to. Stop illegals stop homeless citizens Homelessness soars as the prison population is released.. Homelessness soars when mental institution are closed.. Homelessness soars when drug use is legalized. Homelessness can only be fixed when bureaucrats acknowledge their policies cause homelessness..

Anything without proper support is mostly likely going to yield a result that is not what basic logic would deduce. The problem here is the economic slave is programmed to hate someone who gets something for nothing, especially those liberal hypocrites of supposedly change & progress

De Blasio endorses former 2020 rival Sanders for presidentNew York City Mayor Bill de Blasio is endorsing Bernie Sanders for president. Yeah I think we know which one will be pitching and which one will be the catcher! Votez realDonaldTrump ,qui fait de très bonne choses pour son pays le reste de sa vie privée regarde que lui Someone’s looking for re-election

New York prosecutor says former movie producer Weinstein abused his powerNew York prosecutors told jurors that Harvey Weinstein abused his power and push... Who knew Reuters would allow such an empty, pointless, obvious, and lame headline through their editorial staff. I wonder how many times he utters the word trump throughout the day. 🥴 So.. He is dead now wright?

Oilman, former Texas governor candidate Williams dies at 88Clayton Williams, a colorful Texas oilman whose 1990 run for governor was derailed by making a joke about rape and saying he didn't pay income taxes one year, has died God bless Sandra Williams 🌷 r.i.p.

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