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Hong Kong turmoil could cast a 'shadow' over China-US trade talks, experts say

Hong Kong turmoil could cast a 'shadow' over China-US trade talks, experts say


Hong Kong turmoil could cast a 'shadow' over China -US trade talks, experts say

'It will just irritate the Chinese that the two [situations] are being linked,' said Richard Harris, CEO of Hong Kong-based asset management firm Port Shelter Investment Management.

"If anything happened bad, I think that would be a very bad thing for the negotiation. I think politically it would be very tough," Trump said of Hong Kong's pro-democracy protests, Reuters said.

have rocked the city for over four months now. They first erupted over a now withdrawn extradition bill that would have allowed fugitives to be transferred to mainland China for trial.

"There's been strong reports, even this morning, that if there is major action by Chinese forces in Hong Kong, that it will certainly be included in terms of the trade deal — and you have to think that's going to be the case," he said.

last week that the "(Hong Kong situation) probably will have some impact on the Chinese side, even despite whatever it has on ours, because this is a sign of domestic dissent within their community and Hong Kong is quite important for the international trading activities of China."

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NBA stirs U.S. hornet's nest, faces China backlash over Hong Kong tweetThe NBA’s response to a Houston Rockets official’s tweet backing Hong Kong protesters draws criticism from U.S. lawmakers you should never have to apologize for supporting freedom. Shame on the NBA how can you not support fighting for freedom. The same freedom that helped you be able to become what you are as an organization. As for my family we stand with the HongKongProtesters for FREEDOM HongKongProtest Unprofessional Reuters

Why the N.B.A. Apologized to China Over Daryl Morey’s Tweet About Hong KongA single tweet from a Houston Rockets executive has catapulted the NBA into a tiptoe act familiar to many companies doing business in China . James Harden, a Rockets guard and one of the league's biggest stars, directly apologized to Chinese fans on Monday. Cowards I am shocked by increasing number of Minions in the USA! Those are supposed to be exclusive products of Made-in-China! What are you sorry for? For someone’s supporting freedom and democracy of HK? What a time to be alive. Apologising to dictators and authoritarians seems to be a thing, which is... real... cool.... 🥴

The NBA Feels a Backlash in China After a Tweet Supporting Hong KongChinese companies have suspended ties with the Rockets, one of the NBA’s most popular teams in China , after Houston’s general manager tweeted his support of pro-democracy protests in Hong Kong. Sports and politics don’t mix well. Our mission at is to build the social media platform that ends fake news Now the world knows what Hongkongers are fighting for.

N.B.A. Executive’s Hong Kong Tweet Starts Firestorm in ChinaDaryl Morey, the general manager of the Houston Rockets basketball team, posted a tweet supporting protesters in Hong Kong. The Chinese Basketball Association then announced that it was suspending cooperation with the Rockets. Welcome to diplomacy by Twitter. He sure can say whatever he wanna day, so can China do whatever they wanna do. Thank you Daryl Morey, for standing up for freedom. F you, NBA, for apologizing.

Hong Kong Protest Tweet Lands Houston Rockets And NBA In China FirestormU.S. lawmakers have shown support for Houston Rockets general manager Daryl Morey after he tweeted support for Hong Kong’s pro-democracy protests drawing criticism from the team’s owner, the NBA, and a growing backlash in China . GOP Congress will speak up now but not against Trump? I stand with Morey! Shame on the NBAOfficial FreedomOfSpeech

James Harden Apologizes to China After Rockets GM's Pro Hong Kong Tweets'We love China ,' Harden said. A DAMN SHAME YOU DO NOT BOW TO DICTATORS PHUCK YOU NBA No balls!!!

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