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Elizabeth Warren could be 'even tougher than Trump' on China, says analyst

Elizabeth Warren could be 'even tougher than Trump' on China, says analyst

10/8/2019 8:01:00 AM

Elizabeth Warren could be 'even tougher than Trump' on China , says analyst

Media reports say China has grown hesitant to pursue a broad trade deal with the U.S. that could include reforms to its industrial policy and subsidies.

industrial policy and subsidies.Such developments have led many analysts to lower their expectations that both sides would reach a trade deal before the 2020 U.S. presidential election.Still, Kaufman is not the only one who suggested Trump may turn out to be China's best bet.

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Clete Willems, a former deputy director of the National Economic Council in the Trump administration, told CNBC last week that "being tough on China is about the only thing" with bipartisan support in Washington."If you're in a scenario where you have someone like Elizabeth Warren as president, I think she's going to be almost as tough as the president on China," Willems, now a partner at law firm Akin Gump, said at that time. "And she may even throw in other issues that he doesn't focus on like human rights, environment and labor, and use that to be tough on China."

Prolonged US-China trade warThe U.S.-China trade war has hurt business sentiment, rocked financial markets and dampened the prospects of global economic growth.Continued friction between the two economic powers could change the structure of the global economy in the longer term, said James Sullivan, head of Asia ex-Japan equity research at J.P. Morgan.

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She’s practically litigating for the PRC against wall street and commoners who manage money better than her🙄 This is why Trump wants her to be the “face of the party” Sure. But she’ll be tougher on America than China is so it balances out. Oh shut up. Could be... would be... How silly is this Tougher on Chinese tweet by CNBC to “an analyst”. This morning CNBC attributed “Warren tougher on Chinese” quote to someone else on its show.

Elizabeth Warren 2020! It is obviously not China but President Trump is delaying to settle a deal. It is such a fake news that China is trying to wait for next elected President. How crazy and stupid can the fake news get! China is not stupid And a bigger liar! Is she 1/540th Chinese too? She’s tough on anyone’s patience

...certain she is a smarter negotiator & will rely on input from experts, offering differing views to create strategy. China is THE market for US companies to be in. But China will respond to carrots, incentives, to act on its bad practices. ...jointly with US allies, all can win Of course, now that hating on China is super popular we end up seeing shit like this. How about praising the only President in modern history who has actually done something about China instead of this garbage?

not good for US & Global economy, will sure cause resecssion if she win! Why you always lying?🤦‍♂️ 1. China is waiting because they are looking for a weaker president so they can get away with things, which is anybody else but Trump. 2. Do you really think China really cares about Climate Change with their industrialization and their build up of arms?

Syria was a war place for many country. Now china has been an agenda for US political parties. The effort to sell Warren to Wall St continues. First it’s jimcramer, now this from CNBC. All this after stories 2 wks ago saying Wall St Dems would sit out or vote for realDonaldTrump if Dems nominate Warren. So who got to CNBC? Likely their big media liberal bosses.

Our mission at is to build the social media platform that ends fake news Especially when she gets on the Warpath. Her trade policy ideas are pretty much just Trump 2.0. Tariffs and 'America First' protectionism repackaged as 'Economic Patriotism.' No thank you 🤮 I mean who can we vote for ? Biden is not qualified Bernie can’t take care of Vt & it’s only 600T citizens. Who left ? Please give us a candidate instead of committee meetings to impeach Trump

What about her lies? Let’s cover those. 😂😂😂🤦🏼‍♂️ Hillary Clinton loves China. Elizabeth Warren too? What a blowhard Lol it’s actually true but she is tough in a way that makes no sense .

GOP challenger says Trump is a traitor for asking Ukraine and China to investigate BidensFormer GOP Rep. Joe Walsh, a longshot candidate for the Republican nomination for president, called President Trump a 'traitor' for asking Ukraine and China to investigate former VP Joe Biden and his son, Hunter, and again argued Trump should be impeached Funny how it’s not a quid pro quo anymore. How exactly is this wrong but Hillary and likely Obama working with Ukraine to get dirt on Trump in 2016 isn’t? May just be my favorite republican at the moment,,,,,,,,,, So we're not to tell one Party from the other anymore. The truth is they reveal themselves for there is no conservatism in people like Joe Walsh.

Trump Urging China To Probe Biden 'Completely Inappropriate,' Says Susan Collins“I thought the president made a big mistake by asking China to get involved in investigating a political opponent," said Maine&39;s Republican senator. We are all this woman. It’s ok Susan to show your true colors. You love Trump just say it. You are fine with his crimes. Doesn’t matter anyways because you are getting voted out. Kavanaugh did you in. Bye Susan. Using a desert spoon for soup is “inappropriate”. Asking an authoritarian regime with whom we are engaged in a trade war (and who granted trademarks to the presidents daughter) to investigate a leading political rival is impeachable conduct.

Original Trump Goal In China Trade Talks AbandonedAfter abandoning its initial goals with China , U.S. officials hope for a modest deal to limit the economic damage caused by Trump’s tariffs. Trade Talks '...limit the economic damage caused by Trump's tariffs'. Trump only demands that China reciprocate by opening its market to U.S. companies, to stop discriminating them and to stop demanding that they give them their technology worth hundreds of billions each year.

Original Trump Goal In China Trade Talks AbandonedAfter abandoning its initial goals with China , U.S. officials hope for a modest deal to limit the economic damage caused by Trump’s tariffs. Do You Want To create cinematic style intro video In $10? Visit My Portfolio: Please Contact Me: BUET Dhaka WordPress webdesign TheMusicVideo BoyWithLuv 3danimation video YouTube Fiverr RT worst president in US history ….. its all a mirage “When adding the tariffs in effect and the tariffs set to go into effect by the end of 2019 . . . the tariffs will cost the average household $2,031 per year.”

White House won't say if Trump was joking about China investigating BidenThe White House has not yet said whether President Trump was joking when he publicly encouraged China to launch a corruption investigation into former VP Joe Biden . Narcissist AbuseOfPower TraitorInChief ExposeTheTruth If this is thriving, I would hate to see him struggle. ImpeachTrump Brokahontas DerangedDonald LyingTraitor Strangely, it doesn't feel lucky, unless you include bad luck.

Trump: There's a chance of something 'substantial' in China trade talksPresident Trump sounds an optimistic note about this week's negotiations with China to end the trade war between the two economic super powers, adding that he would not be satisfied with a partial deal Really reuters? You're just going to report the news as if this thing is a normal presidency where we're not under siege by a criminally insane Russian plant squatting in our white house? P S. He’s lying, as always.