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Harry Styles Turns Down the Prince Eric Role in Little Mermaid

Fans will be disappointed to hear that the One Direction singer won't be a part of Ariel's world


We wish he could be part of that world, but Harry Styles has 'respectfully declined' playing Prince Eric in the live-action TheLittleMermaid.

Fans will be disappointed to hear that the One Direction singer won't be a part of Ariel's world

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Yes I do. He is the perfect choice for Prince Eric 😭💔😔 no that is an absolutely amazing decision Yes. Harry is no longer relevant. Ew he is not worthy of being prince Eric Harry is smart he makes the right decision for his career, I do think he could of done a great job at it but he can also do bigger things ppl love him he will be huge u see the key is to hv good stuff coming up quality over quantity

big big mistake but i love him so much i will always support my hasben wkwk It shouldn't be a mistake. Just pick someone else than Harry. Some fans need him to 'get back' in 1D for sure. 😞 Massive mistake...his accent blends well with the character Omg, this is the best news

Harry Styles Reportedly Turns Down 'The Little Mermaid' Role Harry Styles won't be part of The Little Mermaid's world. A source confirms that he has respectfully declined the role of Prince Eric. Awww Kaitlinn89 sorry I think he's not appropriate

Nik_1566 He can do better What’s new HEARTBREAKING LIES cant_relatesry WHYYYY therlytiredgirl Lots of disappointed people but I think this was a good career decision for him. His next role should be a character with some guile not perfect. HarryStyles This one is pure massive 😎💖😘😍Zayn is perfect . Don't miss that guy Disney DisneyStudios . Already you missed that Aladdin

hhha,the actress is so ugly , harry did a good job pauverduzco

Japanese Harry Styles fans reveal how they Stan differently‘I love Harry because he’s so kind and he’s so sweet, he is an ideal boyfriend, I love him so much.' mozima_qayyum stylespromoarmy Umm... Isn't that about stalking?🥴

anitaaguilar99 well thanks god I think we all know who should play Prince Eric it’s ShawnMendes ShawnMendes YESSS Hmmm.. Not really F**k the Little Mermaid...we need 1D more Get someone else Smart move. There are better roles he can tackle if he wants something a lot more serious. BtsAteezWintber Thank god at least we won’t have a Zionist playing Prince Eric

Harry Styles Passes on 'Little Mermaid' RoleThe former One Direction performer would have starred opposite 'Grown-ish' actress Halle Bailey , who will play Ariel. Leave me alone!!!!!!! WE GET IT let us mourn in peace a winning for hs2

maycoxa Nah, I'd rather have Noah Centineo as Eric oh no! DavidArchuleta!!!!! Ahahahaha good praise Jesus !!! 🙄🙄🙄 Jordan_Fisher please and thank you!! WKWKWKKWKW fer_villa97 no va a estar en la película?!?! 🥺

Harry Styles Isn't Prince EricAccording to 'The Little Mermaid' insiders. Me too!😞 ShawnMendes I WANT YOU! V: Devastated

HOW DARE YOU HARRY I’M CALLING THE POLICE He needs to be about 15 years older?! Omg he would’ve been great dlaura96 dreams crashing down fast I’m crying, tell me it’s not true “ respectfully declined “ 😹👌🏼 WHYYY!!! bibliophilee_ RunkPockk

Harry Styles Passes on Prince Eric Role in Live-Action ‘Little Mermaid’ Harry Styles has passed on the role of Prince Eric in “The Little Mermaid,” sources confirmed to Variety. Sources say the initial reports about his casting were premature and that Style… OfficialWithHES WHATS THE TRUTH OfficialWithHES devastatin luv OfficialWithHES please just say “sike”

This is a sad day. theruthhartnett 😱😱😱 Hallelujah! What about JacobElordi? He would be perf! abbieenriquez :( HE WHAT but whyyyyy NOOOOO!!! I’m so sad I was so excited for this! TinaRange 😭😭 wuweigirl twitter is ruining my mood

Harry Styles Has Reportedly Signed On as Prince Eric in 'The Little Mermaid' Live-Action FilmHe's perfect! king In the words of Sister Jude, “God always answers our prayers” This is real!!?!

reginaavb_ WHAT ARE YOU DOING? What about Shawn Mendez as Prince Eric? To me, he's better looking. Yay 🥳, now they can cast a handsome up and coming actor. We want a new face. Why are people crushed about this? Best news of the year so far. Now please take your flipping time and do some good casting. We already have to put up with the fake Halle Berry chick (Halle Bailey ffs 😂)

nothing goes right anymore dang Good.

Whhhyyyyyyy 😫😫😫😫 Rebe_SC 💔💔💔 As he should. why would you do that to me :(((( Whaaaaatttt 😱😱😱 Its_Yulisa_ 😭😭😭😭 :( WHAT Who agrees? Is he right to turn down the role?

I don’t understand how people are looking elsewhere when DARREN FREAKING CRISS EXISTS. Honestly I don’t think I’ve ever been disappointed in Harry Styles except now :( I remember 10 seconds ago where idek this tweet F U Racist! Thank the Lord OfficialJackM

sambriones1 ke Ok so does that mean its cuz yall are planning OneD reunion? Pls confirm or deny Harry_Styles NiallOfficial Louis_Tomlinson LiamPayne Wise man. Once you step into Disney's world, you'll never hear the and of it. Wow I got hopes up and now I’m crushed He should be I suddenly stan He wants to play Ariel instead

Like 44 minutes ago everyone was saying that he was going to play The Prince Eric Lol who is we? No one who loves and respects the little mermaid would want harry styles in it. Period. What the actually fuck

what about ShawnMendes? HAROLD EDWARD STYLES HOW DARE YOU As much as I don't like Harry he actually looks the part unlike Ariel casting Can u stop I’m still hurting I think nickjonas would suit Prince Eric and his voice ooofh 🔥😍😍😍 tessavagasky oh stop. it still hurts

Let me introduce you to jordan fisher

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