Harry Styles, The Little Mermaid

Harry Styles, The Little Mermaid

Harry Styles Passes on Prince Eric Role in Live-Action ‘Little Mermaid’

Harry Styles passes on Prince Eric role in live-action 'Little Mermaid'


Harry Styles passes on Prince Eric role in live-action 'Little Mermaid'

Harry Styles has passed on the role of Prince Eric in “ The Little Mermaid ,” sources confirmed to Variety. Sources say the initial reports about his casting were premature and that Style…

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Ian Sommerhalder😌😏 park jimin has entered the chat I mean at least he’s going to stop getting hate Why would he wth PrinceEric MattBomer 😍 stopkook JIMIN We stan Cof cof Njirrr baru kmrn katanya heriii yg jadi

Japanese Harry Styles fans reveal how they Stan differently‘I love Harry because he’s so kind and he’s so sweet, he is an ideal boyfriend, I love him so much.' mozima_qayyum stylespromoarmy Umm... Isn't that about stalking?🥴

Thank god for that! MATT BOMER!! COME ON MattBomer SHAWN MENDES, THANKS. Elizabeth_Dots NOOOO 👋👋 Let me take a shot at the title. I’ll sing the seaweed off her. TheLittleMermaid PrinceEric disney says who? cause I heard it was confirmed he was prince eric so who’s lyin to me? kira1793 زين سوا that’s a tragedy


Here's the Deal on If Harry Styles Is Actually Playing Prince Eric in the 'Little Mermaid' RemakePeople think Harry Styles is playing Prince Eric in the new ' The Little Mermaid ' live-action remake, but here's the deal on if those rumors are true. We don’t want it who told him he could even act

MatsosoLintle and I would’ve liked to see it too😭✨ I volunteer as tribute. They didn’t cast Ariel well so why does it matter what Eric looks like? It doesn’t just randomly cast everyone coz it’ll flop anyway 😂🧜🏻‍♀️ xx Did Harry Styles participate in any castings? I know I am his mom, but TrevorMHutchins Would be a really cute prince.

hi, this is hendery WHYY OH WHY😭 I don’t want it Let him be Prince Eric sad

Is the World Ready for Harry Styles to Play Prince Eric? Twitter Says Hell YeahThe upcoming live-action remake for The Little Mermaid has cast Harry Styles as Prince Eric.

Harry was perfect for the paper hendery says hi Dis-as-ster. ما يشبهه:) you’re welcome But why Shawn Mendes por el amor de Dioooooooor My heart is soo broken...why did you turn it down harry 😢😢 💔....am sure he has good reason....so is all good ☀️ Okay HS2 is comingggg

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has to be black. Interspecial is one thing, but we are just not ready for interracial mermarriage shons_ped BRIE LARSON EXISTS this is going to be a disaster. Casting agent: *Closes eyes and throws a dart at a board containing the names of every tall white actor in Hollywood* Dart hits Ansel Elgort. Or Timothee Chalamet. Or Liam Hemsworth. Or Jacob Elordi.

luizaprados lu ele nos traiu They all do horrible. Except Jungle Book Man was like notmyAriel Richard madden.

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Um okay why I’m pissed xtiiiiiiina I’m depressed Thank god for that, Prince Eric is supposed to be good lookin! He would be better fit for the mermaid imho It would be more good & perfect if Jimin could get a chance to play this role... Just saying😄😄 MPN BTS ARMY BoyWithLuv BTS_twt MTVHottestBTS BTS_twt KCAMexico BTS BTS_twt

Now i want Jade thirlwall to be ariel LittleMix MTVHottest BBMAs VMAs ynezanara 👀 Good! 😏 Intellectual may i present DARREN CRISS

North West Styles Herself and Serves Looks on Family Trip to JapanKim calls North “the ultimate fashionista” – and shares the photos to prove it (via toofab) TooFab TooFab we been parting from sunup don't you know... TooFab If she is, they created it. And if she’s that way at 7, imagine her at 16.

ArwEn_DAME 😱😂 Thank fuck. I think we can all agree that DarrenCriss is the perfect Prince Eric Too old anyway. Yeah! I said it! *she said while wiping tears of disappointment* We need a brotha up in this role hsdaily Am so heart broken...why Harry ?😢😢💔💔💔💔 huhu gi turn down niya paasaaa haha HilasNgaPobre

hsdaily we might get Noah centipede now yikes Noooo ktbenson

Meh 💔 Don't play with my heart 💔 AtotheBEY 😭 doughtybethany UMMMM DarrenCriss please thanks vicparsons_ absolutely no eyem confusion I—

Harry_Styles Damn dude, that's so fuck up. Don't get our hopes up like that.. 'Local man dodges bullet' PARK JIMIN IS THE ONLY ONE Thank you. I'm going to go in a corner and cry now. mejor porque no sabe actuar lol nonononono CharmanDavis Because he knows Jimin is better suited

He's too much of a princess to play a prince ellievdw Okay now can Disney take EmeraudeToubia / TessaThompson_x into consideration as princess Erica because HELLOOOOO 🥰🥰 Oh okay So my spawn watches this Disney show called Liv and Maddie and I’m just saying ryanmccartan would be a decent Prince Eric. Dude has chops, seems like the perfect amount of goofy but charming and that jawline could cut glass. TheLittleMermaid PrinceEric Disney DisneyStudios

WHAT!? Harry_Styles 😰 This is disappointing. The visuals were beyond but I'm still here for Halle tbh. I know she gonn slay👏🏾👏🏾 THIS IS HOMOPHOBIA

jessica__dunn ionahemmings ? 💔 okay, hear me out we clowns Could be Jharrel Jerome. OMG THANKS GOD next time please make the gay version of it and Choose larry as the acters good. he's a better actor than how shit this movie is gonna be. Thank god he wont be in it This man is driving me crazy Oiii oiiii BOO

Congrats Harry_Styles bebeloves ko 💕 hsdaily WHO IS SOURCES HarryStyles PrinceEric Recapacita y acepta por favor. Consúltalo con la almohada y mañana me avisas que onda Harry_Styles oh what My happiness lasted 2 secs kaitlynpotts THANK GOD hsdaily I mean....🙄😏 BethanyEnnever

Good it’s a perfect role for idriselba I want Henrry Cavil. Why couldn’t it just be Henry Cavill? I mean LOOK AT HIM. oMiss_Louise hmm🤔 He’s got a good team man. He’s just not that kind of talent for that kind of project. He’s ..... on another level lol Pafollow guys❤️❤️😁I'll follow you quick😘💛 I feel like a🤡 😭😭😭 I knew it was too good to be true

🤗 hsdaily i locked myself out of my account and this tweet got deleted, love that Ik this nigga didnt jus- Yayy 💥 xc8lyn Or how about karanbrar: Does ShawnMendes act? I could picture him doing it. it's not his type of thing at all I already knew he won't. anyways the movie is gonna suck now.

he’s not allowed to though i’m sad at least i had 8 hours of joy......🤡😔 us rn 😭 Good for him!!! i was actually excited to see u Harry wtf asegvra felicidade dura pouco e a prova tá ae Good. That was a close one AbigailOxley1

Thank god WAIT NO WTF Ummmm, thank god OMG!!! I'm happy for him 😍 -what I’m not even a Harry fan but I can’t really see anyone else as Prince Eric if we’re being honest. Que feas maneras deveras. thank god Praise be we deserved this

I don’t really care. Do you? My_Echo4 Could we just...-not- have a live-action Little Mermaid? The best timeline is the one where these rehashes never existed, and we just got occasional theatrical releases of the animated (read: GOOD) versions of these films. he hates us omfg ? NO kinda hurt destinyvargas96

just... can he not be a white boy...😑 MissTiffanyL Good. I don’t think he would be a good fit. 🙋🏽‍♂️ Phew! no one: harry rn: 🤡 A não thestylespics what the fuck NO IT SHOULD BE JIMIN AS PRINCE ERIC😭😭😭

the whole fandom: 🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡 I wonder why he would pass on a such a huge role and opportunity. Falling in love and kissing a Black woman too much for him? Not a good look for his demographic? Questions... 👀 Uh he's not an actor Por fin alguien de la realeza actuará en una película👌👍👌👍puede qué no haya nacido de un duque o de un rey , pero para las directioners harry siempre será nuestro príncipe

Shacara_Shacara how are we doing? Ahhhhh my heart!❤ He’s so annoying 😫 stephthebest96 well then........ what a journey this has been I can picture seeing ShawnMendes playing Prince Eric

I respect his decision 😭 tá bom WE HAVE iansomerhalder TOO Harry_Styles what the hell CynCity4 DohaMadani

😲 noguiltlife noooooooooo. the white man bringing us down yet again. welp i’m officially the biggest clown of all time If only Matt Bomer was the right age to play him. He would’ve been a perfect fit. How about ShawnMendes This is illegal I- Disney we all know that WayV_official Hendery is a perfect fit for the role

Well thank god robraco still has a chance now

khaleesydd bellemarinozzi oh He knew he couldn’t take the role, as the role should ONLY belong to Jimin. well thank god literally what the fuck is the answer ihcuihlcbkshbzfkb HARRY GIVE US THE TRUTH PLEZ IM LOSING MY MIND What about NO oh daniela_abm

Jordan_Fisher VEM QUE É SUA HORA MENINO Thanks!! He deserves better movies. tlg527 I mean, I sensed it wasn’t true 👀🤔 🤡🤡🤡 — all of us rn vanyr42 :( Lots a disappointed people, but not me. I want Harry playing someone with more shades of grey. eu sou uma piada para vc harry styles? nooooooooooooooooo


don't play with my feelings Oh thank god. Best decision he’s ever made okay wtf hanimaulidy rahmasar_ 😢 RachyLuu NOOOOOO Give the role to a woman, lol hsdaily cant_relatesry Stage N° 1 regina74 Well on to the next!

What about WhoseRyanStiles NO wait what ... Erick come through with the acting? WHYYYY Darn 🙁 wot y yo pensando que era verdad

thestylespics TroyGrider Good MrMouthAlmighty Thank god thestylespics I respect his decision, but I just wish we hadn’t gotten our hopes up:( HOW DO YOU KNOW Why Ok so like ErickBrianColon still in the running then

Thank the lord SOFROOOOOO jucrux ok fomos trouxas jakeperaltu Good. He can not act. mans a mess cancel the movie disney this is what i feel like rn Thank god

CelinaMendes17 Harold why hsdaily so stop clowning and prepare for HS2 sarahjarvis97 I am excited for this!! ❤️💜💚🧡💙💛

StylinsonSource Duda_AragaoS2 O choro eh livre amiga thestylespics Bro capital said that he is officially cast. And capital had nick grimshaw. Nick is friends with Harry. I choose to trust capital more discomartinss VOY A HACER BERRINCHE zamafer3003 weeeey WEEEEEEY AHHHHHHHH I am a fucking joke to you?

I don’t understand why he would do this to us- Honestly Im happy her turned it down i mean he would have been a good role for prince eric! But he just didnt want to participate with Disney and the production of the little mermaid who are exploiting black people for money!! jaymeowth don’t come in my room i’m crying

Thank god “sources...sources....sources” WHAT DID HARRY SAY

Sara__Terrazas the world can be so cruel hsdaily Please... no... Prince Eric Nooooooooooooo sophimm a alegria durou pouco FernandaAvolio help thestylespics WHYYY :((( SarahBaska harrystrashcan

thank god i was so scared i was going to have to skip this one Whyyyyyy abigail_cash Smart move, now ShawnMendes can take on ok but... darren criss also auditioned JUST SAYING so i’ve been lied to WE WERE SO CLOSE Probably cause he knows it's shite.

He’s too flamboyant and Erik wasn’t British so Good on him I love him but he did the right thing he will find a roll that will suit him just right my heart is broken StylesHUpdates Thank god eye StylinsonSource Puta que pariu , é mas uma vez fui feita de trouxa , seu bostaaaaaaaa AMEN TheHSUpdate SarahBaska

If it’s not harry styles, the roll should go to michael cera he’s too old anyway

ok harold what the fuck emma_toney emily_munger chereenoel92 maecoyiuto 😭 Actually kind of glad. we really lost this one... kk Damn what a waste of time... He’s a great actor but I’m sure he knows what best for him . Can’t wait to see him on the screen again some day. PLEASE SAY SIKE ok

ssgueiros taliawynzel brb crying I’m sad emptymelodies phew StylesHUpdates I am so happy about this. I really didn’t want him to sign a contract with Disney. I think he wanted the role, but something about the negotiations didn’t make sense to him. Good for him. HS2IsComing WHAT WHY

No love lost hsdaily so he won't play prince eric? I hate everything Oh shit Here’s your prince Eric right here 💕 he WHAT NOW Joe Keery for Prince Eric! Clown check! Ok but robraco anyone? I mean... THOSE EYES😩🔥 Omegat

actually wanna cry que pena ....we know who should play prince eric. vintagexpost NOOO 😭😭😭 okay Disney could you now consider nickgalitzine as Prince Eric 🤞🏼🤞🏼 🥺 Mmmkay wuweigirl hsdaily he better be releasing tour dates, his music video, a single, and his albumn really soon then bc-

🥳 OfficialWithHES I’m disappointed time for princess erica to take over So he’s not prince Eric ok fuck a gebte ate ja tava combinando de assistir hotz_mariana hsdaily IS THIS TRUE Yeeeeessssss, no receding hairline for prince Eric ...but now I'm scared at the second choice. hsdaily Nobody talk to me for the rest of the day.

OHTHANKGOD caroleighlayne

Ainda bem. quero me matar say sike rn Shawn Mendes corre aqui Littlemermaid Smart!! Ok 🤡🤡🤡🤡 hsdaily He ain’t no fool.

Ganteng - ocay omg Its okay cz HS2 is coming!!!! thank god honestly But why Give it to Thomas Doherty!!! Disney WHHYYYYYYYY I’ll do it. Broke, unemployed actor. Just pay off my student debt Disney Ok i’m fine. Ohhhh crapp

i’m not trusting anything until disney or harry confirms or denies lmao well I'm sorry to hear that. He would have been great. Oh well. He's probably working on his next album or something and doesn't have time. Good. He's not attractive. Let alone attractive enough to play that part. What.... harryslittleba2 anao

we keep winning Great. Now the movie will suck. Ariel will probably be the only good thing about the live action movie. Unless they get someone else to play Ursula then it could be good. Little mermaid is my favorite Disney princess so my expectations for this whole thing are very high. smart move. Okay if yall dont take Harry please take jimin instead

bmires3 oia HarryBRCom Triste por acabar de descobrir q pode ser mentira 😔 We going ✈️down Stay_Jade 😭😭😭😭😭 mayramsna the lord giveth WE LOST futuretwunk what a twist YESSS. He really played us...

thestylespics ZoeyBriggs2 noooooooo alexa play night changes by one direction 🤧 lexalacroix eye- kim junmyeon go off! that's so hot tbh Are u kidding, I really thought for once I wasn’t a clown 🤡 Well, I feel my interest returning.

CHIMCHAMS95 THANKGOD There is a chance for Ruby Rose or Briana Hildebrand SarahBaska are you okay Jk Stan Harry styles!!! I didn’t want him as prince Eric jocelynnunezz May prayers were answered 🤲 and his reputation is saved ! thestylespics I thought I was almost done with college but I guess I have to enroll at Clown State

Me me rn abzvr fui feita de palgaça we all know that kim junmyeon is prince eric StylesHUpdates ..........i’ve never been so devestated I feel betrayed NOOOOOOO STOP IT 😭😭😭 Adiós Sirenita

hsdaily MaJooMenaa 🤡 Thank goodness! Good. Excuse me.. hsdaily the way they used him for hype lol ... That was a smart move Harry!

FYCK NO sad.sad.sad a win itsmelissi kayla_slayla_ DAMN not you tweeting about this TWICE please leave me ALONE lets gooo hendery HEAT nicole_donovan7 you where righttttttt! But could this mean he’s working on something big?

all of us rn : THAT pic. He's too good to be in disney trash tbh. someone call ZacEfron wait what I WANTED HARRY That not what Prince Eric does, Variety GOD read a book. The caption 😂😂😂 stream hs2, next

hsdaily i’ve just been 🤡’d hsdaily we're clowns. Thank goodness. huh where r our clown wigs hsdaily FML Maybe Timothée Chalamet will take the role. Please stop bullying me, Variety 😂😂😂😂😂💀💀💀💀

he said: hendery prince eric we r going to pretend we didn’t see that Prince Eric never went under the sea, either. well at least that means the HS2 tour will be next year :) This is why news sites shouldn’t post stories based on speculation. StylesHarryCL NOOOOO thinking about what we could’ve had....😭 *sigh*

Even tho he’s a popular pick does he have any background in acting like? hsdaily MDSS QUE TOMBOO OfficialWithHES 😭😭😭😭😭😭 This is SO unfortunate MAKE UP YOUR MIND PEOPLE hsdaily Yooooo NNONONON BAD HARRY hsdaily We’ve Been Clowned

Fuci OfficialWithHES OfficialWithHES Thank you lord jesus Why was it offered OfficialWithHES HS2 COMING Me after all those rumours just hours ago hsdaily whaaaat! clown makeup permanently applied Good for him!!! 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

ok now please recast ursala too pls lovatofroot this is homophobic StylesHUpdates my heart ,,,,, hurts OfficialWithHES say sike right now Wow 😭 hsdaily i- iavillaabrille hsdaily hs2 is coming

this yall's fav? HAROLD🤡 N hsdaily pls we clowns who r hurt NO Thank gosh. Can we get HarryShumJr? Or literally anyone other than a pop star. OfficialWithHES please just say “sike” OfficialWithHES devastatin luv OfficialWithHES WHATS THE TRUTH

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