Graham to Esper in spat over Africa plan: I could 'make your life hell'

Sen. Graham tells Defense Sec. Esper he could 'make your life hell' in battle over idea to withdraw U.S. troops from part of Africa.


Sen. Graham tells Defense Sec. Esper he could 'make your life hell' in battle over idea to withdraw U.S. troops from part of Africa.

During a meeting in Munich, Graham warned Defense Secretary Mike Esper there would be consequences if the Trump administration pulled U.S. troops from Africa.

Several members told Esper that leaving would abandon a key U.S. ally, France, whose military has been leading the fight against terrorists in the region while the U.S. acts in a support role.Later at the Munich conference, after the exchange with members of Congress, Esper praised the French for their work in the Sahel and said he had spoken with his French counterpart about the possibility of a change in U.S. support in Africa.

Esper said at the Reagan National Defense Forum in December that he was looking at"all of these places where I can free up troops, where I could either bring them home to allow them to rest and refit and retrain or then reallocate them to Indo-Pacific to compete with the Chinese, to reassure our allies, to conduct exercises and training."

Esper began a review to look at the U.S. military combatant commands all over the world to determine whether resources were distributed to best support the National Defense Strategy, which says Russia and China are the biggest strategic competitors to the U.S. The review is widely expected to result in a cut in the number of U.S. troops in Africa to counter China and Russia elsewhere, with emphasis on sending more U.S. forces to the Asia Pacific region.

"Any withdrawal or reduction would likely result in a surge in violent extremist attacks on the continent," the letter warned."A withdrawal would also abandon our partners and allies in the region."Trump recently has increased the number of U.S. troops in the Middle East, for instance, by more than he has brought home. Many of the new deployments have been in response to increased tension with Iran. But the president has said publicly and privately to aides that he's eager to draw down the number of troops overseas.

that aims to wind down the war in Afghanistan, but there is no final agreement yet.

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Boyfriend troubles got Graham agitated. We’re not France’s only ally. Where’s NATO as a whole in supporting this common ally in a common good effort. Headline would be more accurate, if it read, “US may change policy and behave like rest of France’s NATO allies by not supporting efforts in Africa.” LadyLindsey sure got mouthy since he started thinking hes got barr protection. Pretty aggressive from a dog whos been neutered by trump.

Until they show pics of graham kissing his boyfriend . 🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗 Send.Graham =Puk leanne_cali And here we go again. Lindsay flip flops his support yet again. One day he’s with tRUMP, next day he’s not. Senators and House members met with Esper on the margins of the Munich Security Conference. Sens. Graham and Coons told Sec. Esper that Congress would not support a US troop withdrawal from the Sahel region in Africa and laying out the reasons to keep the troop presence there.

Graham has aligned with the devil, he’s already in hell. Who’s afraid of loser LindseyGrahamSC? No one 🤷‍♀️ That's the kind of crap LindseyGrahamSC is dealing out these days - hunt spreading crap! Pathetic! Nobody should be signing up for America's military now

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Graham must be having boyfriend troubles. LindseyGrahamSC you.are.a So two people actually in the meeting said he didn’t say that but let’s run the story anyway lol You are not their to make things difficult (hell) but rather to facilitate. If you stay sober long enough. SC you can do better. What an embarrassment!

Sit down Ms. Graham. SC is suffering. you need to take care of your own backyard... That's a threat on it's own, Russian lil biatch

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Its past time for Graham to go the troops are fighting there without adequate support, with no real mission or war declared. bring them home now!!!!! DebraDuGemini59 Marco Rubio, Mitch McConnell, Donald Trump and Lindsey Graham campaigns took $7.35 million from an Oligarch linked to Russia. They are compromised and no longer represent the interest of the United States.

Just like Trump is doing to Graham. Must have some serious shit on him. TakeAmericaBack RemoveBarr RemoveLawlessTrump America is Falling into Oligarchy!⚖️🗽🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 LMAO, what's Ms. Lindsey going to do clutch some pearls and throw in some concerned hand wringing? Why are U.S. troops in Africa? There is no adult dialog with these bastards.

Graham Cracker sit down and shut up. Your cell in hell is waiting for your sweetness self Your cell is padded in pretty pastel colors. You won’t be around much longer anyway Lindsey. So you better get this all out of the way now.

Joe Biden: I'm 'disappointed' in Lindsey GrahamFormer Vice President Joe Biden said Sunday morning that he is 'disappointed' in Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., for bowing to political pressure CreepyUncleJoe is confused. LindseyGrahamSC hasn’t bowed to political pressure. That would be the former VPOTUS. Sorry JoeBiden LindseyGrahamSC isn't bowing to political pressure!! It's called doing his job‼ I just bet he is

LindseyGrahamSC NEEDS to start worrying about realDonaldTrump and going after those for AttemptedCoup or he’s NOT being ReElected!!! PERIOD! Lindsey is out of control. GOPBetrayedAmerica 😱😭😱😭😱😭😱😭😭😭 Welcome to the Banana Republic of Drumpf and friends IDGAF ! I'M OFFICIALLY A DICTATOR ! ABSOLUTELY ABOVE ALL LAWS AND CREATING MY OWN ! AND I'M BACKED BY MY CORRUPT CONSTITUTION !

Make his life HELL is alright with me! YOU AND TRUMP SUPPORTERS HAVE ALREADY MADE OUR LIVES A LIVING HELL ! SHOUTING Very sad the bootlicker he's turned into. What a sad, little man LindseyGrahamSC. What a clown! Like his mentor, John McCain, Lindsey would start a war with Canada if he could. Why is Graham in Munich anyway? That clown is in over his head.

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What a spoiled, petty little man Lindsey has proven to be Diplomacy in America now, operating off threats... 👍 🇺🇸 We've come such a long way. Lindsey needs to go. OK, go ahead, but stop making life hell for everybody else. Graham seems to be living in his own special hell. That’s Really a Mature Way to Make Policy

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