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Afghanistan, Nobel Prizes

From exile, female former Afghan leader keeps fighting

Two months after the Taliban seized power in Afghanistan, one of the country’s once-prominent female leaders, Fawzia Koofi, is visiting the United Nations, not as a representative of her government but as a woman in exile.

10/22/2021 9:01:00 AM

Two months after the Taliban seized power in Afghanistan , one of the country’s once-prominent female leaders, Fawzia Koofi, is visiting the United Nations , not as a representative of her government but as a woman in exile.

NEW YORK (AP) — Two months after the Taliban seized power in Afghanistan , one of the country’s once-prominent female leaders — a former parliament member, candidate for president and a nominee for the Nobel Peace Prize — is visiting the United Nations , not as a representative of her government but as a woman in exile.

with the United States in February 2020.“After they signed the agreement, they were more extreme and they were more into buying time, preferring a military strategy,” she said.Taliban fighters pursued that strategy in the summer, seizing province after province until they reached Kabul in August. When

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the Taliban entered the capital, sparking panic among many who had opposed their rule and feared for their lives and futures.ADVERTISEMENTThat was the fatal blow to reaching a political settlement many had hoped would cement the gains women had achieved in access to education, work and the legal system, Koofi said.

She also blamed “world leaders,” seeming to point a finger at U.S. President Joe Biden. “As a superpower, the United States has a major responsibility and should be held accountable,” she said.When he announced withdrawal plans,Biden said he was bound by the timetable set by the Trump administration

and that the U.S. could not continue to extend the military presence in Afghanistan and expect a different result.Still, Koofi said she thinks the breakdown of peace talks and the Taliban takeover could have been avoided. Pausing as tears ran down her face, she said: “I mean, every day we are actually dealing with this trauma.”

Her former female colleagues in parliament, female judges who used to sentence people affiliated with the Taliban and some journalists who spoke out against the group are now fearful, she said.The Taliban must also be held accountable, she added, for their pledges that women would be able to go to school and work “within the principles of Islam.”

Each day, Koofi said she gets hundreds of text and voice messages largely from women still in Afghanistan, hoping she can help them.“They’re very angry ... that I am not with them at these difficult times,” she said. “The women, especially, they keep sending me messages expressing their anger that, you know, ‘We need you to be here with us in the streets of Kabul,’ and they are right.”

Women she used to work with and who were the breadwinners in their families send her photos of themselves as reminders.“Psychologically to process this and to be able to adjust and accept, it’s not been easy,” she said. “Not only for me, for every woman and man that I have met in the last two months after I left Kabul.”

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Taliban blames U.S. as 1 million Afghan kids face death by starvationAs the humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan spirals out of control under Taliban rule, the militant group tells CBS News 'the U.S. should release our money, so we can save more children.' The us was in charge for the last 2 decades what do you mean What a surprise! The ability to wield an automatic weapon doesn't translate into leadership skills! Who knew! The Taliban STOLE BILLIONS in CASH and they WON'T FEED the Kids ! Time to let Loose the KRAKEN on them !

Russia, hosting Taliban at international conference, calls for Afghan aidRussia called on Wednesday for international aid to support Kabul , as it hosted the Taliban at a major international conference on Afghanistan forthe first time since the group took power in August. The 9+ year Russia-Afghan War cost ~15,000 Russian soldiers their lives, wounded ~35,000 Russian soldiers, and KILLED ~2 MILLION AFGHAN CIVILIANS. Is this Russia's idea of Rapprochement? Muhammad Qasim Ibn Abdul Karim has seen many dreams in which Allah and Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) advised him to follow the straight path and the things he should avoid. All these dreams confirm the message of Quran and hadith. He is the Imam Al-Mahdi!

Afghan Taliban agrees to new national polio vaccination driveWith the Taliban trying to win the world’s recognition of its new government, the movement has taken a sharp turn from its past opposition to vaccination campaigns, which have not taken place in over three years. Silahla öldüremediler aşıyla öldürecekler...

Afghan midwives vow to help mothers and babies under Taliban ruleThe teachers at an Afghan midwifery college in a Taliban stronghold have dodged bullets through their office windows and seen their last training centre blown up.

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