Former Participants On Home Makeover Shows Are Revealing What Their Houses Look Like Now, And Yikes

'In reality, it was literally things stuck together with staples and tape.'

6/7/2021 8:45:00 AM

'In reality, it was literally things stuck together with staples and tape.'

'In reality, it was literally things stuck together with staples and tape.'

Trading Spaces, and said the quality of construction was"crap":I worked forTrading Spaceson TLC in the early 2000s.I’d be VERY surprised if any of the crap they did is still holding up.—Tap to play or pause GIFTap to play or pause GIFTLC10.This person said their sister got a rather impractical home makeover, and took most of it down when the cameras left:

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My sister’s master bedroom got a makeover on a “surprise your spouse” show. The designer was going for an “Arabian nights” romantic vibe, but it ended up pretty weird looking with all the closets hidden behind yards of draped fabric. They took it all down and painted the room a neutral color within months. The show also took the ceiling fan out and replaced it with a giant tree branch wired up with twinkling lights. Not too long afterwards, half the lights went out and it was too hot in the room without the fan, so that got put back as well.

On the bright side, it didn’t cost them anything and was a fun experience, and they got a couple of new furniture pieces out of it, but in the end, they didn’t keep any of it the same.—11.This person shared their family friends' unfortunate experience getting their home redone on TV:

Some family friends were on one of those shows...Their son was 6ish years old and really into trains, so he got an insanely train-themed room, complete with a ride-on train that chugged slowly on a track around the room.It was great at first, but he outgrew it really quickly and was embarrassed by his train room within a few years

. ... The paint on the outside of the house started chipping off within weeks and the house looked HORRIBLE with big chunks of peeled-off paint. Read more: BuzzFeed »

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My father was in construction for over 40 years and he said even new houses built since the 90’s were being built too quickly and he would go into 2 or 3 year old homes and would see cracks going from the ground floor to the ceiling of the second floor and various other isssues. It is not surprising that rushed work doesn’t hold up, I always thought that extreme makeover should reign it in on the design and give the homeowners some money to help with the added costs of a bigger home and property tax increases.

ItsTheBrandi You are *f-ing* kidding me. Because that is only exactly, totally, positively how it looked. Wow, what a surprise.

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