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Segregationist former Alabama Gov. John Patterson dies at 99

Former Alabama Gov. John Patterson, who entered politics as a reformer after his father’s assassination but was criticized for failing to protect the Freedom Riders from angry white mobs, has died. He was 99.

6/5/2021 11:57:00 PM

BREAKING: Former Alabama Gov. John Patterson has died at 99. Elected in 1958, he supported segregation during his term in office and was criticized for failing to protect the Freedom Riders from angry white mobs.

Former Alabama Gov. John Patterson, who entered politics as a reformer after his father’s assassination but was criticized for failing to protect the Freedom Riders from angry white mobs, has died. He was 99.

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elevenbravo138 99 years too late... I mean only God will deal with him accordingly, but y is this news? Why are we talking about this POS now Good riddance. Get Fucked . Only the Good die young Racsit scumbag dies many years too late. There fixed your headline. Now I understand why left out his political party. He was a registered Democrat.

Activists say Florida Gov. DeSantis' funding cuts will hurt Pulse survivors, other LGBTQ programsLGBTQ advocates in Florida are calling Gov. DeSantis 'heartless' in the wake of funding cuts that they say strip mental health resources for survivors of the Pulse nightclub massacre and other support systems for the community. The thing is politicians in Florida are not really politicians. They make the stupidest laws. Monsteress is more like it! So damn sad

Biden also supported segregation. Lol good hope he enjoys hell! Those of us who are gamblers know a sure thing, bet he'll be nice & warm for eternity. No coat needed..ever. HelloSatan JoyAnnReid May God have mercy on his soul. Bye Great news.

California Gov. Newsom says he won't lift state of emergency on June 15Gov. Gavin Newsom lift the state of emergency in California on June 15, he said Friday. The way how to get people’s hearts is thru raffle. So classic. This governor knows how to play dirty with money. BECAUSE HE WANT TO HAVE CONTROL OVER THE LIVES OF THE CITIZENS, THAT IS THE PLAYBOOK FOR THE DEMS!! WAKE UP FOLKS!!😎✌️

that’s odd Satan is welcoming him with open arms. Good riddance A-hole! JoyAnnReid Rot in hell Oooooh, so being a new level of evil is the secret to longevity. Reparations ✊🏾🌍🏆 Sounds like he won’t be missed at all then 🇬🇧 Prayers down. Good. Fvck him!!

Gov. Andrew Cuomo's daughter shares her queer identity: 'You are not alone'New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo's youngest daughter embraced her “queer identity' on Thursday and called on allies to speak up against homophobia. Oh, but you are alone. You are so very alone. This world is cruel and harsh and no matter how hard you try to be connected, you will always find yourself alone. Become one with alone. If one is one with solitude one has conquered all. Hahahahahahahah You are not dad has harrassed other women too Queer folks have always existed they just will never be in the majority. It's ok self-esteem after all comes from the self.

Won't be missed As I stated before, evil people live a long life while the good people die early. Damn . You guys really think we care he is dead? Took long enough. AP is fake news He died with his beliefs that black people are inferior to the white race. Yet still he died a year shy from 100. Rip Looks like the Democrats have lost another great leader how they forget they are the racist bigoted Un American party that has ever been!

Donald Trump bears some blame for Jan. 6 insurrection, former House Speaker John Boehner saysFormer House Speaker John Boehner pointed blame toward former President Donald Trump for what happened during the Jan. 6 insurrection at the U.S. Capitol. And you are who? Whoops you were who? NOT ONE person on the Left, Right, or Middle gives 2 shits what this guy has to say. What does he mean He still is responsible for all of it still to this day not accepting the election. Biggest loser ever and damn look at GOP they have become anti democracy party with members that fuck teenage girls and some who think laser beams from space started 🔥

He lived too long… JoyAnnReid Get in girls we’re going grave pissing Good Clan JoyAnnReid I won't miss him. I hope salvation has tiers.

Florida Man Charged With Killing Iguana Tries ‘Stand Your Ground' DefenseBut a judge rejected PJ Nilaja Patterson's argument.

May he rot in Hell for all eternity. .Good riddance. I hope he has the time of his life in...Hell. Who cares? Well burn in hell sir 💙 I have never killed a man but I’ve enjoyed many an obituary. If an old racist dies does anyone notice? Billy Joel comes to mind ( 🎶 only the good die young 🙄) JoyAnnReid Only the Good die young!

yikes Whyyyyyy do we let these people into positions of power?! A loser!

Good fucking riddance democrat Good riddance And nothing of value was lost. 🤔 Never mind. Enjoy your trip to hell governor. 🔥

Hell of a life at 99. Rest easy governor! F**k him. Hope he’s burning right now. F**k his family too. Bye Felicia. And unless he changed late in life and repented from his evil and divisive beliefs and actions… I expect he’s asking for the white part of hell because maybe he thinks it won’t be as hot Ironically he lived a long life

bUt ThE pArTiEs FlIpPeD!!! When, exactly, did they flip After Democrats enacted Jim Crow? After Woodrow Wilson showed Birth of a Nation at the WH? After LBJ? After Joe Biden’s Crime Bill? When KKK wizard Robert Byrd died? Lower his body into a 6 foot trench filled with urine I hope the 1st night is a party night

Byeeeeeeeeeeee JoyAnnReid Aaaand goodbye. Next fkn story. Good bye ignorance. Good riddance As these white supremacists in the Republican party die out what will replace them more Taylor greene? burn. Awwwwww, TFB 🖕🏾racist WhiteSupremacist Anyway….

Remember everyone, wash your hands after visiting his grave. The good die young Bet he voted for Trump. aint no rest for the fucking wicked JoyAnnReid And we are posting this why? He should die in obscurity! He’s gone home! JoyAnnReid Good! Rot in hell!!! Am I supposed to be sad? Good riddance to racists.

Evil doesn’t die quickly...

Bye. Lmao good JoyAnnReid Systemic racism doesn’t exist? Yet we see those who promoted white supremacist ideology living long enough to teach and promote the views to another generation. Racist prick rest n piss Died from choking on a JoyAnnReid One devil gone but to many more still here! ReaganGomez

Prayers down may he roast in hell! 🍾 I approve this obituary. Governor John Malcolm Patterson was a good ole boy Democrat segregationist, why was that left out and buried (no pun intended). Yay fu**in nazi JoyAnnReid The world is a better place with him gone. RPOS Damn! The ice in water will melt immediately where he’s going.

RRRRRRRROT Good riddance Fuckhead

Bye Felicia Bye JoyAnnReid ‘He died like a dog’...Donald trump. JoyAnnReid Good. Buh bye. JoyAnnReid Thoughts and Prayers.Burn in hell Motherf*cker. Good old racist democrats JoyAnnReid 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥damn fine bbq in hell

JoyAnnReid Bye. One down. JoyAnnReid JoyAnnReid Oh no. JoyAnnReid Shorter: “Alabama racist dies. Good riddance” Daksthetruth Hell welcomes him. JoyAnnReid It was lifetime ago... say the white people. JoyAnnReid Good riddance in peace JoyAnnReid Only the good die young. JoyAnnReid Well....I bet there's been a come-to-Jesus meeting...

Rest in piss JoyAnnReid Racist P.O.S JoyAnnReid Who cares? Let’s hope his family members aren’t in Government 😬 JoyAnnReid Adios.wont miss you. JoyAnnReid Only the good die young. JoyAnnReid Evil seems to live a long time JoyAnnReid Like the Emperor, his hatred probably kept him alive so long. Did some old piece of shit get addicted to being alive

Good. Rest In Piss. The way this is not breaking hell with him

Poor guy. Lmao just kidding. Dr. King: “Ultimate responsibility must be placed at the doorstep of the governor of the state. His consistent preaching of defiance of the law, his vitriolic public pronouncements and his irresponsible actions created the atmosphere in which violence could thrive.” May he rot in the upper room.

chestnut_daniel Rot In Pieces deray nobodycares prisonculture Rest in piss Absolutely nothing of value was lost. Every time a racist (as defined by their own actions and words, not my or anyone else’s judgement!) leaves us, the world suddenly gets a little better. May his atoms be recycled into rocks.

🥳 deray Good riddance! See ya! deray He in hell right now just… deray another one bites the dust😝 🦀🦀🦀🦀🦀🦀🦀 Good riddance deray Another Fascist bites the dust. Time to celebrate. deray why do evil people live so long?

good riddance 50 years too late x W Quite sure he is in hell They always live long😒 *search Gucci video...Put his ass in the dirt* For the Ancestors. Good riddance. I hope he has to answer foe his hatred.

Well that's one less evil racist, finally. He was a Democrat if anyone was wondering 🤣 👍 GOOD Sounded like a real gem. I was taught not to speak ill of the dead. Good riddance to bad rubbish Rest In Piss Hell’s army grows stronger

🤷🏻‍♀️ His dead ass BernardKerik Democrats segregationist go figure. The true party of racists. Of course a Democrat. Now the USA need to get rid of about 90 million more white racist and I think the USA could begin being a great country Good riddance fuqker

🦀🦀🦀🦀🦀 Democrat. Have fun in hell! And here's how Israeli soldiers arrested a journalist today for no reason, Sheikh Jarrah today Party starts at 8 my place BYOB... Look at all the scum on the thread celebrating the death of a human.... They clearly have never done anything wrong and have never learned anything because the were born perfect. morons

i’m eating chicken fingers, what y’all doing? Prayers down. If hell was real, this MF would be burning bright. He won't be missed.

LongfellowJean Lol. Bye loser 🔥 Glad to read it Exactly 50 years after the Freedom Riders were beaten by a white mob, Patterson welcomed 10 of them back to Montgomery in 2011, for the dedication of a museum honoring them. “It took a lot of nerve and guts to do what they did,” Patterson said. Glad to read this.

I guess...rot in hell Lol Trying to remember which political party he was affiliated with 🧐? Why would the AP leave that out? John Patterson Burn in hell, bitch.

Good riddance ! Damn it he still lived till 99 I'd like to design hell for other people. OK, for this guy, let's have him eternally watching his relatives in a Freedom Ride getting beat up by police and racists. So anyways, how about the NBA playoffs Rest in piss, bitch. Only the good die young Hope it hurt

So he was a Racist I bet he voted for Trump. Rest in..... History is basically yesterday

Let me shed not a single tear. good riddance as they say Thank you for identifying him correctly. Only the good die young Rest in piss