Jennifer Lopez, Forever 21, Treatment, 40-Something Actress

Jennifer Lopez, Forever 21

Forever 21: The Antiaging Secrets of Jennifer Lopez and 40-Something Actresses

The antiaging secrets of @JLo, revealed:


The antiaging secrets of JLo, revealed:

Thanks to a steady diet of lasers, lights, and needles, middle-aged stars look younger than ever. Read our guide to celebrity antiaging treatments.

Injectables are still the dermatologic indulgence that everyone likes to deny. Over-filled lips, a puffed-out “monkey mouth,” and inflated cheekbones are so stigmatized that we only see them on Bravo. But the truth is that A-listers are still filling up, and doing so frequently. It’s just harder to discern because fillers such as Belotero, which many celebrity dermatologists seem to favor, can be administered in microdroplets with a tiny needle, resulting in a more natural look. Perhaps that’s why they’re being used to restore volume in areas that were rarely considered before, like around the temples. Grossman even injects earlobes that have been overstretched by years of heavy Harry Winstons. “And I’ll inject filler into the hands and forearms of patients who are very thin, because that can make a person look much older,” she adds.

When stars aren’t at the dermatologist’s, chances are they’re getting facials—very high-tech facials. Microcurrent machines that temporarily stimulate muscle tone are now as common as steamers among top aestheticians, as are light-emitting diode (LED) treatments, which speed regeneration and impart a multi-day glow in just 20 minutes. “I use LED lights, ultrasound, microdermabrasion, and oxygen,” says the Los Angeles facialist Cristina Radu, who treats Cindy Crawford, among others. “I tell new clients that if we do a ‘boot camp’ of four facials in a row, three weeks apart, we’ll see big changes.”

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