More Than 250 Shelter Pets In The Bahamas Died During Hurricane Dorian

More Than 250 Shelter Pets In The Bahamas Died During Hurricane Dorian

9/13/2019 11:11:00 PM

More Than 250 Shelter Pets In The Bahamas Died During Hurricane Dorian

Hurricane Dorian destroyed the Bahamas last week and when the storm waters flooded an animal shelter in Freeport, Bahamas, more than 250 animals died.

, we can’t forget the animal lives that were lost in the storm too. When the storm waters flooded an animal shelter in Freeport, Bahamas, the shelter staff did everything they could to save hundreds of animals but as the water rose, there was nothing they could do to transport almost 300 animals to higher ground.

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Elizabeth Burrows, the executive director of the Humane Society of Grand Bahamas, knew that the building survived several past floods and thought they could weather the storm again. But as Dorian approached, Bahamians had to flee to government shelters that don’t allow pets, so Burrows and her staff took them in.

Burrows and her staff — like Felicia Telfort, the shelter supervisor — did everything they could to keep the nearly 300 animal crates above water, but once the water was chest high, the women had to take cover themselves and climbed into a manhole that led to the attic.

Sadly, the waters overtook the animals and they lost more than 220 dogs and 50 cats. “We had no idea we would get the flood that we did,” Burrows toldCBS Miami.“I felt devastated,” Burrows added. “We couldn’t have predicted this but I still feel responsible. My heart is broken for the shelter animals that we lost, and I feel so bad for the people who trusted their animals to us. And ultimately we could not protect them.”

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HuffPost is now a part of OathDianej209 Wow that’s a lot. They probably will never find all of them. That’s sad.😢 Amazing how quickly this story seems to be fading - final death toll could approach that on 9/11. 😢😢😢😢😢

2,500 People Are Reported Missing In The Bahamas After Hurricane DorianAt least 50 people were killed by the storm, and the country&39;s prime minister said he expected that number to climb "significantly." Does anyone know where they went?

Potential Tropical Storm Humberto bringing wind, rain to Bahamas, Florida just after Hurricane DorianFortunately, the storm is not forecasted to create storm surges, which can be one of the deadliest parts of a tropical storm or hurricane. TRUMP Is my Weatherman......what does he say? Looks like it might hit Alabama. I understand that it may go as far west as Oklahoma. Trump is getting out his trusty sharpie!

Another tropical system could soon hammer the Bahamas islands that got slammed by Hurricane DorianThere's a 70% probability that a tropical depression or a tropical storm could form by Saturday that would bring heavy rain to areas of the Bahamas hit hard by Hurricane Dorian OMG! And yet the trump administration will not do one thing to help the Bahamians What about Alabama?! Will they survive?!

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2,500 people are listed as missing nearly two weeks after Hurricane Dorian hit the BahamasAn estimated 2,500 people are listed as missing in the Bahamas after Hurricane Dorian crashed ashore nearly two weeks ago, the government said. We pray for them👋 improve every persons and organisations to shave more, wasn't you objective ? I’m praying for everyone touched by the hurricane Dorian and I also send my condolences to all the family who has lost someone due to the hurricane and also mercifully asked everyone here in the state if you can donate and help out please thanks and have a blessed day.