Opinion, Family Separation

Opinion, Family Separation

For thousands of immigrant children, separation was just the beginning | Opinion

For nearly 70,000 immigrant children, separation was just the beginning | Opinion


For nearly 70,000 immigrant children, separation was just the beginning | Opinion

The Trump administration's separation of babies, toddlers, children and teens is far from over and remains a moral stain on our country.

Separation, however, is only the beginning of this administration's cruelty toward immigrant children. In immigration detention centers across the country, the Trump administration continues to warehouse migrant children and families in de facto internment camps under inhumane living conditions. With Trump's blessing, children are being locked up in cages without adequate food or water. Many are going without bathing, clean changes of clothes or other basic sanitary needs, like toothbrushes.

A child watches as a U.S. Border Patrol agent searches a fellow Central American immigrant after they crossed the border from Mexico on February 1 in El Paso, Texas. The migrants had turned themselves in, seeking political asylum in the United States.

Public outrage made Trump sign an executive order in June 2018. And just last week, following ongoing pressure, the government announced that it would not renew its contract with the private detention center Homestead, where migrant children had described being treated like"prisoners." We cannot let up until every camp like Homestead is closed and every family is reunited. This fight is not over until the administration stops separating families once and for all.

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