For Eric Garner's mom, video of man pleading 'I can't breathe' to police is 'reoccurring nightmare'

'It was déjà vu all over again,' Gwen Carr said about the police-involved deaths of her son, Eric Garner, in 2014 and George Floyd on Monday.

5/27/2020 1:20:00 AM

'It was déjà vu all over again': Eric Garner’s mother Gwen Carr speaks on the death of George Floyd, who was seen pleading 'I cannot breathe' as an officer put a knee on his neck for several minutes Monday night.

'It was déjà vu all over again,' Gwen Carr said about the police-involved deaths of her son, Eric Garner, in 2014 and George Floyd on Monday.

."Nearly six years after Eric Garner's death in New York — and four years after Philando Castile's in Minnesota — this tragic video shows how little meaningful change has emerged to prevent police from taking the lives of Black people," Paige Fernandez, the policing policy adviser for the American Civil Liberties Union, said in a statement.

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Carr said she's wary of the FBI's assistance in Minneapolis afterAttorney General William Barr made the final determinationlast summer not to charge Pantaleo, the officer involved in her son's death — capping years of a winding investigation and drawn-out legal fights.

The prosecutors' case had hinged on proving that Pantaleo acted willfully when he used more force than was necessary to arrest Garner.Garner suffered an asthma attack and went into cardiac arrest while he was being restrained, the city's medical examiner said, ruling his death a homicide caused by a chokehold that was a"significant initial factor."

Although he escaped prosecution, Pantaleo was fired from the NYPD in August 2019. Hefiled a lawsuit last fallto be reinstated.While Minneapolis has moved swiftly to fire the officers involved in Floyd's death, Carr said she hopes justice can be attained much sooner than it took in her son's case. In the wake of Garner's death,

to pass a federal law barring officers from using chokeholds — aimed at creating more accountability for police departments."I hope this family doesn't need to suffer like I suffered for six years," she said.Erik OrtizErik Ortiz is a staff writer for NBC News focusing on racial injustice and social inequality.

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All 4 of them need to be charged with murder. Minnesota is such a racist/bigoted state. Recommend to wear masks, keeping social distance for protecting each other from Covid19 Transmittion, which means showing the respect others at least and avoiding the crowed demostration, by finding the alternative way....

Is this Unity, Peace, the US always pretend to be preaching? Reverse psychology at play😭🤔😥👀 not about being black. The knee to the neck move was a crime against humanity. those cops were being sadistic and indifferent to a humans cry for help. It’s a crime, I believe. And I hope it gets investigated properly. Everything is not about race. This is about Right or wrong

I dislike racism. Its like taking out anger on someone not thinking you have family too as the demised has family.Truly, its uncalled for. Some join defence force with a motive whereby they should be protecting or arrest for wrongdoing not to kill,resisting arrest its offence Unfortunately united state is still in Abraham Lincoln's time. No progress at all.

It is unfortunate that we are back in this place again...especially during this condolences for the poor behavior of those guilty is shameful💔💔💔💔😔😔😔😔 Being black in America dies not equal death it means you can be mayor or president judge lawyer It's all been done Law enforcement are racist bullies hiding behind a badge

I've been talking about this problem for years and years. Rogue police do this because they generally enjoy a great deal of protection from the FBI and Department of Justice and the courts. I wrote about it in my book 'Motion for Justice: I Rest My Case'. Blessings to the family. My heart aches for you.

BlueTurbanStone killing black men is a national past time, not baseball, again we're facing another brutal murder caught on video, it doesnt end there, more to come of the same. this is simply a reflection of the society we live in, our lives have never mattered in racist infested system. WOE TO THE CITY OF BLOOD, FULL OF LIES, FULL OF PLUNDER, NEVER WITHOUT VICTIMS! NAHUM 3:1

😭😭😭😭😭😭 Blacks make up about 12% of the population but commit 24% of all hate crimes. Where is the human rights described by this gentleman? Don't Americans need it? Diblasios onesies policy..oops No one should have to relive that. Justice must be served. Oh, but it is, and racists know it and leverage it weekly to kill African Americans in this country. If it’s not, why else would Amy Cooper threaten the African American man at the NYC park by calling a cop cos he told her to put a leash on her dog, a park rule.

While the mayor sends his cops to shoot tear gas and rubber bullets at protesters. Nice job MayorFrey Yea well it isn’t SO YOUR GOOD I think I would have risked getting shot or an assault on an officer charge but he needed punched in the face to knock him off that guys neck. Where is the human rights described by this gentleman? Don't Americans need it?

So hear is broken for his family..I pray for Gods love to help them thru I'm so sorry 💔 the police were very hostile maybe stop resisting arrest....and let the situation play out civilly in a court. Situation solved So sad. I hope those cops go to jail. 😢 My life partner is a retired PD, She saw that video and was totally discussed and embarrassed by the actions of those officers! Let’s put the knee on those necks and let them experience the fear of not being able to breathe!

BettyBuckley I cant figure out how to express how I feel about this other than I am so sorry. Exactly He was already handcuffed and on the ground. If he was still being aggressive at that point all they had to do was use their taser's.👍 If I were God, I’d change the color of black people to green. Maybe if they’re mistaken for money, their lives would be spared by everybody—including at the hands of other black people. It ain’t easy being black!! 🧑🏿‍🦲

How many times do we need to say 'Enough is enough'? I’m so sorry... They were 'fearing for their life' narrative will be used, I guarantee it And look at how fast the city reacted. These officers are done. They will be facing charges soon if they are guilty. This is no longer 'Breaking News'. Those police should be hung and I am grateful some one got it on video I am so sorry for your lost they should be in jail.what do they mean layed off from the job they should be in jail with no Bail


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Minneapolis mayor reacts to death of black man: 'Completely and utterly messed up''What we saw was horrible, completely and utterly messed up. Being black in America should not be a death sentence.' Minneapolis Mayor Frey reacts to death of a black man pleading 'I cannot breathe' as a police officer put his knee on the man's neck. You boys better handle `this the right way..... Hmmmm... seems to be a trend in Mayor Frey's police department. -

African-American Man Dies After White Minneapolis Cop Cuts Off His AirwayAn African-American man has died after a white cop restricted his breathing while the man was yelling, 'please, I can't breathe.' aw man not again The cops need to get fired immediately and charged with murder! americans cops are horrible holy shit

Four Minneapolis officers fired after death of black manMINNEAPOLIS (AP) — Four Minneapolis police officers who were involved in the arrest of a black man who died in police custody were fired Tuesday after a bystander's video showed the man pleading... Good they all should be prisoner in jail all 4 of them So ummmm they need to be charged and convicted

Black man dies in Minneapolis police custody after video shows officer kneeling on neckVideo from a bystander showed a white officer kneeling on the man's neck during his arrest as he pleaded that he couldn't breathe. Only in MN? We need a black VP! Now! SenKamalaHarris. Not two white people over 70. TakeAKnee

Man dies after pleading 'I can't breathe' during arrest in MinneapolisDEVELOPING: Man seen pleading 'I cannot breathe' as a Minneapolis police officer put his knee on the man's neck for several minutes died Monday night, prompting the FBI and Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension to investigate. To bad the person filming didnt call 911 and say a man can’t breath. Yelling fire is better than yelling help White officer and a black suspect. Way to stoke that stereotype. Seriously, what does it take to get the message about choking suspects?