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Instagram and Facebook may be down, but you know what's not? 😎

10/4/2021 11:58:00 PM

Instagram and Facebook may be down, but you know what's not? 😎

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Mike’s Famous Fried Eggs

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Biden says U.S. would intervene militarily if China invades Taiwan

At a Tokyo news conference, he also said he doesn't think a recession is inevitable in the U.S. and there's no need for strict anti-monkeypox quarantine measures. Read more >>

Hot Honey Fried Chicken Recipe on Food52Food community, recipes, kitchen & home products, and cooking contests.

Cream of Apple and Celery Root Soup with Tarragon Recipe on Food52This cream of celery root and apple soup recipe asks you to trust in the power of very humble ingredients. The reward is a very complex and delicious soup!

Sweet Potato Yogurt Recipe on Food52This recipe is part of our Big Little Recipes column, all about recipes with big flavor and as few ingredients as possible. 'Only need two ingredients are needed!' Only one form of need is needed in that sentence. This tweet from is retweeted via foods_HQ which tracks selected cooking related handles and retweets them 24x7. Follow to be always up to date with everything happening in the food world. Retweet and spread the word. Yikes.

Perfect Chocolate Cake Recipe on Food52This chocolate cake recipe is ideal for a simple layer cake for birthdays and parties, but is also delicious on its own without frosting.

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Manufacturers allowed baby food contaminated with heavy metals to remain on shelves, lawmakers sayJust months after a congressional investigation found manufacturers have failed to test for toxic metals in the baby foods they sell, lawmakers report that some companies are not testing and removing these products from the marketplace. 100% unacceptable and 100% those responsible must go down from the top down! We will all eventually acknowledge that when you allow the corruption of capitalism to run your life in every sense of the word, you will eventually fall. It isn’t a matter of if, it’s a matter of when. And, it will happen. Parents need to make their own baby food... it has less sodium, sugar, artificial flavors. Stop giving your children cockroaches and bug bugs!

Featured Video Mike’s Famous Fried Eggs These eggs make us better cooks, with crispy lacy edges and tender interiors. Just right for breakfast, dinner—or any meal.