Entertainment, Pop Smoke Arrests: Five İn Custody İn Connection With Rapper's Killing, Police Say - Cnn

Entertainment, Pop Smoke Arrests: Five İn Custody İn Connection With Rapper's Killing

Five arrested in connection with fatal shooting of rapper Pop Smoke, police say

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7/9/2020 10:59:00 PM

Five people, two of them juveniles, have been taken into custody in connection with the fatal shooting of Pop Smoke, police say

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So, it is okay to use the police now? Hmmmmmm Everyone still has eyes on Human Trafficking scandal going down.. Just bc FBI or CIA always knew who the killer was & did nada. Now, look over here people! (Who's falling for the distractions?) I would be willing to bet that the 5 people arrested belong to the BLM cult.

Who? Yeah now everyone likes the cops 🙄 _riakilimos woo cnn didn't make big news about these kids. Do BlackLivesMatter? Not really... Only BlackVotersMatter Tbh I never even new who he has until I heard of his death 🙏🏻 THANK GOD!!! White supremacists I assume. What happened to no snitching 🤣🤣 not sure what happened but jealousy n envy are terrible these days.

So many black rappers getting killed in LA. Might I suggest, not going to LA or leaving, perhaps. Black lives matter crowd right now 🤡 But I thought taking down the statues took care of all this? Leadrwayy Just curious, were the suspects white, brown or black? woo Still have no clue who he is or was Pop smoke was only 20 young enough to be your lil brother

I bet they are ALL BLACK! fonzfranc Wow they found them. Took them long enough.! mikebroda so much drama. popsmoke What color were they Why are you not showing photo and names of the 3 adults? Hmmm? More systemic racism holding the rap game down. Don't focus on the real problem, you won't get real solutions.

The same people with the racist replies pretty prove that racism definitely exists. mattyglesias wants CNN to stop CancelCulture. Stop cancelling PopSmoke. Stop cancelling these 'Five people, two of them' juvenile who kilt PopSmoke. Stop it. Stop CancelCulture now. IT CAN BE A FEW THINGS: HIS OWN CRIP SET DID HIM IN, THE RIVAL NICKY BLIXY GANG THEY WERE BEEFING WITH, THE ARMENIAN MOBSTER HE BORROWED THAT CAR FROM.... BUT WHO EVER IT WAS KNEW HE WAS THERE.... BUT WE JUST DONT KNOW...

I HEARD THE NICKY BLIXY KILLING IS RELATED BUT HOW DID CRUSTY BROOKLYN KIDS REACH THAT FAR TO LA LIKE THAT THEY SAYING THEIR RIVALS WERE TAUNTING THEM WHEN THEY DIED, BUT IS THAT MOTIVE? 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾 Five heroes. There was a rapper named pop smoke? Pretty hard to believe that not one of the shooters were a cop ✊

They need to smoke the people that killed pop smoke 😪 Police arrested them? I thought they were defunded? iambundleofjess Were black people the assailants? If so, that’s why no one likes black people. No one likes white people for the same reason. White and black people both suck and commit most of the worlds crimes.

Rip Hope they get what they deserve life! These rappers get the money and fame and still want to play the role of gangster...I dont get it rip Poop Smoker WHITE_COLOMBIAN about time More black on black crime ? Damn that systematic racism.... I'm guessing 3 adult cops and 2 juvenile cops are to blame... RIP It’s about time.

about damn time Of who now? Racism is strong in these replies. Pif, paf, poof, abra and cadabra? Kliche5x What is wrong with y’all? Most if not all rappers bang on about violence and guns etc. I have no sympathy for any of them if they’re killed by what they seem to glorify. I guess someone popped his smoke

Senseless violence orchestrated by 5 idiots and for what? Throw away the key. Balck lives matter ? Pop smoke? Jesus, how big of a douche bag do you have to be to come up with that ridiculous name? Not pop smoke. I'm going to put myself out on a limb right now, but let me guess it was African Americans who killed himbecause he disrespected them and one of his rap songs lol

Just picked up a song off iTunes-now he gone. just why Blacks take black lives it doesn’t matter that much to a black killer & there’s plenty of em! who? Black on black crime is community service. Damn. I forgot he died There’s no good rap because all the good rappers are getting shot. Why are all these rappers going out unarmed and unmanned? Did you see T.I.’s whip with all the compartments? And that was just Cincinnati. Yeah Smoke gets shot but that Tekashi dude is still around. He’s protected

Bet they are all young black males. Why do hip/hop performers get murdered so often? Boy bands never had this problem List of Hip Hop murders just increased to 45 Pop goes the rapper. Sad! RIP POP SMOKE💫💔 Pop got smoked !! RIP king! STOP KILLING RAPPERS PLEASE RIP Pop Smoke Skin colors of all involved please!!

And if those suspects are black nobody will really care. Wait, is that the guy Biden tangled with as a lifeguard Pop smoke is his birth name ? And again no mention of race. I assume that means black ppl killed him. good! assholes Good Never heard of “ pop smoke” Are they black? You didn't say. I know you would have said white if they were white. Just asking.

Pop Smoked. Must be black otherwise we would have already seen mugshots and the media would be alllllllllllll over it with 'WHITE MAN KILLS BLACK MAN' Rip woo

Pop Smoke Murder Investigation Yields Five ArrestsThe LAPD arrested five people on warrants in connection to Pop Smoke's murder. Yessir Finally Yes finally

Pop Smoke Murder Investigation: Five People ArrestedThe Los Angeles Police Department arrested five people on Thursday (July 9) in connection to the murder of rapper Pop Smoke. 👊🏻😔💔

5 arrested in shooting death of rapper Pop Smoke in Hollywood HillsBreaking: Los Angeles police on Thursday arrested five people in connection with the February slaying of Brooklyn rapper Pop Smoke Detectives were still trying to determine a motive. However, they do believe they know how the assailants found the home where the rapper was staying RobbinSimmons7 Damn.... how long was y’all sitting on that info. Long overdue, but glad he got justice

5 people arrested in connection to murder of rapper Pop SmokeJUST IN: 5 people were arrested Thursday in connection to the death of rapper Pop Smoke, who was killed during a home invasion in February, police say. Tis not a name I've heard of a adversary. But justice will prevail. RIP. Photos of the suspects? Gotta have a gun close by you! Police can't be everywhere .

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Police: Pop Smoke's social media led killers to LA homeLOS ANGELES (AP) — Authorities believe rising rapper Pop Smoke was shot and killed during a Los Angeles home-invasion robbery in February after his social media posts led five suspects to the... Bu-bu-bu-bu-bl-bla-BLACK! 'Three men.' Add a dash of Coulters Law. Stir up in the leftist narrative. Serve headline cold and uninformative. Racial demographics are optional and served on the side. Must be black on black crime, otherwise the RACE BAITING would have said 'Three WHITE men and two WHITE juveniles ................BLACK rapper Pop Smoke'