Finland's 36-Year-Old Prime Minister Goes Clubbing 'til 4 AM Without Mask

Finland's 36-Year-Old Prime Minister Goes Clubbing 'til 4 AM Without Mask

12/6/2021 6:10:00 PM

Finland's 36-Year-Old Prime Minister Goes Clubbing 'til 4 AM Without Mask

Yeah, it's good to be the King/Queen -- but Prime Minister's pretty badass too, especially when you're Finland's Sanna Marin out partying until the break of dawn!!!

36-yr-old Hits Club 'til 4 AM, No Mask!!!Her Country's Super-Vaxxed12/6/2021 7:07 AM PTYeah, it's good to be the King/Queen -- but Prime Minister's pretty badass too, especially when you're Finland'sSanna Marinout partying until the break of dawn!!!

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The Finnish PM was all up in the VIP at Butcher's Nightclub in Helsinki over the weekend -- she was seen hanging with her husband and some friends at a private table. NBD, right?GettyWell, keep in mind Marin, at just 36-years-old, is the Scandinavian country's youngest Prime Minister ever -- and the glamorous world leader's clearly not letting the gig hold her back from doing regular 30-somethings activities.

PM Marin reportedly stayed out until 4 AM and as you can see, neither she or anyone else in the club was wearing a face mask ... so, they don't seem too worried about COVID-19 or the Omicron variant.There's a good reason for that. Under PM Marin, who took over 2 years ago -- just before the pandemic -- Finland has achieved a staggering 72 percent vaccination rate! For comparison, the U.S. is still under 60 percent.

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Great Lead by example Finns can go til 7am. She's pretty disciplined if you ask me😂 When people clock out can they off work and unwind with losing their jobs you are not the judge of every move off employee makes frfrf So politicians aren’t allowed to have lives outside work? Maybe she's vaccinated, let her have her fun.

Mind ya buisness Who cares. It’s not illegal to be human and have a good time you know Finland finessed his turn up. Maskless and pantless in my head 😂 Lol She on drugs. No one can stay up that late without drinking still partying and not be on something. 👃

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Finland 72% Uk 83 % France 75% do you see a pattern here ZFG So? Who fucking cares Goals

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Do as I say not what’s truly recommend by The Who! Well then, I’m canceling my vacation there! She didn’t get Covid-19… she got herpes. FinlandinEU Clubbing! Are they allowed to do that! Imagine Biden out partying! SMH 😅 But my 5 year old is masked 7 hrs a day. 🤡 What a dumbass article. You're allowed to take your mask off whilst sitting at a table

Good for her. She hasn't lost her mind like the rest of the Sheep. If she had a mask 😷 there will be no news here... no face no case

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My son James Bonds 215403, 20 yrs in prison, and the Judge and DA said he had no involvement. Make it make sense... Help him plz. Finland doesn’t have mandates because they believe in science, think rationally based on data, and aren’t retarded She's attractive and therefore deserves more latitude in such matters.

Pathetic. Here in sweden we dont use mouth diapers. What a fucking joke of a post. Good for her hope she got layed Electric Chair at the least

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